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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 298

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

We showed the reveal of the villain behind the Great Darkness Saga, but now we see how Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen deal with the big bad villain!

Okay, so the big things you need to know is that with Darkseid returned, so, too, has Highfather (Darkseid’s good guy equivalent) and he is giving the Legion some aid. Meanwhile, the Legion slowly but surely has turned Darkseid’s Daxamite slaves into, well, not slaves anymore…

It’s hard to beat that full page spread of Darkseid as he realizes the Legion now have basically 6 billion Supermen on their side!


I love that Val still charges in, knowing who he’s facing. Karate Kid isn’t afraid of any old god. :)

I also love that everyone’s focused on Darkseid and Brainy’s only got eyes for Kara.

The whole issue was a great moment, but I also liked the next page when Wildfire starts cheering that they beat him and Darkseid pops back up and curses them all before disappearing.

The Ugly American

October 26, 2009 at 9:51 am

That was awesome until they narrated Invisible Kid II. It’s like having Gambit say something in any comic panel.

Great sequence, except for the part with Supergirl calling Darkseid out for being a chauvinist. In a regular earthbound fight with smaller stakes I could see it happening and forgive it but in a battle on such a grand cosmic scale with stakes so incredibly high, it seems like such a trivial matter to complain about in the grand scheme of things.

Yeah where’s the curse? The way that ended up playing out much later was a great story in itself.

Yeah where’s the curse? The way that ended up playing out much later was a great story in itself.

It was, but it was not really part of THIS moment so much. Great bit, though!

Entirely random trivia: the concentric circles on page 34 are not an art effect, but an ad for Tootsie Pops bleeding through. Still looks cool though…

I always knew there was something evil behind those Tootsie Pop ads. How many licks does it take to get to the center? One…two…BOOM!

Loved this issue. I wasn’t a Legion fan, but was picking them up for a friend out of town and this saga hooked me.

Don’t know if you’re still taking nominations for the 300 spot but add mine to a vote for Hulk 300, particularly punching Power Man through a row of skyscrapers, catching Iron Fist’s Iron Fist, and taking on Thor while wielding an adamantium statue of himself.

There are lots of good “300”-themed choices, though. Even Spider-Man’s return to the red and blue costume after his first Venom fight would be appropriate (but not as good as Hulk!).

As awesome as Hulk and ASM #300 are, I wouldn’t mind seeing a moment from Frank Miller’s 300.

Such a shame about that corny “woman/ chauvinist” exchange. Supergirl didn’t *always* bring out the worst in writers– the very next page is great. But when Supergirl dialog was bad, it was very bad indeed.

Another thought: part of the experience of reading GDS is hard to recapture now that Darkseid is so boringly overexposed– at the time he’d rarely interacted with non-Fourth World characters, and so the readers didn’t know to expect him.

But I find it especially odd in retrospect that Kara never seems to know anything about him. (Superboy wouldn’t, but Kara was coming from the 1980s not the 1960s.) Supergirl also rarely interacted with the rest of the DCU, but she should have at least heard of the guy…

300 panels of Quasar, please.

loved how even in defeat Darkside still thinks he is so big and mighty and others need to vow to him. not to mention his little warning that the dark will always be around and he will sooner or later return for a rematch

I could totally go for some Quiet Darkness Saga. Dang that was nice stuff.

I love how Darkseid saw KK coming and just turned his back. He couldn’t even be bothered to swat Val aside.

For some reason the Superboy/Supergirl double punch that signalled the beginnning of the end for Darkseid is the one image from this story that stuck with me all of these years. If I thought about it I could also recall Daxam being reshaped into Darkseid’s head but the double punch was always the first moment to come to mind.

But Darkseid realizing he would soon have to fight 3,000,000 pissed-off super-charged Daxamites was pretty cool, too!

Joe, nice to see someone else has a little love for Al Gordon’s “Quiet Darkness”. Great stuff, starring some of my favorite legionnaires. I would love to see a few moments from that too!

The Great Darkness Saga is terrific stuff, though. Levitz and Giffen did a great epic story!

I love the Legion and loved this issue, but would Darkseid be really scared seeing a front rank of the assault that included:

Bouncing Boy
Light Lass
Karate Kid?

Kara is seriously badass.

I also love how Giffen makes that panel of the Wanderers, the Legion of Substitute Heroes and the freakin’ Heroes of Lallor coming to the rescue look like BIG TROUBLE for Darkseid. Look out, it’s Gas Girl and Chlorophyll Kid! Of course, that horde of Daxamites behind them doesn’t exactly hurt.

Page 35.

Supergirl’s screaming face superimposed over Darkseid’s.

“This is pain.”

Giffen at his absolute peak.


More awesomeness. This wasn’t the first story Levitz and Giffen did, but this was when their era really began.

Legion of Superheroes, Darkseid, and a “Hot Pants” wearing Supergirl. How can you miss. It would be nice if DC would stop releasing The Great Darkness Saga with Darkseid on the cover. It ruins the surprise.

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