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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 278

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Here is a cool moment from the first issue of Alan Moore and J.H. Williams’ Promethea…

Okay, to set the scene for Promethea, know that Promethea is basically a living story – when someone writes about her with passion, she comes to life – either merging with the artist/writer his/herself or merging with the artist/writer’s inspiration/muse.

Well, in Promethea #1, Sophie Bangs is researching this literary figure Promethea who keeps popping up in various media. She she meets the widow of the last person to write about Promethea, a man who did a comic book featuring Promethea. She does not want to speak to Sophie. Well, on the way back home, Sophie is attacked by some creepy demon-y bad guys. She is then rescued by Promethea! Well, a version of Promethea, at least – an older, out of shape version. This Promethea saves Sophie, but is gravely injured in the process. She takes Sophie to hiding, but they’re pretty much screwed when the demons come back, unless…..

So cool.

And this might not even be the coolest moment in the comic!!! I wonder if I should do that tomorrow or do a moment from a different issue.


Wicked. You could probably do an entire month of this series alone.

Definitely. Promethea was easily the best of Moore’s ABC work. Maybe a Promethea Week?

is it collected?

The Crazed Spruce

October 6, 2009 at 12:15 am

it’s a funny coincidence. I got an ad from amazon.com just this evening for a Promethia TPB.

I used to own a hardbound copy of Volume 1 (complete with a silk bookmark!), but I lost it in a house fire a few years back. I have got to replace it one of these days….

I remember reading this the first time it came out and thinking that Promethea was the most awesome comic EVER.

I have some original issues and all five hardcovers, but I’m still going to try to save up for the Absolutes.

agree with kanak, wow

given now interesting the book is before once again Dc and Alan crossed paths. you could do a whole week of moments from the thing. and still have plenty more moments

DC just released an Absolute Edition collecting the first 12 issues. It will be mine as soon as my coffers are replenished.

is it collected?”

Are you kidding me? It’s been in tpb and HC for years!!! And the Abs. vol 1 just came out. This was probably my favorite Moore work, and that’s saying a lot. Much of that reason has to do with the amazing JH Williams III art.

If you’re going to post more from this series, you may want to consider putting up the pages as all double page spreads, or you really won’t get the full effect.

Oh yeah, there are much cooler moments in this book that that too.

Ten kinds of cool. I picked most of these up inexpensively at a shop last summer. I hope to get the rest at FallCon this weekend and see all the other cool moments I’m missing.

I bought the first 10 issues but just couldn’t get into this series. A much better series is the criminally underappreciated Tom Strong. Any chance we’ll get some cool moments from that series?

I think Promethea reads as a combination of the best of Alan Moore and the worst of Grant Morrison. It’s heights are amazing, its lows (the tarot card issue stands out) almost kill the storyflow entirely. But it’s a helluva read. One thing I really enjoy about reading it, it’s one of the few times Alan Moore ever seemed to bite off more than he could chew (to my eye, anyway). I think ‘Top 10′ is a far more consistent book, but I also see how Moore isn’t really stretching when he writes that (or Tom Strong). Promethea, he’s reaching for something just outside his grasp, and it’s cool to see him try, and sometimes brush his fingers against the ring.

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