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You Decide ’09 – Who Is Your Least Favorite New Teen Titan?

You know the bit – each day in October I’ll give you folks a poll question. Each poll will last four days. The results will be posted every Tuesday leading up to (and ending with) Election Day on the first Tuesday in November. Here is the master list of all questions asked so far!


Mixing things up – getting a little negative this time around!!


Beast Boy/Changling/Whatever.

No reason, just never liked the little green freak.

Raven! In her own Emo series!

Wonder Girl/Donna Troy. What a boring character….

Starfire. For some reason, her whole liberated alien/sexpot angle never worked for me.

Raven…she just didnt really fit in…maybe she should of been in doom patrol or something…

Somehow wonder girl ended up being a better character than Raven even though it definitely should have been the other way around…

This time I couldn’t vote. A few months ago I started rereading NTT and I still like each one of them.

CYBORG! I *HATE* the “angry young black man” character… and it turns out that’s when he was at his best! Turned into a robot, a stretchy elemental, and he’s always been the Titan’s biggest liability: every child with a Tandy computer has hacked into him and turned him against his friends. Take one for the team, Vic. Power down!

Changeling. Useless

Raven for being a secretive, self-destructive whiner.

When I saw the title for this vote, I immediately thought: “Danny Chase. Kole. Danny Chase. Jericho. Danny Chase. Did I mention Danny Chase? Arsenal. Pantha. Danny Chase.” Then I saw it was limited to the original seven. That makes it tougher. The beauty of this series for the first couple of years was how well Wolfman and Perez fleshed out each character. I’m not a big fan of heroes with metamorph powers but I would still be hard pressed to vote for Changeling as least favorite. Maybe Wonder Girl? But I like her girl next door vibe compared to the exotic Starfire and the grim Raven. You know, maybe Kid Flash, he did tend to whine a bit as I recall.

Can I still vote for Danny Chase?

Kid Flash DID tend to whine alot. That’s why he got my vote.

I voted for (against?) Changeling…I didn’t care much for his characterization during the early days of this title. But still a great series.

Changeling. Hands down, he had the worst-written dialogue and worst plotlines of the bunch. Even when I was younger, before every Teen Titan got on my nerves in one way or another, I couldn’t stand Changeling.

Oh man this one is hard, cuz this incarnation of the Titans is my favorite. I voted for Robin, only because having no superpowers makes him the least interesting in my eyes- and he still was a great character!

I cannot answer this, as I hate all of them. The Wolfman era Titans are perhaps my least favorite characters in superhero comics. A terrible mish-mash of boomer and Gen-x bullshit that makes me want to puke. To this day I can hardly stand any character that came out of this run. Ugh. Shitty, shitty comics.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

October 18, 2009 at 8:33 am

Starfire – virtually every bad character cliche from the 80’s rolled into one.

Terry Long. Pity I can’t vote for supporting characters.

Hard choice, since I dislike quite a bunch of them.

But the Terry Long factor makes it easier to choose Wonder Girl.

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, I never got what her big appeal was.

I had a hard time choosing between the members who weren’t Dick Grayson or Wally West, but in the end I went with Raven.

All. Of. Them.

Changeling is the focus of the second best issue of the run, the one where he and Deathstroke are in the coffee shop. He’s a pretty good character in general though. So much loss in his past. The stuff with him and Terra is heartbreaking.

For people who don’t get it, Donna’s the older sister that every kid wants to have. Even reading the run at 13 in 1994, I got that vibe and appreciated it.

Starfire really doesn’t do anything for me though. Her biggest character focus stuff is with her sister (and I hate the Titans in Space even if I love the X-Men in Space), and with that one issue with the Hive Agent boyfriend and it’s all just painful. I like the cartoon version better, which I suppose is why I really like Miss Martian. So Starfire gets my vote.

Granted, I don’t REALLY like Raven until NTT Vol 2 when she gets emotions for the first time, but I never liked comics Starfire, so that’s fine.

Yeah, Wally’s whiny, but I like him too much later on to fault him for this.

Dick’s a great character in Titans all the way to NTT vol 2 when he has his first mental breakdown.

Cyborg’s a little stereotypical, but it works in context.

Donna Troy, man. And they’ve broken her character time and again but keep trotting her out…

The only one here I really do like is Wally. Changeling is okay in the Titans, but I never want to see him near the Doom Patrol.

I liked the title, and can’t say I really hated any of them (hating fictional characters always seemed particularly silly to me), but the one I least liked must have been Wonder Girl.

In any case, the Teen Titans at the time felt like a breath of fresh air, as compared to many other DC superheroes that were all-perfect, all-adjusted, mostly interchangeable.

I think Wolfman’s soap-operish characterization is better than no characterization at all.

