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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 280

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Here is a cool moment from Promethea #3, where we travel into the Misty Magic Land, along with writer Alan Moore and artist J.H. Williams…

In Promethea #3, Promethea has to go save Sophie’s friend Stacia, who has found herself trapped in the Immateria (or Misty Magic Land), which is basically the land of ideas.

The problem with being in a land of ideas is that without them being attached to you, they can get a little wild…

And after a confrontation with the wolf, they catch up with Stacia…

However, if you ran into an ironic cartoon character in a land where irony and detachment does not exist, the “plight” of a comic character can suddenly get quite serious…

I thought this was one of Moore’s most ambitious early issues of Promethea, and it worked quite well, I thought.

I love that when Promethea stops the Gorilla (which would be “the” moment), she does so using ANOTHER literary device – onomatopoeia!!!


I can only assume you meant onomatopoeia.

Oh good, I don’t have to do the semi-douchey English grammar correction thing this time around. :)

“Some days are better than others” always cracks me up when I see that panel, regardless of context.

But onomatopoeia are words that are derived from the sounds they represent — like hiss, click, gurgle, pop, twang. Poe’s The Bells is a masterpiece of onomatopoeia. Not sure of its applicability here. I assume Brian means she forming a response in imitation of the Weeping Gorilla?

Even if Brian meant onomatopoeia, I can’t see how Promethea uses that to defeat the crying gorilla…? She says she has to believe in hope, and then she knocks the gorilla off, superhero style. Where’s the onomatopoeia?

Stealthwise, my favorite is Everyone said I should get Windows ’95.

“She says she has to believe in hope, and then she knocks the gorilla off, superhero style.
Where’s the onomatopoeia?”


But she doesn’t defeat the gorilla with the onomatopeia, she defeats him with optimism. “Smack” is merely a sound effect accompanying the defeat. And I’m not even sure if “smack” is an onomatopoeic word in the first place; punching flesh certainly doesn’t sound anything close to “smack”.

that moment where the sad ape finaly gets stopped proves Alan genius is still going strong. though thought the big bad wolf was also a cool but creepy momement.

Matthew Johnson

October 8, 2009 at 6:58 am

I think “the moment” was the Radiohead line.


Glad I could take on the ‘semi-douchey’ burden so you didn’t have to!

The Windows 95 line was clearly “the moment” for me.

Bwahahaha. Love that gorilla.

Jesus, you people ruin everything.

And while Promethea punching the gorilla is clearly the moment, I also love how Red Riding Hood is packing.

This has been the first comic book moment listed that did nothing for me. This concept seems kind of silly to me.

To me, the moment is totally heat-packing little red riding hood.

Hey, wasn’t that “idea” of Red Riding Hood in a video game? I remember playing a streetfighter-like video game where you could choose Red Riding Hood and one of the special attacks was blasting an uzi. You could also pick a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy… Dang, can’t remember the name…

Darkstalkers was that game, Mortenzen. The character was BB Hood.

On a side note, Crying Gorilla reminds me of David Lynch’s Angriest Dog in the World.

Nothatguy – if you don’t read ‘Promethea’, you may not realize that the Weeping Gorilla is a running thing in the issues building up to this, a comic book which is incredibly popular but kind of vacuous; there are billboards up, all through the entire series, but especially early on building up to this. The character isn’t quite as out of nowhere as the context above might make it appear.

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