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Short And Sweet Review For New Shang-Chi Master Of Kung Fu One Shot

It’s awesome. Everyone should buy it, but especially Greg Hatcher, because it is pandering to him pretty heavily. But everyone should (hopefully) enjoy the lead story, by Jonathan Hickman and Kody Chamberlin, where Shang-Chi and Deadpool bond over hot dogs and something awesome happens frequently (at least every other panel; I’ll have to re-read to make sure).

I hope you can overlook my past indiscretions and find it in your heart to give this one a shot, if not because of me, than in spite of me, because it really will improve your life. Or just follow the King’s advice when it comes to things you might not totally understand but still desperately need in your life.


Brad, you had me at “Shang-Chi and Deadpool bond over hot dogs”.

Already ordered, though thanks to being a cheapskate & putting myself on a 2-week shipping schedule with HeavyInk after going from Media to Priority I won’t see it till, let’s see, circa Oct. 19. *siiiiiigh*

(I could’ve had it ship with the order going out today, but I held off because of the off chance my LCS might’ve put it in my pile because of Deadpool’s presence on the cover, since I’ve had DEADPOOL & the various related miniseries on my pull list there for some months now. They didn’t, but if I bought it off the shelves there — assuming they got it; I didn’t look — it’d cost, ummm, THIRTY-TWO CENTS more than I’d pay HeavyInk, thanks to our onerous 10 percent sales tax.

(I mean, I already bit that bullet by picking up BAD DOG & BOMB QUEEN yesterday even though they weren’t in my stack … though they should’ve been, particularly BQ. And it’s not like I’m already paying HI for Priority shipping. Let’s be honest: It’s all about squeezing every dime so hard that Roosevelt falls out of his wheelchair, isn’t it? Yeah, I’m cheap — I’ve got Jewish & Scottish blood, so I blame it on biology).

In other news, I may not be as intelligent as I like to think.

I’m a big fan of the entire original Shang-Chi series and would love to read a new series featuring him and the entire cast (‘course that would entail Marvel getting Sax’s rights again) and hadn’t heard about this one-shot.
Why the hell did they include Deadpool????

Forget it.

Because Deadpool rocks.

Yeah, he’s being overexposed these days but so far I’m liking the comics he’s been recently.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

October 1, 2009 at 3:46 pm

I’m with Richard J. Marcej. Despite my love for Shang Chi I’ll be passing on this.
Deadpool. God, I hate Marvel …

I thought this said “Master of Kung Flu Shot.”

>>I thought this said “Master of Kung Flu Shot.”

Damn — that should’ve been my line, since I just got a flu shot for the first time since Jimmy Carter was still getting used to the White House.

I actualy picked up this issue and it turns out the only good part of the issue was the story with Deadpool… The others were not impressive but definetly worth picking up.

I got a black and white copy, it seemed to really fit with the story.

Now that i think about it, the story with Deadpool is a Deadpool story. It just so happens Shang-Chi is there too.

I guess my mercenary beats your kung-fu master.

I just got a flu shot for the first time since Jimmy Carter was still getting used to the White House.

Jimmy Carter got used to the White House? I’m still expecting that any day now he will wake up in the middle of the night, sit bolt upright and say “Hey, I’ve got the hang of the President thing now.”

@Mario: I felt the exact opposite way.

The first story had its fun moments, but it just wasn’t Shang-Chi story. I just now glanced through quickly, and I think he’s only called by name on the board game spread. Without that, and him on the cover, I wouldn’t have known who that character was. Plus, regular hot dogs are gross enough. This was just too much. The dual narration didn’t work. I was halfway through the story before I realized it wasn’t just Deadpool’s two head-voices talking to each other. Some fun weirdness, but I give it thumbs down. Loved the second story, third was really old-school with mildly grating artwork, prose story was an interesting change of pace, good basic background info.

Honestly, I’d have bought this thing even if I knew it was going to be awful, just to get new Shang-Chi material. My favorite character needs more exposure, Marvel! Also, keep the Chuckers. They’re awesome.

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