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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 290

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

We continue our look at Batman: Year One moments!!

I think after today I’ll do just two more moments. So you folks should write in to bcronin@comicbookresources.com with your suggestions for which two moments I should do for the last two days of Year One moments!

Okay, so in Batman #404 (by writer Frank Miller and artist David Mazzucchelli), Bruce Wayne has finally decided to fight crime after training for it his whole adult life. The thing is, his initial disguise (normal clothes just with a big scar to disguise himself) has not been exactly met with much in the way of fear or respect, and on his first night out he is waylaid by some of Gotham’s finest citizens (while he’s trying to help them) and then shot by a Gotham cop.

What happens next is, as they say, history…

As for “the” moment – come on, I shall become a bat!!!


Personally, I would put the original origin bat moment above this which I felt was a drawn out & not as well done retread.

“I shall become a bat” is great, but for me, the coolest moment in that whole sequence is “… the two officers were found unconscious, thirty feet away.”

Awww…it’s my birthday today and you’ve featured my all-time favourite characters’ origin as told by one of my all-time favourite creators. I love Year One. Thankyou!

Is there a single page or panel in Batman: Year One that is not a cool/iconic moment?

I think the bat crashing through the window is the moment.

Thisreally is a great book (with the possible exception of Selina as a streetwalker which has I think been undone now). The writing is slow and emtionally descriptive, art is fabulous, colouring is moody but not cumbersome, lettering for the monologues (godon vs wayne) is great and not a distraction or confusing….

I like how it ends.. “I shall be come a bat.” is the moment. The next scene left to our imagination… drop /ring of the bell, alfred’s reaction, and what nowadays would be half an issue gore as alfred does a CSI version of repair works on Wayne, the discussion between the two about what happened, wayne’s rationalization to his butler and friend …

Frank, Frank, Frank… where are you ?

This is all really cool stuff. I do remember thinking, when this was first out, that Mazzucchelli should have drawn an older Porsche than the one he used. That looks like a 928, which a quick bit of research shows was introduced in 1978, only eight years before this came out. But that’s a car-guy nitpick that takes nothing away from the sequence.

You know, the bat crashing through the window is awesome. The “I shall become a bat” is ridiculously cool as well, but to me, the ringing of the bell in the last panel is the moment.

have to go with the bat crashing through the window and thus giving bruce the sign to become the legend that is batman

I think the last panel could very well be the moment too. It also sums up Miller’s Batman nicely. He’d rather die than not be able to fulfill his purpose.

That is some good comics right there. I love how the dueling points of view cross on the road.

Even though it’s referenced earlier in the issue, I really wish they’d worked the “Superstitious and Cowardly lot” phrasing into this sequence.

I have to also go with the final panel. It doesn’t stand on its own, necessarily, but it’s a fantastic coda to the sequence. Something about the silence – the things that Frank didn’t have to say, and he let Mazzucchelli nail in is subtle way.

The bell! It’s the bell, I tells ya!

Personally, I think it is the moment when he says “Father, I am afraid i may have to die tonight.”

As someone who has not read this comic before, the moment for me was the transition from “these men .. they probably have families” to the next page’s “two officers were found unconscious, thirty feet away.” I cannot tell from the images here, but I hope you had to actually turn the page between those two panels.

I go with the bell.

Great scene.

Wasn’t that Gordon in the other car? It’s been a while since I read this series…

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