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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 269

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Let’s take more than one day examining the coolness of Casanova…

To set the scene, Casanova Quinn is a thief whose sister and father worked for a SHIELD-like organization called EMPIRE After his sister is killed, Casanova finds himself (through various situations) thrust into an alternate dimension where he goes to work for an enemy of EMPIRE as a double agent secretly working for WASTE, the rival organization.

So here we see Quinn basically rehash the opening scene of issue #1 (the issue, by the way, was written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Gabriel Ba), only having already lived this moment in his home dimension – the first time around he was there as a thief, chased by EMPIRE – now he is here as a good guy, chased by the bad guys (specifically a bad guy he had recently encountered in his home dimension, so he knows a lot about)…

“The” moment for me is the speech at the end.

But man, this is why I took so long to feature Casanova (which is one of the coolest comics alive). It’s so freakin’ complicated, it’s hard to find ONE cool moment, as they’re so layered together, ya know?


Thanks for this, I’ve heard so many great things about Casanova, without ever really having any idea what it was all about. Which I now see is because it would be pretty difficult to give a synopsis of!

Another trade to add to the list..

Seriously, though. Why do people get up before 10 am?

What the hell was that all about? I have no idea what I just read or why I would want to read more. Sorry, crabby old guy just not getting a lot of the stuff you’ve been featuring lately.

Great moment. I love Casanova.

Casanova is phenomenal and this was a great reminder to check if Amazon had the second volume in stock again.

That final speech strikes me as one of the first instances of Fraction blatantly addressing his audience in the series, which he does a few time throughout Casanova (“I LOVE COMICS!”).


Ummm… No.

Just… No.

That is badass times infinity. I gotta check out Casanova.

I wondered how people who hadn’t read Casanova would respond to just a chunk thrown at them without much context, or at least not complete context.

Then I looked down at the comments and now I know. Haha, just as I thought.

The way I see it, I haven’t seen anyone read Casanova and not enjoy it. Not one person…yet, though someone here will probably prove me wrong.

I read Casanova when it came out, I can’t help but think that people have dropped Fraction in their mind now because he’s churning out X-chud. He’s become a cog in the machine, but when he started this, yeah he had Punisher, but otherwise he was still kinda writing his own ticket. I do believe that Casanova will be the best work he ever produces. I don’t see him getting any better ever again. Which is sad.

From what I’m seeing in the comments this would probably make a lot more sense if I actually read the whole comic.

By itself this is just gibberish.

Such a fantastic comic. Fraction, Bá and Moon were just absolutely on fire.

I read the first trade of Casanova and just didn’t like it. Or pretty much anything else I’ve read by Matt Fraction.

When I do eventually get these trades, they better live up to my expectations. Or else…

I like Gabriel Ba’s work usually but could never get into this series. Both the art and story go out of their way to be unnecessarily confusing in a hipster way. That said, I think the speech at the end is definitely worthy of being the day’s cool moment.

Anybody know why they decided to color the series this way?

It was intended to be a cheap, cool aesthetic choice rather than just being black and white. It ended up only a cool choice, having forced the cost of production to skyrocket. I can’t remember if it cost the same as or more than producing a fully colored comic, though.

Personally, I prefer the blue coloring in volume 2, as you can see at the bottom of this interview: http://www.comicsreporter.com/index.php/cr_holiday_interview_xx_matt_fraction/

That plan backfired with the TPB of Heavy Liquid too

Yeah? Does it only have one color as well?

Yup. As I understand it they cocked up the first printing (used the wrong colour or something) and had to ditch them all and start again – with a higher price to cover the cost of the ones they trashed.

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