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Speaking of Congratulations…

(which I just was, in case you missed it)

Congratulations, of a sort, to Greg Burgas for reaching his fifth anniversary with his solo blog, Delenda Est Carthago, at which point he decided to bow out from the solo blogging game.

Delenda Est Carthago is the blog Greg was doing when I asked him to blog here (he blogged about comics there, as well as history and popular culture).

So congrats, Greg! We’ll miss the site!


Hey… miniscule sums? Where are my miniscule sums? I demand to be as infinitesimal as Burgas!

Thanks, sir. It’s hard writing so much! I don’t know how you come up all the content for this site, but I’ll keep adding stuff here as long as you’ll have me!

great, now he’ll be posting more here…

I mean, Great! Now he’ll be posting more here!

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