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You Decide ’09 – Who is Your Favorite Member of the Suicide Squad?

You know the bit – each day in October I’ll give you folks a poll question. Each poll will last four days. The results will be posted every Tuesday leading up to (and ending with) Election Day on the first Tuesday in November. Here is the master list of all questions asked so far!


(For simplicity’s sake, I limited it to those characters who did multiple missions on the Squad)


How wide of a margin is Deadshot going to win this?

To be fair, there are some really cool characters in that series besides Floyd and I’m personally pulling for Capt. Boomerang to get a few votes.


October 15, 2009 at 1:57 am

A margin as wide as the Wall’s back.
Loved Eve in the series, Flag, Nemesis,Boomer and Bronze Tiger too.
Putting Captain Cold in there? He was in as many issues as the Wild Huntsman.
I forgot about Outlaw, but now I remember he was a funny guy, I first thought it got confused with Manhunter, as he’s not on the list.
My guess for last place, the Thinker, ’cause nobody can stand him.

When I hear “Suicide Squad,” I think of Deadshot.

That is all.

Anyone else get deathstroke and deadshot mixed up?

Come on, there would be no Suicide Squad without the Wall.

Rick Flag, as he set the groundwork and was a really interesting character. Glad he’s back, but wish he never went away. Although that yellow shirt sure was a bullseye on the chest.

I’m pretty sure Deadshot will win, and he should since is the most recognizable of the bunch, but I voted for Flag.

He was a great character, and I’m going to disagree with Krysmo on this, because even tough it’s cool he’s back, I think his death scene on the original series loses some of its impact by his return.

It’s gotta be Deadshot. I began to love the character because of this series. Nobody had ever cared about him that much before the Squad, and he hasn’t been handled nearly as well since leaving Ostrander’s hands.

Ditto for Amanda, Ben, Boomerbutt, Nemesis, Vertigo, Nightshade, or Mark Shaw.

I liked Rick Flag, but he was truly at his coolest once he died. That was one of THE best Squad issues ever.

I love Boomer and Count Vertigo, but there is no question that Deadshot IS the best character on the series.

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Amanda Waller is the Sensational Character Find of the last 25 years!

man, this is like trying to pick your favorite between your kids. i love a lot of the regulars in completely different ways. this is one of my all time favorite books. Why won’t they make trades for the later issues that I haven’t found yet!

I picked the Wall but after her there are a lot of close seconds (Tiger, Boomer, Vertigo, Ravan….)

I love Boomer, Waller, Vertigo, Deadshot, Major Victory, everyone..

But I don’t think anyone beats Punch and Jewelee, psycho yuppies.

It will be interesting to see who gets 3rd place onwards, as #1 and #2 are givens.

I voted for Captain Boomerang but the best I hope for is that he comes in second, behind Deadshot (who would have been my second choice).

I think those final panels of the last issue of the series highlighting the discussion between Vertigo and Deadshot was one of the best endings to a run EVER!

Amanda Waller all the way!

Goldurnit, that’s hard! I still haven’t decided how I’m voting (although Deadshot sprang to mind immediately when I saw the question), but I wanted to chime in and disagree (slightly) with Lt Clutch. While I’m not arguing that Ostrander is the MAN and that he has contributed more to Floyd’s character and legend than anyone, I also love the work done by Christos Gage and Gail Simone with him. The Gage mini in particular is some cold-blooded s#!+.

There’s just no way anyone but Deadshot could win, but I have to ask what about Briscoe & Sheba?

From looking at the title along, my impulse was to vote Deadshot. But then, I saw the wall on the list and had to vote for Amanda Waller.

it was hard to pick but had to go with the wall for any one who would actully form a team of super villians not to mention make batman back down from a mission is one lady who the sucide squad fits . plus that she was able to scare the crap out of even deadshot and captain boomrang when they crossed her.

So glad to see all this love for the Wall. Even better, when I read her dialogue now I have the perfect voice of CCH Pounder to go with it!

Amanda Waller! (Deadshot and Oracle are my runners-up. Let us not forget how Ostrander rehabilitated a disabled and forgotten Barbara Gordon into one of the best characters DC’s ever had.)

Deadshot, Boomer, and the Wall.

Deadshot than Waller

Deadshot got many of the best lines. Waller was one of the best-developed characters of any super-hero comic. Boomerbutt was one of the few characters designed to be annoying who didn’t drive me up the wall. Oracle is the comeback story of the ’90s. Punch & Jewelee were hilarious, Duchess was my favorite “tough” character, Vertigo, Vixen, & Bronze Tiger got some much-needed character development….

Deadshot by a nose.

Deaadshot is easily my #1 pick. If I had to pick a 2nd favorite, that would be a lot tougher. There were a ton of great characters in that series.

