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This Can Go Here Because Ultimate Warrior Was In A Comic

This is better than that. And his wrestling career. And all six Star Wars movies. Possibly the Mona Lisa; I’ll get back to you on that. It’s sure better than every comic ever!


That was absolutely terrible. And not terrible in a good, lame, funny way, but terrible in a lame, poorly constructed, unfunny kind of way. Everyone here is dumber for having seen it. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

I was too young when Ultimate Warrior was in his prime so I missed the hype but I’ve seen some of his backstage promos: they were both awesome and scary.

The guy was out of his mind!

Oh, and the video is pretty cool! Wrestling posts are always welcome in this blog as far as I’m concerned.

Which comic was Ultimate Warrior in, Brad?

“That was absolutely terrible. And not terrible in a good, lame, funny way, but terrible in a lame, poorly constructed, unfunny kind of way. Everyone here is dumber for having seen it. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.”

Uh, have you ever awarded me points for anything? Am I supposed to be aware of how crippling a blow this is, or did you just make that up right now, or what? Was I winning before in this contest you made up, and now Burgas will leapfrog me? And look, I’m pretty sure that God is as pissed at me as everyone else was for calling Didio that thing I did, so none of what you said has any meaning to me and was a waste of all of our time, since I responded to it. But thanks for sharing! Maybe I can redeem myself with you without trying like I did with T.!

Dude: You’re probably better off not knowing, but Warrior had an Image Comic, and here’s some people talking about it:

And wrestlecrap, who brought the comic to my attention in the first place, also deserves a link:


Well, that was just terrible.

Are all of us seeing the same video? I thought it was really funny.

You need to have a bit of background about the Warrior (mainly the fact that he was a foaming-at-the-mouth maniac) but beyond that I thought it was amusing.

And if the Warrior had his own comic, why not give Chuck Liddell or Wanderlei Silva one too? Make it a crossover with Superman like the one he had with Muhammad Ali

yeah, that was dumb as shit.

felt sorry for the storm troopers who wound up on the receiving end of the warrior for even animated he is still a nut case. and hopefully we can assume vader put the warrior out of his misery in the end of the video

That was better than every comic ever? A 2 minute cartoon with shit production values about the ultimate warrior fighting that soldiers from starwars is better than anything Howard Chaykin and Dan Clowes have produced? You are a fucking idiot.

I don’t remember if I imagined it or not, but I think they once did one of those interviews where Mean Gene had a podium in the arena but kinda off to the side of the ring and talked to a wrestler. So they introduce the Ultimate Warrior, his music plays (and never stops), he runs out like a maniac, destroys the podium, does one of his crazy poses, then runs off.

But part of me thinks that may have been a dream. If it was, it was the same kind of dream that lead to this wonderful video.

Steve: I think Brad may have been using a little something called hyperbole.

Brad, you’ve obviously never seen Billy Madison. Most of stealthwise’s comment is a quote from that movie.

Holy fuck, there are some serious as all hell comic fanboys posting here. Well, Brad it appears you’re the Anti-Christ of comics now… or at least the Marilyn Manson of comics. Now excuse me I’m gonna go masturbate all over my Alan Moore comics while cursing your name. That will make me one of the cool comic fans right?

Dude!! Ultimate Warrior! Stormtroopers! This IS better then at least 3 of the Star Wars movies and the Mona Lisa! (why does she smile like that? Is she just taunting me or what?) I laughed out loud and am smarter for having seen this!

Nice to see some idiots took this post way too seriously.

the fact that brad responded to a billy madison quote is fucking hilarious. Dude got pissed and brought up the Didio thing.

I wouldn’t say it was terrible but there are better ways to make fun of him, like at least making do the only moves he can; clotheslines and running the ropes back and fourth, I guess thats only one and a half moves. Also the fact that he legally changed him name to “Warrior”

Not so much funny as pointlessly gory, like a bad Robot Chicken skit.

Heh, yeah, Brad, I thought you’d have seen Billy Madison. I didn’t really care that much about the video, even though it was fairly lame, but my response was intentional hyperbole tossed in with the Madison quotation. Didn’t mean to get your feathers in a ruffle.

Looks like everybody’s got a bit too much sand in their vaginas.

I’m the guy who made this flash cartoon.

Glad some of you liked it…. sorry some of you got your panties all in a bunch about it though. Its just a fun quick cartoon. I work for an animation studio and made it in my free time.. because I love old school WWF and star wars ha.

Dude have you seen the one with Warrior having his way with Santa Claus? That was some disturbing crap. Seriously, it’s even more bizarre after hearing the warrior is a homophobe.

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