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10/15 – If Only…


Michael Jai White and Jason Statham would team up for a Power Man & Iron Fist movie.


Quentin Tarrantino to direct.

Funniest thing I’ve heard/read all day ^^

Nah, not Statham. Ray Park.

My first reaction was “Why would the guy who played Urkel be a good Luke Cage?” Then I figure out that Michael Jai White and Jameel White are different people.

I always wanted them in Richard Dragon/Bronze Tiger. If this were ten years ago, they’d be perfect, toss in Michelle Yeoh, and you’d probably have the best action movie of all time.

I think my brain just melted from the pure awesomosity given off by that MAGNIFICENT idea!

Jason Statham? Really? No thanks.

I haven’t really seen enough of Michael Jai White to comment, but something about him strikes me as wrong for the part.

Eamonn Walker (Oz), Sterling K. Brown (Supernatural), Mathew St. Patrick (Six Feet Under), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Children of Men) or Larenz Tate (Rescue Me) as Luke.

Jared Padalecki (Supernatural), Kevin McKidd (Journeyman), Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy), Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) or Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica) as Danny.

Terry Crews would have made a great Luke Cage but is probably a little too old by now. I wouldn’t argue having Michael Jai White sprout “Sweet Christmas”.

And I love Stratham but I think that there has to be somebody a little better for Danny Rand. Charlie Hunnam sounds like a brilliant choice. Maybe Ben Foster?

OK, you’re joking, but I would watch that. Never mind that Jason Statham is not Danny Rand in any stretch of the imagination. You got it at least half right.

Didn’t Michael Jai White play Spawn? I guess he’s already taken.

Plus, if you’re Black Dynamite why would you bother playing Luke Cage.

You know what would be even cooler? If Marvel actually published a Power Man/Iron Fist comic.

I could get on board for MJW and somebody who looks like ray park but can act playing danny rand so that you can get Park in the Iron Fist suit to kick some ass.

How much “acting” does the guy playing Iron Fist actually have to do? You have serious martial artist for the action scenes and a more light-hearted almost goof-ball for the dialouge scenes. Whoever played Cage would be the one doing the heavy lifting.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Zac Ephron as IF.

A young Keenan Ivory Wayans as Power Man

Zac Ephron? A young Keenan Ivory Waynans? This is why they laughed you out of casting academy. You need for Iron fist an actor who will actually pull off martial arts and have some wise-cracking skills, because this is easily a “buddy cop” movie.

By the way, The Dude, Michael Jai White played Spawn once like 10 years ago. I don’t count that as taken. Even if he was doing Spawn 4 right now, he’s still not taken.

@ VichusSmith: yeah, I was being a little sarcastic. Spawn:The Movie was beyond shitty.

Still, the Black Dynamite remark stands.

Jason Statham? He’d be a terrible Iron Fist. Ray Park on the other hand..

If Jason Statham could sport blond hair, he’d make a good Captain America.

Zac Ephron has more of the right look than some Iron Fist suggestions (Kevin McKidd?!). But I doubt he has the acting or martial arts chops.

@The Dude Black Dynamite’s TOTALLY why I can see him play Luke Cage! I wanna see MJW doing more stuff after Dark Knight and Dynamite.

I could be sold on Ray Park, but I always hear he’s short and he can’t pull off any other accent. He’s servicable action-wise and AWESOME martial arts wise. Marvel-Disney, get it done! :)

@Rob Schmidt You say Zac Ephron’s a bad choice, but you said that a tanned Brit who always looks like he’s just been curb stomping someone to play Captain America?

I think us lay people never consider age when talking casting. We all want Nathan Fillion to play every damn role, but his age doesn’t fit most of the parts people want him to play.

I would rather Ray Parker, Jr. play Iron Fist than Ray Park. I mean, come on, people.

You know what, you’re right. Ray Park was awesome in Star Wars Episode I. He couldn’t be entertaining to watch at all.

Look, anyone can do stunt martial arts, but Danny Rand is a gullible pretty boy. Stratham and Park are not so much the pretty boys.

With Luke Cage, it’s hard to pick the guy who can do the right combo of gravitas and effervescence.

But now that I think of it, the guy who played Sisko on DS9, back when he was playing Hawk on Spencer for Hire, probably would have been pretty alright.

Well, Eric, what does your stunt martial arts resume look like? I bet it looks just like mine.

Yeah, Park isn’t a Danny rand, but I don’t like someone half-assing martial arts, especially when Iron Fist is supposed to kick ass. It’s super difficult to come up with a guy who can look believeable as a fighter and act, too. I guess that’s why Statham’s come up.

Again, we don’t have a time machine. Any current, young people? Tyrese has been talked about for years at this point to be cage. To me, he simply doesn’t have the voice I imagine cage to have.

I agree with the suggestion of Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse) as Iron Fist. He’s my first choice, but few people know who he is

Eh, erm, ok, maybe. I know Tahmoh (don’t ask me to pronounce his name out loud) can do action, for sure, but could he be Danny Rand? Guess I have to look at some Battlestar to think that over.

Not a movie. A TV series. And every week, they meet another Marvel B-Lister. Set in the late ’70’s. Dazzler, Shang Chi, White Tiger. Prowler. Rocket Racer. Omega the Unknown. Season finale? They get trapped in a time-warp and meet … Devil Dinosaur? Sweet Christmas, indeed!

I wish a Powerman & Iron Fist movie went from the 70s to current time. Cage and Fist have their heyday at one point, then they come back when some crazy crime spree happens.

After seeing Speed Racer, I think Matthew Fox would be the perfect Iron Fist.

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