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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 281

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Here we look at our first DC comic in quite awhile, a two-part look at Hellblazer #71…

Hellblazer #71, by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, begins with John Constantine at the lowest point in a life that has been filled with low points. He’s essentially given up on life. He passes out one night near the beach, unknowingly right on top of…something, something that calls to Constantine and tells him the story of a fighter pilot during World War II…

Vintage Ennis right there.

Tomorrow we see the effect this has on Constantine.


That’s not a bad moment actually, even if I think Garth Ennis is way overrated in general and on Hellblazer in particular, I can’t work out why the hell it’s taken them so long to release the vastly superior Delano issues in trade.

Dear DC/Vertigo,

Please could you collect Hellblazer from #1, reprinted in Deluxe Hardcover format….

Yours sincerely,

The fans who have made Hellblazer the longest running Vertigo title (and one of the longest DC titles, period.

(*drooling at the thought*)

Blackjack: if they could just get to the end of the Delano run, I’d be happy. It looked like it was going to happen, as they were doing a book a year of his stuff. Then this year? Nothing.

I understand that they are doing the first Milligan book sandwiched by 2 OGNs of the character, but I’d like to have the old stuff finished first, honestly.

given how enis let his geinus lose on hellblazer can not wait to see the after math. of the pannel

Lots of good stuff in the Ennis/Dillon HELLBLAZER but my favorite thing that came out of that run was the HEARTLAND one-shot featuring Kit. It’s my favorite Ennis/Dillon piece and one of my favorite comics ever.

Oh, I utterly agree, Patrick.

Original Sins was my introduction to Hellblazer, then I jumped onboard Ennis with Rake at The Gates of Hell.

Luckily enough I have managed to fill out most of the run over the years, as I started picking them up a while back…

I’d just like to have some nice Hellblazer hardbacks containing ALL the stories, right from the start. (Ideally with a nice embossed spine á la Absolute Sandman, but not as big and heavy).

They just gave Preacher Hardcover status, why not Hellblazer?

Good choice.

That is a great moment. I love how Dillon evokes Joe Kubert just a bit. It is a shame that War Comics don’t sell anymore, because that Ennis’ calling, not the superhero satire that he pumping out.

In fact, Blackjak, only one monthly (non-humor) title has been running uninterrupted without renumbering longer than Hellblazer: Uncanny X-Men. Until early this year, Detective and Batman were at the front of the line, but no more…

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