Yeah, I know that today it’s cool to bash the Teen Titans and the X-Men and sing the praises of the Silver Age, but not me.

Kid Flash. His name constitutes child abuse.

Very difficult. This team was perfectly balanced, in part because Wolfman, Pérez, and their editor Len Wein had a lot of freedom. If we take out any member, even one who at first seems expendable, the stories lose something. Sure, there are some characters I’m not interesting in following into solo stories, some whom I wouldn’t want to have a meal with. But as an intrusion on this team? No one at all.

Donna Troy is probably the worst character in all comics, it’s a toss-up between her and Hawkman.

Wow, this is really hard. I’d have to say Jericho.

In the end I had to choose Wally. Just as Donna didn’t become completely incomprehensible until later (Byrrrrne! *shake fist*), it wasn’t until after he became the Flash that Wally became interesting. Back in the day he was kind of a drag.

Wonder Girl isn’t a “character”, she was never anything more than a cypher in pinup drag. All these other Titans have more to offer than Donna, who was actually a mistake even in her conception – she only exists because the folks who originally created the “Teen Titans” didn’t realize that the “wonder girl” that appeared in Wonder Woman’s backup stories was Wonder Woman herself when she was younger.

So Donna Troy was a mistake from day 1. The introduction of Terry “Wolfman” Long, creepy mary-sue extraordinaire, only made matters worse. And let’s not even discuss the embarassment that was the “Who Is Donna Troy” issue.

Of course – compared to Danny Chase, Wonder Girl is Madame Bovary, but Danny Chase isn’t on the poll. So I went with the absolute worst one of that bunch, Wonder Girl.

I voted for Changeling because I MISREAD the question. Seriously.

I like all 7 of them. Perhaps that is why the series was so well liked.

I wasn’t born when this came out, and DC has not been on its game with reprints. So I have to base my vote on who the characters have been since. And based on that, I really have to go with Raven. I don’t like how she went from being a grown woman to a 16 year old and now exist to constantly break Gar’s heart (which I feel is a relation ship that came from nowhere to begin with).But I do like them all, even if I missed their glory days.

Jericho. I wish Deathstroke could kill him again.

Raven. I got tired of her mood swings very quickly. ;)

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

October 18, 2009 at 12:45 pm

Raven, not least because she was clearly the “pet” character in big chunks of the run. The fact that she brainwashed Kid Flash into joining the team doesn’t help.

Starfire probably. It was a tough choice, as I loved the first 50 or so issues of New Teen TItans. However, Starfire felt the most out of place. Why was a teenage girl from outer space on Earth?

agree with all the Donna bashing, just a complete waste of page space. Not even remotely interesting storylines.

Wondergirl was fine until Perez rebooted Wonder Woman. He really should have back-dated WW’s reboot like Byrne did with Superman, instead of introducing her years after Wondergirl’s first appearance. He really hosed Wolfman with that one. No one could ever figure out just what to do with donna after that.

I voted Wally. He’s my favorite Flash, but spent too much time in NTT planning to walk out on them.

From these responses, at least it sounds like we can agree that Robin is awesome.

Raven. Whiney little chick with too much attention given to her haha

Always down with the Robin! And babysitter cyborg is just a funny concept

Not a huge Teen Titans fan and never read the original stuff. Based on what I know of these characters though, I’m going to say Cyborg.

Bad character design and lazier name, never cared for the character one bit.

I went Kid Flash. Wally was much better as the lead.

Wondergirl. The character was quite literally a mistake to begin with (read your book!) and went from being boring as paint to convoluted as they get.

hard to pick since that is one of perez and wolfmans great works. but had to go with donna for not only was she the most stupidest member but her orgin is so screwed up not even geof Johnes could fix the mess of who is donna troy.plus her presence brought forth terry long.

What is with all the loathing for Terry Long? He was just a normal guy who managed to bag himself a super-chic. Isn’t that what every fanboy dreams of? Is everyone jealous of Terry, or did he turn into a lame-ass super-villian when I wasn’t looking?

The Crazed Spruce

October 18, 2009 at 2:58 pm

I was a fan of the series (right up through “The Judas Contract”, anyways), so this is kinda like voting on my least favourite flavour of ice cream. Still, I gotta give the nod to Wonder Girl, for her marriage to Terry Long, if nothing else. (Though the bachelor party did have one of my all-time favourite quotes….)

Other than Dick Grayson, are any of these characters even around these days?


October 18, 2009 at 6:12 pm

i would say that Starfire SUCKS. *shouting* Starfire and Robin heck no!!! Raven is totally the best!!!! Raven and Robin 4ever!!!! BB(changling) is pretty funny. but bb and Raven, i mean seriously, what freak would put them as a couple!!!

