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You Decide ’09 – Week 4 Results!

Each day in October I’ll give you folks a poll question. Each poll will last four days. The results will be posted every Tuesday leading up to (and ending with) Election Day on the first Tuesday in November. Here is the master list of all questions asked so far!

And here are the fourth week’s worth of poll results!


I’ll be giving the rounded percentage numbers (like 37% instead of 36.8%), except to break a tie! Because of rounded numbers, some percentages may seem to add up to more than 100%.

Out of 1,694 replies to the question:

Who is your least favorite New Teen Titan?

You decided:

25% Raven

22% Changeling

16% Wonder Girl

12.87% Starfire

12.75% Cyborg

8% Kid Flash

3% Robin

Out of 2,196 replies to the question:

Who is the top Spider-Man villain, besides Norman Osborn?

You decided:

50% Dr. Octopus

16% Venom

12% J. Jonah Jameson

4.14% Kraven

3.64% Hobgoblin

3.23% The Kingpin

2.91% Mysterio

2% Electro

1.32% Sandman

1.28% The Lizard

1.14% Carnage

0.91% The Rhino

0.73% The Jackal

0.68% Morlun

0.41% Vulture

0.38% Chameleon

Out of 835 replies to the question:

Who is your favorite Swamp Thing artist/art team?

You decided:

53% Stephen Bissette/John Totleben

31% Berni Wrightson

13% Rick Veitch

3% Nestor Redondo

0.48% Tom Yeates

Out of 2,263 replies to the question:

Who do you prefer Cyclops with?

You decided:

55% Emma Frost

45% Jean Grey

Out of 1,516 replies to the question:

Which Black Lantern do you want back alive the most?

You decided:

40% Martian Manhunter

24% Aquaman

20% Elongated Man and Sue

7% Hawkman

6% Ronnie Raymond

4% Hawkgirl

Out of 1,997 replies to the question:

Which non-Captain America hero do you most identify with the Avengers?

35% Hawkeye

22% Iron Man

18% Vision

8% Thor

7.26% Hank Pym

6.96% Wasp

2% Scarlet Witch

1% Quicksilver

You decided:

I’ve decided to hold off on posting the results of the last poll until next week. I’m curious about something and I want to try something out first.

Check back next Tuesday for the latest results, and check back every day to vote on the You Decide ’09 question of the day!


Well my picks were way off!

In before Joe raging about people liking Hawkeye.

Hey, aside from Doc Ock which seemed like a foregone conclusion, not one of ‘em went the way I voted this week! (I went for Wally, Berni, Jean, Dibnys and Vizh.) That said, I can’t argue too heartily against any of the winners. I could see voting for any of them except for Emma (a great character but a dodgy choice for a girlfriend), but ultimately I don’t really give a crap what Scott does.

Really surprised about Emma winning. Thought for sure that people either really love Jean Grey or really hate Emma Frost. I love Emma and Cyclops together.

Only 18% for the Vision? Man, that’ a kick in my comicbook nuts.

I’m surprised Ralph and Sue did so well because they’re fine as Ghost Detectives. I guess it was more of a popularity thing.

I wonder if Venom would have done worse if Doc Ock was not in that poll. I still love that Scorpion didn’t make the cut.

Raven is really, really unlikable throughout the entire first NTT run. It’s not until she gets the white costume that I think she gets really interesting.

The only result I really dislike is the Emma one.

Yay for Hawkeye!

Hmm. I thought Donna Troy would run away with the Titans category. Surpriised, but glad to see Emma beating out Jean.

Tom Fitzpatrick

October 27, 2009 at 1:48 pm

I got 3 right, but was surprised that Raven beat out Changeling.

I hate hate hate to accuse people of “mysoginy.” It’s already a cliche that someone will inevitably come in any superhero thread in the Internet and accuse people of mysoginy.

But I’m really surprised that Wonder Woman gets bashed so much (even the George Perez run that I hold as sacred) and the Wasp (the quintessential Avenger alongside Hawkeye) is at the bottom of the list.

