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This is Good – Eric Trautmann Continues to Get Gigs

Early last year, I wrote a piece about Eric Trautmann, who, at the time, had just gotten passed over to be the new Checkmate writer (which would have made waaaay too much sense for it to actually happen).

At the time, I noted that Trautmann was looking for writing gigs and that I hoped that someone would give him a look see because he was a good writer.

Well, I’ve noticed his name has been popping up more and more lately at DC Comics, with the current JSA vs. Kobra mini-series (which I’ve quite enjoyed) that continues in the same style as his previous Checkmate work (which he co-wrote with the über-talented Greg Rucka) and more recently, the ongoing Shield series.

And now he’s going to be the new co-writer on Action Comics (with the aforementioned Rucka), possibly his biggest gig yet.

It’s great to see Trautmann’s talents not go unnoticed and it is sort of fun to look back at my post and be glad that my worries at the time were unwarranted.


I agree – I’ve not been exposed to that much of his writing, but what I’ve seen I’ve liked a lot. I thought it was the shield he was writing of the red circle characters?

It is The Shield that he’s writing. The first issue was good; mostly set-up, but intriguing set-up. JSA vs Kobra kicks all kinds of ass, and should really be seen as the conclusion of Checkmate.

I just recently dropped Action, I liked it, just not enough to keep getting it in a world with limited budgets. Will he be joining the “Nightwing & Flamebird” version of the book, or is this down the road when Supes returns to Earth?

This has nothing to do with his merit as a writer, I suppose, but Mr. Trautmann has been such a prince to my students at shows here in Seattle that I’m glad to hear he’s doing well. He’s a rock star as far as my cartooning kids are concerned, for The Art of Halo. Gavin passed his signed copy around and gloated over it for WEEKS after meeting Eric, it made him quite the Big Man on Campus.

I thought it was the shield he was writing of the red circle characters?

Yep, silly typo!

Thanks for the pick-up.

There’ll be a little something extra in your check, sir. ;)

As always: I appreciate the kind words.



Plus he and his wife own a awesome comic book store in Olympia WA. Great stuff all around Eric, keep up the good work!


Am I the only one who thinks Trautmann should be writing JSA? The main series, I mean. His mini has been as good or better than Johns’ run on the relaunch(maybe less so Johns’ run on the previous volume).


Honestly, I’m not sure I’d be the best fit, and frankly, if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to read the story that’s currently planned, which I’m quite looking forward to.


I’m really enjoying JSA vs. Kobra. I picked up SHIELD #1 based on this and thought it was pretty good. I’m not real crazy about Rucka though, so I may pass on the Action stuff.

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