I gotta say I’m really like this question. It’s pretty unexpected and there’s no good guess for an answer. It’ll be interesting to see the results! I had to put a little thought into it and was surprised to discover Starfire, for me, was the easy answer.

“Other than Dick Grayson, are any of these characters even around these days?”

Donna Troy was a major player in Countdown, which is why I voted for her.

“What is with all the loathing for Terry Long? He was just a normal guy who managed to bag himself a super-chic. Isn’t that what every fanboy dreams of? Is everyone jealous of Terry, or did he turn into a lame-ass super-villian when I wasn’t looking?”

Check these links out and you’ll understand all the Terry Long loathing. It’s fully deserved.



all of the characters are still around in fact still in the current titans book dick is in the bat suit now as batman. as for the hating of terry long the guy true bagged wonder girl but was creepy for he also hit on starfire and was much older then donna to begin with way older.amost old enough to be her father.

I’m not sure I can vote on this. These comics came out before I was born but I can still appreciate the run. I rather like Cyborg and Changeling in particular. Starfire did the least for me but I certainly didn’t dislike her. How ’bout I just vote for Terry Long?

I like them all. I voted for Kid Flash only because although there’ve been some great stories told with him, he strikes me as the least original, least inspired creation.

Kid Flash DID tend to whine alot. That’s why he got my vote.

Who in the New Teen Titans DIDN’T whine a lot? That being said, out of all the whiners Kid Flash came off as the whiniest.

Cyborg was always my least favorite character; He always seemed out of place. From his “angry black youth” to his “angry monster” personality, and the fact that it always seemed strange to me that all these villains (like, say, super-mercenary/assassin Deathstroke) never once thought about attacking his “human bits.” He always seemed clunky in comparison to the other Titans, slowing them down just so he could plug in his one-trick “White Noise Blaster” or whatever it was.

Cyborg. It was him or Raven. (I always had a crush on Wonder Girl, as drawn by Perez.)

Love Wally West, but in New Teen Titans, he was just such a downer.

He was dead weight in this book, dragging the pace of the series.

Raven, the biggest buzzkill of them all. She ushered in the age of “heavy mystics”, where all supernatural characters had to be moody, dark, and the death of fun. When she was gone after her daddy went apeshit and nearly destroyed the world, Lilith took her place as the Debbie Downer of the titans. Why in the world would a psychic go-go dancer named Lilith Jupiter have to be such a drag, too??? Also, Terry Long WAS a total pain in the ass.

I voted for Gar and the reason isn’t because I hate him personally. It is because like Iceman in X-Men, for every creator that makes strides with the character, there are 2 or 3 who always regress the character back to “normal”. He’s unfortunately pegged as DC’s Pinocchio and that sucks…

I couldn’t vote for Wally, because he became one of my favorites over the years. If you just go from NTT, and nothing else, he’s clearly the biggest downer. Of course his powers were killing him at the time, so he had cause. Also, Marv has pretty much admitted that he didn’t want him in the book, because logically his powers should enable him to solve any problem in under a second.

I finally voted for Raven because Danny Chase wasn’t an option.

Changeling. Always found him to be the most obnoxious of the bunch.

Those Terry Long links are hilarious!

It’s interesting that Wally West had 3 or 4 radically different characterizations in his career.

I didn’t read any of the pre-Crisis Flash comic, so I can’t say how he was depicted there. But in Teen Titans he was the melancholic regular joe that only wanted a normal life away from superheroics. In his solo title under Mike Baron and later Messner-Loebs he enjoyed being a superhero, but his sensitivity was mostly gone and he was arrogant with Mike Baron and well-meaning but slightly goofy with Messner-Loebs and BOTH arrogant and totally goofy in the JLI. Later with Mark Waid he became a responsible, resourceful, everyman superhero.

I voted for Wally “I’ve Never Met a Commie I Didn’t Want To Sneer At Even When His Fiance Was The Victim Of A Rather Nasty Government Plot And Died On The Day They Were Supposed To Be Married” West.

The goofy “garter” design of Cyborg’s bionic legs.
Granted, the “Oscar” version was just dumb looking, but the revived-classic design should just stick with straight-ahead metal legs (I think that’s what they do now, isn’t it?).

another write-in for Jericho.

I’m going to go with Donna Troy as well. But, under the reasoning of Most Untapped Potential.

They could have turned her into her own hero with the post-Crisis continuity, but poor communication prevented that. And, since then she is the one who has really contributed least to the ongoing DCU.

Also, I can’t help but point out that she is the character not seen in the Teen Titans animated series. And yet, no one really missed her, did they?


Danny Chase should have been an option

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