What the hell? Is it really true that male comic book readers just don’t identify with female characters?

Actually Quicksilver’s at the bottom of the list, followed by Wanda, so it’s more accurate to say people just don’t like muties.

Sorry, I meant the Wasp is closer to the bottom of the list than I’d ever imagined.

I was actually looking for Scorpion to vote for him. Poor Mac Gargan.

I was actually looking for Scorpion to vote for him. Poor Mac Gargan.

Yet another victim of misgargany.

Most men can’t write good female characters, most Avengers writers are men, therefore the Wasp has been mostly unintresting the last 45 years. It’s not like we ranked the avengers first to last, only one could get a vote, perhaps Wasp is everybodys third fave Avenger.

I’m not particularly interested in Jan, but I had trouble deciding between Scarlet Witch and Vision. I like Wanda much better as a character, but that wasn’t the question. I ultimately went with Vizh because he was the face of the comic for so long and didn’t really have a history outside the Avengers the way Wanda had.

Didn’t get a single one this time. Oh, well. I AM glad to see that Emma didn’t beat Jean by much, though; Jean has more support than I expected.

I think the Emma/Jean question is more “Who would you rather date, fanboy?”

i love how hawkeye has been ronin all this time and fandom refuses to acknowledge it. bendis needs to give up.

I’m shocked that the Kingpin scored so low. (Although I can understand why people would think Doctor Octopus should win.) Many of the comments had stated that he didn’t belong because he’s now more of a Daredevil enemy, but I still can’t see how that should matter. The Kingpin can be the arch-enemy of ANYONE who fights organised crime in New York (Cloak & Dagger, Moon Knight, Punisher). Bad guys do NOT automatically belong to certain good guys; that’s just a stupid cliche.

And I am so disappointed that the Wasp scored so low, although the choices above her were all respectable ones. I still think she should have her own series. (Maybe written by Peter David. I first got really into her when she appeared in a two part story he did in Spectacular Spider-Man. [It was the two issues right before Jean DeWolf was killed, which diverted attention away from the great story he’d just written before, I think.])

In that case, Mary, I’m changing my vote to Galactus.

2 for 4 this week. Surprised by Raven-hate.

Wait, wheres the “Least favorite Justice Leaguer”/”Favorite reveal”?

I’m glad that Martian Manhunter was the one that was voted the best. I think that they can bring him back as a real strong character not just the guy always brooding at the watchtower. He’d be great in a Detective Comics/Green Lantern style book that showcased all of his powers plus his detective skills. I mean the guy has been a detective almost as long as Bruce Wayne + he’s got all of Supermans powers and then some. Seeing him free wheel through the galaxy like a lone GL solving crimes & occassionly coming to Earth to help out on Crisis would be awesome. I think that a book starring him with maybe a back from random JLA B or C listers would be an awesome title. Hell I’d buy it, hell I’d write it if they paid me.


this is a really fun and cool post. I keep looking forward for the results.

Make it a weekly feature!!

beta ray steve,

wrong. I chose Emma for Scott, but, hell, I’ll admit it, had a huge crush on Jean Grey when I was 12.

Everything I picked won. I’d claim that gives me some sort of special stature, but isn’t that the point of these things? To reflect what the masses chose? I guess I’m a sheep.

Baaa. :)

