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Nice Comic Book Related Moment on Modern Family

I understand that he has had a long career in the entertainment industry, all well before he was writing comics, but I still took a little bit of “comic book pride” when I saw that this week’s episode of Modern Family (which continues to be a pretty funny show) was directed by former Black Panther writer Reginald Hudlin.

Good work, Reginald!


I think you misspelled “awful” as “funny”.

No, he spelled ‘funny’ correctly.
My mother was here last night and I told her, ‘Hey, that’s a comic-book guy!’ when we were watching, but she wasn’t really interested. I’m not so sure we should be all that surprised to see it, though. Don’t all comic-book writers work in TV nowadays?

Yeah, Mary, my mention of Marc Guggenheim’s comics-writing career while watching Flash Forward with my wife was also met with a resounding yawn. Maybe I’ll point out the Reginald Hudlin thing too when we get around to watching Modern Family on the DVR.

And Brian, I agree, it is a pretty funny show so far. Nothing ground-breaking, but not a bad way to kill 22 minutes.

From what I gather of Hudlin’s oeuvre, that’s sort of like taking pride because John Wayne Gacy used to read comics. (If, y’know, he did.)

I said the same about Mark “Aliens” Verheiden when I spotted his name attached to Battlestar Galactica…
“Who? I thought that was James Cameron!”…

“No, the Dark Horse comics… Never mind…”


I haven’t seen this, but did anyone else notices the comic shout out in the Tmoblie ad with Whoopi Goldberg? They show her phone and the image on it is a comic book version of Whoopi as Dracula with what appears to be an altered Tomb of Dracula logo above it that says “Whoopula”.


My favorite Reggie Hudlin moment is the Boondocks episode “The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show “

I tried to use Guggenheim’s involvement in FlashForward to convince my wife to hold out hope that it will get better. Goyer’s too.

This would be a cooler “moment” if Reginald Hudlin didn’t absolutely suck at writing the Black Panther. The show is pretty decent, though.

Yeah, Mary, my mention of Marc Guggenheim’s comics-writing career while watching Flash Forward with my wife was also met with a resounding yawn.

Like the other Ian mentioned, David Goyer, co-creator of FlashForward (based on the novel by Robert J. Sawyer), was also a comics writer for a spell, co-writing JSA first with James Robinson and then with Geoff Johns.

Maybe mentioning that he worked on Batman Begins will elicit more than a yawn. Heh.

@Ian: I know its off-subject, but I’m loving FLASHFORWARD.

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Ian, Goyer also worked on the story for The Dark Knight.

Shame BKV is done with Lost. They need him badly for the final season.

Birth of a Nation was easily Hudlin’s best comic work.

I tried to give the pilot a try. It was interesting seeing Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara playing a couple since I used to watch Vergara on various Univision TV shows (usually wearing a bikini) while O’Neill was still doing “Married With Children.” I switched channels once I realized that Vergara was being given the Passionate Latina stereotype role to play…yet again.

It still sounds like an original premise so I hope the writing and ratings improve, given enough time.

I mentioned Goyer working on Dark Knight and Batman Begins too her too, but she is still leary. Of course the other guy in the triumverate behind the show is Brannon Braga (sp?). He of Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise fame.

FlashForward is fun and all, but its not quite to where it needs to be yet. The mystery is neat but the glaring mistakes like the FBI tech woman getting an ultrasound at 10pm just make you think they didn’t plan things out too well.

It goes back much farther than the examples here. You’ve got comics guys writing animation way back, DC guys writing the old Superboy show, and the king of Comic-book-guy-becomes-TV-writer-dom is Gerry Conway who started in comics and became a writer-producer of A couple of the Law & Orders.

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