Deadshot’s obviously going to win, so despite him being my favorite character, I figured I’d throw in my vote for Duchess, who was my second favorite in the squad. The inevitable reveal of her true identity led to one of the my favorite storylines in the series.

It was close, but I had to go with Deadshot.

Why hasn’t DC released this series in trades yet? If this would have been published by Marvel there probably would have been hardcovers, Essentials and an Omnibus edition by now.

For me it’s a tie between Waller and Deadshot… and since Deadshot is already getting the lion’s share of votes, I’ll go with the Wall.

The Wall, though I could have just as easily picked Deadshot.

The Wall. Even though Deadhot was quite memorable as character, it’s much easier to make an amoral killer memorable than to (succesfully) make an overweight, middle-aged black woman the centre of superhero comic book, and on top of that not revert to any obvious cliches regarding characters like Waller.

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

October 15, 2009 at 8:46 am

I voted Deadshot, but Waller was second by a hair’s difference. It’s a pity DC decided to make her an outright villain after Suicide Squad ended; Greg Rucka in particular really seemed bent on demonizing the character.

I love Deadshot, but by the series end Vertigo edged him out as the best character in the run at that time. So do I go with Deadshot, who was the best for the better part of the series, or Werner who stole the show at the end?

I voted for Vertigo, but I can understand anybody voting for almost anybody on this list.

(Maybe not Captain Cold, who shows up in like 1-2 issues. Yeah, he’s cool in those issues, but there are a lot of villains who were cool in their 1-2 issue appearance.).

The Wall. Deadshot is almost perfection, but the fact that she is such a badass without a costume (and she may be the only overweight, black female badass in comics!) makes her just too cool.

“(For simplicity’s sake, I limited it to those characters who did multiple missions on the Squad)”

…Because you know if you hadn’t, I’d so have to go with Grant Morrison.

Barring that, I’ll go with Captain Boomerang.

There are almost too many good choices. I could make a case for Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, Deadshot, Capt. Boomerang, Nemesis or Nightshade. However, I voted for Oracle. Discovering Barbara Gordon was Oracle may have been my favorite twist ever.

Deadshot, easily. The Wall, Bronze Tiger, Boomerbutt, the series was full of great characters and great character moments, but it’s Deadshot who trumps all. He’s one of my favorite characters, period.

Either Waller and Deadshot would have gotten my vote, but I had to go with Boomerang.

Suicide Squad took a lame, one-joke character like Boomerang and made him the most interesting character (IMO) of the series.

If they’re a suicide squad, then why do they have any members who’ve done multiple missions?

Anybody remember the scene where Boomer is fighting some low-level speedster, and he makes some joke about how the guy isn’t the Flash while knocking the chump off a building? No way I could vote for anyone else

I would have totally voted for Grant Morrison — excuse me, The Writer — if I had the option.

So many great options, though. Just a terrific ensemble book.

Like most, I voted for Deadshot. Second choices would’ve been Count Vertigo & Nightshade

Citizen Scribbler

October 15, 2009 at 12:36 pm

I’m a Charlton kinda guy, so I went with Nightshade. But yeah, this is almost too good of a roster to pick from. But I wouldn’t be saying that if it weren’t for Ostrander’s excellent writing.

-Citizen Scribbler

Went with the Wall, but Deadshot and Boomer could just as easily have been my choices.

I’d say Ostrander was the best character of Suicide Squad, but if not him, it’s Waller.

It’s all about the Wall.


October 15, 2009 at 3:33 pm

The Wall is good and all, but it’s gotta be Deadshot!

Caught up between Deadshot / Flag / Nemesis /

But as someone said, when I think of the Squad, I think of Deadshot.

Became one of my favorite characters when he shot the lawyers hands in his mini-series.

Deadshot was that popular?

I mean I didn’t dislike the character, but I don’t remember this much love for him in the letters columns.

I voted for Digger.

I stopped at Amanda Waller because she’s one of my favorite comic book characters ever, but I was reading the list and I’ve gotta toss some love Duchess’s way as well. I really, really liked the Duchess story. I mean, I knew who she was, but it was fun watching it unfold.

This book has to go down as the greatest character reclamation project in history. Other than Captain Boomerang, I hadn’t heard of any of these characters before. Now, even if it’s just a wave of nostalgia, I always look forward to an appearance by Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, Nightshade, Nemesis, etc. The idea for Oracle was just brilliant. I actually went on a quest to find as many of Nemesis’ Brave and The Bold appearances that I could find.

I went with Bronze Tiger, but I easily could have gone with Waller, Boomerrang, Deadshot, Flag, Vertigo, Oracle, Vixen…..the list goes on. I think just after LEGENDS wrapped was one of my fave eras of DC.

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