I am glad Hawkeye won. In my opinion, he is as much the heart of the Avengers as Cap. As far as Jane goes it has nothing to do with her being a woman, it has to do with her being a one dimensional woman who is just way to stereotypical. I think if writers wrote an ethnic character as stereotypical as some writers write Jane, people would flip out. I love women in comic books. Heck, I would leave my girlfriend for Kitty Pride. But I can’t stand reading Jane. “Oh girl, you need to go shopping and sleep around more.” I am sad to see that she lost out to Hank Pym, which in my opinion is the lamest character in the Marvel Universe. For example he is currently dating a robot version of his dead ex wife, which is the sickest sh** since Vision and Scarlet Witch had ghost babies. Mighty Avengers should be called Avengers B-Team and should be all about how they use their super powers to help Jarvis, the only interesting character in the book, keep the Mansion clean and keep dinner hot for the real heroes. “Avengers Assemble… that peanut butter sandwich for Hawkeye!” In other news, I am glad Emma won. She has helped turned Cyclops from the choir boy leader wearing the WWXD bracelet to the hardcore protector of his species willing to send out X-Force to kill their enemies and make the Beast cry big puppy dog, or are they kitty cat, tears.

Maybe JasonF would appreciate Janet more if he took the time to learn her name.

Whoops! Guess that shows how little I care for the character. Honestly though I never read any of the 80s or early 90s stuff though I have been trying to pick some of it up lately. So maybe she is written a little differently then but I just don’t think she is anything but one dimensional and there are loads of more interesting female characters. Mocking Bird, Ms Marvel, and Tigra come to mind. I think they made a good pick of which original Avenger to kill. She can serve as inspiration but honestly She wasn’t that interesting at least lately. Honestly when the only thing you got going for you is my husband hit me one time and be honest that is the first thing that pops into your head when you think of the Wasp or Jane..t.

Wait, wheres the “Least favorite Justice Leaguer”/”Favorite reveal”?

Brian’s holding Least Favourite Justice Leaguer back until after Most Favourite Justice Leaguer. Favourite Villain Reveal is next week, isn’t it?

Correct on both points, Ted.

I think the Emma/Jean question is more “Who would you rather date, fanboy?”

Nah, when I was a teenager Scott and Jean were the paragons of romance in comics for me (I got WAY more excited than any teenage boy ever should when they got married) and I’ve always had a thing for redheads, so Jean is the one in that equation I’d rather date, but I voted for Emma.

She makes Cyclops a more interesting character, and I’m man enough to admit that she’s more woman than I could handle. :)

Janet has been the most interesting in the 1980s, in the long Roger Stern run. It’s the decade I started reading comics, and the one I remember most fondly.

In the 1990s she was crappy, but almost all character were crappy. In the 2000s she hasn’t been memorable, I know.

Damn, I feel old.

Emma Frost? How curious.

Yeah Rene, I remember that run. It was good to see Wasp finally come into her own, because previous to that she’d always only been the one who dragged other heroines on shopping sprees.

I’m mostly a 1970s Avengers reader myself, though (which overall was pretty great period for the series), so sadly that brief period where Janet was awesome seems like an anomaly more than anything else.

That ’80s period was the only time I read Avengers regularly (until this last couple of years), so maybe that’s why I rank the Wasp so highly. (I also really like Monica.)

Also why you’re all, “Hey, why can’t I vote for Namor as the Avengeriest Avenger of all?”

I’m not too surprised to see Chameleon rank so low (dead last) on the Spider-Man villain list. He’s not visually strong and most of the stories featuring him have been pretty weak or unmemorable.

But– I’ve always felt that a villain who can “be” anyone could (or even should) be the most difficult enemy to defeat.

Too bad Spider-Man writers have yet to discover that.

@Rene: Or it could just be that when you say “Avengers” people think of Hawkeye more quickly. Jan is probably high up on most people’s lists, just not #1 as much as Hawkeye.

It’s true, people just can’t get enough of Kate Bishop.

(I had to look up her name.)

“I’m surprised Ralph and Sue did so well because they’re fine as Ghost Detectives.”

Or at least they would be if somebody would WRITE A F**KING STORY ABOUT THEM ALREADY!


Most of my votes won. Voted for Jean but from the comments it was obvious Emma is going to win, I’m just surprised that it was this close.

Accidentally voted for Pym because I misread the question (I’m not as crazy as Hank – I hope – nor have been through the crap he’s been through, but somehow I can identify with him the most), but later voted from another IP to Iron Man.

