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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 301

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

I was going to start this feature with #300, but #301 is fine, as well!

Here we’ll spend a couple of days looking at cool moments from Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier!

The series opens with a group of military men (the “Losers”) working to pick up a government agent, Rick Flagg, from a mysterious island filled with dinosaurs.

One by one, the Losers are killed off, but Flagg is found. Flagg and the remaining Loser, John Cloud, are about to leave, but Cloud refuses to depart. He insists on killing the T-Rex who killed his friends.

That gives us this…

I think we all know “the” moment, eh? Cooke even signed it, for crying out loud!

Great opening to this great work!


“Then I died, yet was somehow able to continue narrating…”

He doesn’t actually die until the explosion at the end.

I may now have to add this to my wish-list too!

Mr Cronin is costing me a lot of money…

I thought watching the movie would do, but no, this looks MUCH better…

Damn it…

This is my favorite comic book series ever, and just demonstrates so many of the things that I love about DC. This entire sequence shows why DC war comics are cool as hell(although I wish Unknown Soldier was featured instead, but the Losers are awesome as well.). That they left this sequence out of the animated movie is a travesty.

It’s a decent movie, but the comic is just terrific.

Guh, I still need to get my Absolute of New Frontier back from my buddy….I’ve only read through it once, and that’s not nearly enough.

Awesome awesome awesome why don’t I own this so awesome.

You’ve read it, though, right, Bill?

just to let y’all know, i found the original issues in a dollar bin & snapped them up.
Now, i’m a rich E-bay millionaire.
just sayin’….

[i really did find the issues in a dollar bin tho’]

i would not agree more for john cloud was determine to avenge his fellow losers and even as he was dieing he did it showing what a storyteller Dwayne is. and new frontier a classic in the making

Gotta agree with Mr. BlackJak…the movie was great, but this, this just oozes awesomeness. Adding to my Amazon wishlist now.

Totally bad ass.

I have to look up this series now.

A very cool secondary moment is the reveal that John Cloud’s memorial has been set up next to the other Losers’ prior to his going off to fight the T-Rex.

The Crazed Spruce

October 29, 2009 at 1:37 pm


This list is gonna be hell on my poor, beleaguered credit card….

I loved the movie, and suspected that the comic itself would be so much better. Thanks for proving me right.

I loved this one so much, I bought it twice. Got the singles and the Absolute Edition, which the most beautiful comic ever made.

God, what a wonderful series this was/is– it really made me appreciate the DC Universe in a way I never had (I grew up a Marvel Boy), and made me want to track down Mr. Cooke’s other work. Glad to hear you are going to spending another day on this series, Brian– so many great moments you could pull from it.

that was amazing.

And then there’s the dissenting opinion…

I finally read New Frontier a few months ago (having originally skipped it partly because I’m not into Cooke’s art style, and partly because it seemed like Yet Another Back To The Basics DC Superhero Yarn). I thought it was okay, but not exactly great or groundbreaking. (Both The Golden Age and Martian Manhunter: American Secrets work similar territory and are much better stories.)

One of my biggest criticisms was that I thought this whole prologue was superfluous, and slogging through it to get to the real story was pretty tedious.

Was this the best comic of the decade, or was ALL-STAR SUPERMAN?


October 29, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Was this the best comic of the decade, or was ALL-STAR SUPERMAN?

All Star Superman.

I don’t really get the fuss about New Frontier – it’s quite boring and directionless.
The action set pieces are good, and some of the character work is nice, but it’s a bit of a slog to actually get through.
I’ve only got the first volume, and every now and again I give it another shot, but by the time I get to the end, I just don’t want to read any more of the story.

I actually much prefer the animated film.

Yeah I agree with the dissenters, to an extent. I love Cooke’s art. Love. But I only liked New Frontier overall. Some of it was good, some very good. Some… not as. But that opening was just TOTAL DCU COMICS WIN – the Losers in the War That Time Forgot. DAh-yam! IMO nothing else in the story comes close (not much does).

I also have this as the single issues, purchased at full price when they
came out, and again in the Absolute Edition (picked up this month at a local convention at a discount). I wanted the Absolute for the additional material, and because I was reading my single issues to shreds.

