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The Great Comic Book Detectives #4

Here’s the bit. You, the readers, send in descriptions of comics that you remember vague details from the past and either I, or one of the readers of the piece will use detective work to figure out what comic you’re talking about!

Here’s the latest one, from reader Matt…

I saw the bit about “Great Comic Book Detectives” and I have a mystery comic, although the situation is a bit different. I once saw this image in a message board, and saved it because of the sheer ridiculousness of it, but I have no idea what the source of it is. I can’t recognize the signature, and no one in the message board seems to know where it is from either. Maybe someone out there knows.

The image is clearly by Tim Truman, and it is dated 1997.

I don’t recall, offhand, what comic it is from.

So how about you folks?


There was a series of grateful dead comics back then, it’s from one of those. comic book translations of grateful dead song lyrics. cool stuff.

In retrospect, the logo in the left arm should have been a dead (no pun intended) giveaway that this was related to the Grateful Dead.

Anyways, thanks to Brian for running this and for the (rather quick) answers.


October 26, 2009 at 3:10 pm

Well it could be from something related to Terrapin Station.

I once saw a pretty bad adaptation of the Terrapin Station Suite in one of the Grateful Dead comic collections.
it wasn’t by Truman, but it was space related.
So this might be related to that.


October 26, 2009 at 3:12 pm

Oh yeah, looks like “jjc” got to the bottom of it right off the bat.

google savant

Tim Truman did work for Grateful Dead Comics, and looking at the lightning skull on the turtle/terrapin’s left shoulder, and the guitar, I’d bet that’s what it’s from.

Holy shit, that is one awesome page!!!

Guys, if you follow the link that jjc provided, you will see that illustration listed under Terrapin. And everybody seems to agree that it is Grateful Dead related. But was it just an illustration, or was it part of a comic?

This may have been from the Grateful Dead Newsletter/Newspaper that used to come out. It had articles about the band and merchandise and came out quarterly. Truman used to do a full page spread for a specific song. I think I even remember seeing this in an issue. I actually have another piece with a huge Rook skull (For the song So Many Roads) signed by Truman and framed in my basement from another issue. I don’t think it’s around anymore. I haven’t gotten one since the late 90’s.


October 27, 2009 at 1:00 pm


This is the one I have, and it’s beautiful!

I don’t know the title but it’s clearly an homage to the Grateful Dead song Terrapin Station.

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