Saying that males don’t like female characters is the reason Wasp ‘scored so low’ is wrong. The poll only allowed you to vot efor the one character the opitomizes the Avengers for you. I have the Wasp third, after Cap and Hawkeye. Doe sthat mean I must not relate to the character because there are two ahead of her?

Citizen Scribbler

October 29, 2009 at 7:28 am

I’m sorry, but I think the “ghost detectives” angle is kinda weak. I mean, how much emotional weight does trying to solve your loved ones murder have when the folks trying to solve it happen to be dead and doing quite well for themselves?

With Ralph and Sue alive they can hang out with their old friends and maybe even start the family they’ve been planning- not serve as a constant reminder of their silly and unnecessary deaths.

-Citizen Scribbler

The thing about Jan is that she gets a pass for what she did, while Hank Pym gets lambasted. The guy she supposedly loved was clearly out of his gourd and she saw it as an excuse to rope him into the long awaited marriage. When he comes to his “senses” and agrees to go ahead with it, she’s as pleased as punch. Then when Hank flips out and slaps her, everyone’s surprised.

By the way what is it with the Avengers and not saying anything about members getting into dubious marriages. Obviously, there’s the Carol Danvers incident, which she rightly called them on the carpet about. There’s also Mantis, who was sent off to become the brood mare for an alien planet that took the form of her dead boyfriend.

I’m surprised no one objected to Luke and Jessica’s marriage on the grounds that they actually dated and fell in love and neither was suffering a bout of schizophrenia.

I’m not surprised that the Wasp lost to Hawkeye, I’m surprised that she scored so low! Barely 7% of votes. Maybe it’s an age thing, not a gender thing, as the Wasp was so much cooler and more representative of the Avengers in the 80s, 20 years ago.

Or maybe she would have scored higher if this were a “list your top 5 Avengers from all time,” instead of making people choose only one.

I think Janet in the 1980s was something truly special. I find it strange that in fiction so many female characters can fit in two types: damsem-in-distress and macho girl. I take Tulip from the “Preacher” comics as a perfect example. Not that I dislike Preacher or anything, but it’s funny that, to be seen as “strong women”, the characters have to love guns and be no-nonsense and outdoorsy and hate anything that could be seen as “girly.” Does Superman needs to carry guns and be outdoorsy to prove he is a strong person?

I never understood the disdain some feel for any female character that likes shopping or is vain about their apperance and are urbane and not-outdoorsy. Those things don’t make a person weaker, no matter their gender.

I’m not your typical male fanboy that doesn’t know any women. I’m a gay man that has tons of female friends. I have close contact with many women who are smart and brave and independent and excel at their jobs. And many of those strong woman also are girly and like shopping and like to doll themselves up.

The Wasp was very cool in the 1980s because she was depicted as a team leader and a successful businesswoman that didn’t let a divorce end her life, AND she didn’t have to follow the cliched path of carrying big guns and become a outdoorsy woman who disdains anything “feminine” so that she would be seen as strong.

An no, I’m not saying women shouldn’t have guns or that there is anything wrong with women that hate shopping. Just saying that it’s not necessarily a terrible thing if we have a female character who ENJOYS shopping and likes to be a little silly sometimes, while still being a strong leader.

emma frost!?!?!?! wtf?!??!
What’s wrong with these people????

And I’d always prefer Veitch to Bissette.

And Wally West was the lamest New Teen titan by far.

Favorite New Teen Titan: I guess the fact that Jericho didn’t even make the list is somewhat indicitive of his popularity. He was always my favorite and I hate what they have done with him since bringing him back.

Emma Frost: Cyclops has become a much better character without his relationship with Jean making him act like an idiot. He left his wife and baby in Alaska, for God’s sake, and ran to start a new life with Jean once she came back (they later retconned it into being a manipulated decision, but at the time I remember thinking “what a douche”). Scott and Jean’s relationship ruined both characters much like Gambit and Rogue’s relationship has done with them.

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