I went back and picked up War That Time Forget issues of Star Spangled War Stories, and tried to get reading copies of Brave and Bold issues featuring Task Force X. The Showcase easily filled the gap on WTTF, but
the Task Force X are very pricey, even for reading copies. I suggest to Levitz at at the first NY Comic Con that they bring out the Task Force X as a trade paperback, but so far nothing (shows my clout!).

This is actually better than All Star Superman, in my opinion only, of course, simply because I’m a huge Flash fan.

New Frontier is one of those, sadly, real rarities in the comic book world. A stunningly good yarn, and pitch perfect art to match. The first time I read it I wasn’t a huge fan of Cooke art. But a second read, followed by a devouring of almost his whole oeuvre and lastly a meeting or two with the man himself has me convinced Darwyn Cooke is one finest talents the medium has ever known.

What a great moment in pop-art New Frontier has become.

What i liked about this book was all the time periods that were covered and how it all comes together. i actually didn’t love it [and still don’t], but i really appriciate it.
Also, it gives all the DC history a feel of it all being cool, which it may have been at the time, but looking back, it looks kinda silly.
So, for all of that, i really like this series, but wouldn’t buy the Absolute Edition.
If someone wants to give it to me however, i’ll take it.

I loved New Frontier, but it really kind of a “sum of its parts is greater than the whole” thing. The story is good, but there are so many great moments. This one is the best. (I’m hoping a certain bit from issue #2 will be featured. We’ll find out.)

The places where New Frontier excels are the art and the characterization. In fact, the only thing I don’t like is the covers…I had a terrible problem with the ink coming off on my hands for the first two issues. (Seriously. There’s visible fingerprints.)

I’ll give the edge to All-Star Superman in terms of its exploration of storytelling and the superhero genre as a device, but New Frontier is an exploration of absolute icons. Both are phenomenal works, and whoever said that the Golden Age is better is wrong. Wrong in terms of craft, and wrong in even bothering to compare them in that regard, because Golden Age is a gritty nod to an older era, while New Frontier is about a return to those simpler times without sacrificing quality.

The explorations of fear and the unknown, what it means to be an “American,” the alien individual/outsider and his role within that society, racism, love, hate, absolute terror, and the power of the masked stranger; there’s far too much to consider within New Frontier to dismiss it as an inferior work to nearly any other superhero story created. Ever.

I do love New Frontier, but I find myself enjoying looking at it more than reading it. The overall story didn’t grab me as much as a collection of very good moments.

I agree that I find The Golden Age a better read.

But Cooke’s art is just sublime.

The Absolute Edition of this series is quite possibly the best presentation of a comic story I’ve ever seen. The art really uses the large format to its advantage and the story works better as a single narrative rather than a serialized adventure.

My previous favorite ‘best presentation’ were the large glossy oversized TPBs of Matt Wagner’s Mage: The Hero Discovered from Starblaze — these things are almost 20 years old now.

As for Darwin Cooke, he’s one of the coolest guys you will ever meet inside or outside of comics. Period.

I agree about Mage! The foldout page alone.

I’m with the dissenters. I remember wanting to be amazed by this, but… well, it didn’t work for me. /Less/ than the sum of its parts, I thought. This piece, for example… it turns out SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER that Dinosaur Island is, itself, really a huge living monster, which the Justice League would later fight and destroy. So everything on it was doomed anyway,

The art was nice, but I just didn’t see the awesome.

Doug M.

Yeah, the Absolute Edition of this is probably the best presentation of a comic ever. Moreso than the other stuff that got the Absolute treatment, it’s really suited to the format, and the additional material is great. It helps that the comic itself is probably second only to All-Star Superman in terms of DC’s superhero output this decade, too.

I do remember being disappointed that a few grammar ‘errors’ made it into the Absolute edition, but I’ve noticed since then that they were just stylistic quirks of Cooke’s.

/Cory Youngblood

November 1, 2009 at 2:00 pm

I asked Darwyn cooke to autograph his favorite page in the book at Heroescon a couple of years ago. That image was his favorite.

“Then I died, yet was somehow able to continue narrating…”

I actually laughed out loud at this. Yeah, as Brian pointed out, it doesn’t quite work, but still.

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