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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 292

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Here’s the last moment from our look at Batman: Year One!

In Batman #407, by writer Frank Miller and artist David Mazzucchelli, the Gotham City Police Department is about to turn over a new leaf – by force of criminal prosecution. However, the bad guys aren’t going down so easy, despite Lt. James Gordon’s crusade against them. So one night, Gordon returns home to find his wife and baby son being kidnapped!

What a great succession.

Can you even pick “the” moment there?

The ending?

The bit where Batman talks to Gordon’s wife?

The bit where Batman jumps off the bridge?

It’s all so good.


I think the moment is “I’m practically blind without my glasses. Sirens coming, you better go”, as that seems to be the start of the Gordon-Batman partnership/Gordon giving an implicit approval to Batman.

The “blind” moment is great, and I love the ambiguity around it. And the ending is a stone-cold classic. I think I love Year One more than I realized.

How could Batman Begins set up the fragility of his mask and then NOT give us the “without my glasses” bit at the end somehow? Argh.

i would have to go with not only the jump to save baby gordon but Jim saying you better go proving the batman gordon partnership has been born.

Tough to beat that silent, black-and-white panel of Bruce catching little James.

I hope they play up the Gordon knowing Wayne is BMan in Batman 3.

The homage to year 1 at the end of batman begins was pure awesome.

Year One is the rarest of things, something that is always better than you remember.

It has to be “I’m practically blind without my glasses”. I mean, there’s a bunch of great panels in there, but that’s the moment they’re all building to.

Wow. He sure got shot a lot in this story. I’m guessing he learned how to duck and dodge in year 2?

The glasses bit is a good one. After all this time, Gordon HAS to know. He’d have to be a complete idiot to not have figured out who Batman is by now.

“I’m practically blind without my glasses” does it for me too… That’s the climax of everything else preceding their free fall in the river.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

October 20, 2009 at 3:44 am

The “blind” comment is truly great but for me the moment is “I won’t let your boy die.”

No cape, no cowl, no cool ride but THAT’S the Batman.

The moment is Bruce Wayne catching up to a car and a motorcycle on a bicycle as quickly as he did.

The moment is the silhouetted catch of the baby…


A year ago, I would have said “the” moment is the “practically blind without my glasses” line. But now? Well, now I have an eleven month old son, and it turns out that the moment has changed for me . . . because when I got to the panels where young James finally starts crying, and Batman holds him gingerly out to his father, I totally choked up. I was not expecting that.

I’ve never read Year One, so I’ve been really enjoying this week’s cool moments. One question, why was Bruce disguised as a cop at the beginning? Why didn’t he just show up as Batman and start punching the bad guys?

I’m going to put this trade in my Amazon queue; definitely looks like its reputation is well deserved. I hope there are other cool moments in there for me to discover.

The ending is great but the ‘blind’ moment is absolute brilliance.

The moment, as far as I am concerned is “…calls himself The Joker.” It’s my favorite part of all of Year One.

Tom Fitzpatrick

October 20, 2009 at 6:47 am

Definitely can see WHY the movie Batman Begins borrowed alot of materials from the Year One story-arc.

Note, The Dark Knight borrowed from it, too. Gordon’s boy — though not a baby — falling off the ledge with the bad guy, and the kid being saved by Batman. Similar to Two-Face’s end in the movie.

Here’s the moment:
Whenever i re-read this comic!
That’s how good this is. It makes me want every comicbook to be this good.

Really, i get choked up at ‘I won’t let your boy die’ as i agree that is the core of Batman. Also, the panel where Gordon & thug fall & Bats catches young James. Then, when Mom comes to the bridge & finally hears her baby crying.
Truly, is there a bad panel in this thing?

The moment when Batman passes the baby to Gordon is where it hits me the most.

Tom Fitzpatrick

October 20, 2009 at 1:40 pm

Y’know, I can’t understand it. If memory serves me right, Miller wrote 4 story arcs of Batman (and drew 2 of ‘em).

The Dark Knight Returns
Batman: Year One
The Dark Knight Strikes Again
All-Star Batman & Robin

So, how come the first two is better than the latter two?
Mid-life crisis?

“The Dark Knight Returns
Batman: Year One
The Dark Knight Strikes Again
All-Star Batman & Robin

So, how come the first two is better than the latter two?
Mid-life crisis?”

understatement of the decade

Great sequence. I agree with the others about the “practically blind” moment.

But I have to be a killjoy about one thing. Galileo proved that objects of any weight fall at the same speed. At the beginning of his jump, Wayne is 30-50 ft. above the baby. The bridge isn’t high above the water–maybe another 50 ft–since Wayne and Gordon survive the short fall without injury. Therefore, we can discount the impression that Wayne has time to knife through the air and catch the baby, who’s gently floating down on a cushion of air resistance. NO WAY can Wayne catch the baby in this scenario.

“I’m practically blind without my glasses. Sirens coming, you better go” is the moment, possibly THE moment of the whole book.

ok so why did Gordon shoot some random guy to take his bike. Couldn’t he have just pushed him off? Did he think he was a criminal? Did he know he was Batman? Did he just not care?

Hey Rob,

Galileo proved objects of any weight fall at the same speed — in a vacuum.

(there is definitely some suspension of disbelief given the height of the bridge, etc. but if Bruce kicked off that girder, he could have caught up to baby James.)

Do I win an uber-dork award?

If the baby is dropped with zero initial velocity, and Bruce Wayne dives from thirty feet above the baby’s
location at the same instant that the baby is dropped, what must Bruce’s initial downward velocity be such that he catches the baby before they both strike the water 100 feet below the baby’s initial position?

v = 73 feet/sec or 50 miles per hour.

Apparently Bruce Wayne IS Batman!

You’re all missing it. He kicks off the roof early because he knows the dude’s going to drop the baby…..


Things were happening fast and Gordon thought the guy on the motorcycle was back-up for the badguys. He shot first and put off taking names for later.

Understandable, but if Bruce had not been wearing armor Gordon would have been screwed big-time.

Okay, these moments make me realize Year One is better than I remember. I voted for Born Again in the poll, but now…

oh screw it, it’s still Born Again for me.

But it’s closer now.

These are great moments.

thanks for showing me how bad ass this comic is..i went out and got it today..great book…

I can’t believe that we went all the way through year one moments and we still didn’t touch on any of the awesome Alfred bits, and, most notably, the bit where Gordon investigates Bruce at home, which may be my favorite moment of the entire story. :)

I think, in hindsight, the moment is when David Mazzucchelli signed up as artist. As good a writer as Miller was back then, would the series have been this good with out Mazzucchelli?

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