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10/9 – If Only…

I had read this before letting that Brunette lady borrow the car. She seemed so sincere when she said she just needed it for a couple of minutes!


The guy in the last panel looks really pissed and accusatory.

He likely suspects Suzy Two-Tone of killing off her husband.

You know, it’s true. I am a sucker for false character.

“Dammit Gwen, Charlie was my best friend!”

I think that is her husband, actually.

“How could you let your hair do that? Now my days are numbered!”

Yeah, I read it as her superstitious husband miffed that the little lady allowed something like this to happen and said something nasty to her, hence the crying… which then leads to her bludgeoning him later that night with a mutton leg, thus fulfilling the prophecy.

vitaligio = dead husband! curse you premature grey hair on one side!!!!!!

im sure it had nothing to do with the poison in his martini that night lol

Hey, nice facts! I’ll remember them the next time I think of a character’s hair!

(For example, Betty And Veronica subvert the sincerity/falseness thing very much! :D )

Gotta love these old bits of comic book wisdom…

I’ve seen women in my family turn white in their 30’s and yeah, they’re still around after 80, even 90 or more.

But gray hair on just one side? That, I’ve never heard about. Wild stuff!

I figured this would be about 9/11

This page spends more time promoting the myths than debunking them.

This is nice,I have long black hair it means I am betrayal!..It’s fun to play the women hair color.

ICI non voice block c

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