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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 276

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Here is another cool moment from Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith’s series, Fell…

In Fell #5, Detective Richard Fell is interrogating a shooting suspect when, shockingly, the man reveals that he had a weapon on himself the whole time (this was based on an actual incident where a man brought in for interrogation had a gun hidden on him that was not found – in the real life incident, the man killed himself).

Now Fell is locked in the interrogation room with the suspect brandishing a firearm…

Ben Templesmith does a great job on the art, as usual, but boy, Ellis sure does know how to create a scene, huh?

Again, for me, like yesterday, the moment is the mix of Fell’s crazy work life with his relationship with Mayko.


Sure is. But if I have to pick a specific moment it would be Fell pulling the gun and thinking about executing the murderer right there in the room.

Tom Fitzpatrick

October 4, 2009 at 6:28 am

I wonder if Ellis got the idea of Mayko from the character Mayko in the former tv series “Regenesis”?

Either way, both Mayko’s a cool character.

Let’s hope that 2010 will be the return of FELL. and DESOLATION JONES. and newuniversal.

PLANETARY’s done with. ;-(

I wonder how Alan Moore feels about being in this comic.

I love the use of color here, and the foggy, atmospheric textures ( even in the orange-lit grapple sequence between Fell and the schizophrenic ); what does Templesmith use to color the comic?

I’ve got to go and reread all my Fells now, too.

Ellis writes great dialogue.

Man, this was such a great issue.

more proof that ellise is a crazy genius for having rick push the guy to the edge risking getting blown away with a gun then to have tpistol whip him and get bit when the guy tries to blow himself away. shows fell in ellis hands is one comic that is not afraid to have balls messes with the mind.

@Tom Fitzpatrick
Agree to all there of those comics continuing next year. It,s so frustrating. I’ve never heard of anybody else asking for me New Universal besides me :S

One of the best Fell issues

I’m really interested in reading those… But the last issue was published in Jan 2008…?? Not really encouraging…

Was Ellis’s hard drive crash the absolute worst thing to happen to comics the last two years?

Newuniversal, Fell, Desolation Jones scripts all lost.

I’m a burgeoning Warren Ellis fan and the series is new to me. I love what I’m seeing of it so far though. Are the TPB’s of this series out there?

Neil, the worst thing to happen to comics in the last two years was JMS’s last two years of Spider-Man (just kidding, but someone had to say it. Forget One More Day, GWEN STACY had love children with NORMAN OSBORN?!?!? Who is somehow not only still alive but in CHARGE OF THE WORLD?!?!?! But I digress).

Fell was an awesome series – the first 8 (of 9) issues were in TPB but not sure if it’s still in print. The series was notable for each issue being 17 pages @ $1.99 each. No fill ins either, all were written, drawn and inked by the same team.

If you can find it, get it. This issue was spectacular in that 2/3 takes place b/w 2 men talking and IT GETS YOU! There is no real resolution to the story though but truthfully the issues themselves are so great that I’m ok with that.

As for the harddrive crash, it’s his own fault for not backing up but seriously the publisher if not the artists will still have all of these.

“There is no real resolution to the story though but truthfully the issues themselves are so great that I’m ok with that.”

That sentence should have been at the end of the 1st paragraph. Issue #9 is the last issue but does not wrap up some of the plot threads that run through the series.

never read this, never heard of it, but so far two moments with bad people that Ellis didn’t just cop out on and allow the antagonist to die? Awesome, with a world where there makes multiple Punisher movies, it’s great to see someone at least towing the line once in a while. (I’m sure he doesn’t always, with a name like Fell, somethings going to give eventually)

“Suspect took a nap.” Hell yeah, that was all kinds of awesome. Thanks for featuring this series Brian, I have to go and re-read all of mine now.

For those who’re interested, it seems hard to get the single issues from online comic shops but the trade that collects the first 8 issues (9 are out so far) can be ordered easily from amazon.com

Yeah still don’t like the art. When the guy put the gun to his chin I thought he had just shot himself since the whole panel is a bright orange explosion, which understandably made the next couple of panels rather confusing for a bit.

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