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You Decide ’09 – Who is the Definitive Justice League Artist?

You know the bit – each day in October I’ll give you folks a poll question. Each poll will last four days. The results will be posted every Tuesday leading up to (and ending with) Election Day on the first Tuesday in November. Here is the master list of all questions asked so far!



This is the hardest choice yet.

I went Howard Porter, because his JLA brought me to the Justice League, and to the DCU, for a long while.

But Dillon, Perez and MacGuire? Tough to leave them out.

I voted for Dillin. Not a fan of his stuff overall, but he’s the first one I think of.

Hughes would be my personal favorite, though I also have a fondness for Sekowsky that I can’t quite explain.

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

October 29, 2009 at 10:03 am

I really want to say Maguire, but truth to tell, he’s more sui generis than franchise-defining. I’d go with Dillin, who really established the look of the series for a great many years.

I don’t own a single Perez issue of JLA and I still voted for him. ‘Cause he’s the first guy I thought of. Maybe it’s subconscious influence from JLA/Avengers, or the fourth issue of Teen Titans, or the whole Crisis thing, but he’s the guy I picture depicting these heroes. Guess that’s pretty definitive.

I want to vote for Mahnke or Hughes, but I think the definitive style of the league was established long before either graced the title. I went with Perez.

I suspect ‘definitive’ is going to end up being ‘favorite.’ But I went with Dick Dillin. You never get over your first, and Omar’s right — he set the tone, even more than Sekowsky.

Voted for Dillin. How could I not? Such an impressive run on the series (about 100 issues, right?) that ended only with his untimely death. Still, I suspect Perez will run, and I wouldn’t be surprised in Maguire places, given all the love for the bwah-ha-ha League.

Two more points, for whatever they’re worth: Porter’s underrated. And if Ed Benes is anywhere but in last place, I will cry.

I’m having a hard time with this one. JLI and Morrisons JLA and the Detroit stuff and the original issues are all such different creatures. Maguire’s art defines the JLI era, but I wouldn’t call him the definitive Justice League artist. I’m going to have to abstain. It’s easy to say Perez or Dillin but then you have to say “well, except for this era, this era and this era.”

Justice League means a lot of different things to different people (thus the uproar with Robinson’s new team line-up which looks fun, fresh and different to me, and as valid as anything else). I suppose it just means multiple things to me so I can’t pick a single artist that defines it as a whole.

Perez, no contest

As others have said, Maguire is the definitive JLI artist, but since JLI isn’t the definitive JLA.

I voted for Sekowsky, mainly because he came first and provided visuals for a lot of the traditional JLA enemies. I can see arguments for Dillin/Perez/Porter.

I came to the JLA with Maguire, Giffen and DeMatteis. Their JL[A,E,I] is my definitive Justice League. No question.

Porter? OMG! please, forget the 90s…. :)

Isn’t Perez the definitive artist of pretty much anything he draws?

Go to go with Perez. Used to love his art when i was a kid. 20 years later, still love it.

Kevin Maguire is the only artist that got me to buy the JLA because of the art, so he gets my vote.

That first issue of JLA on the spinner rack was what comic books were all about way back then and Mike Sekowsky’s artwork just made your hand reach out to get it. Dick Dillon did a great job also. Later artists may have been more realistic but just didn’t have that magic.

I went with Dillon, as he’s the first artist that popped into my mind… and that says definitive to me!

That said, I would say that Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez draws the definitive JLA, which is a little different.

Going with Perez here for the reasons dhole stated above. Perez’s stuff is good, clean, iconic, and distinct. Can’t go wrong there.

I was tempted to go with Porter because I agree that he was instrumental in reviving the iconic “Big 7″ JLA in the 90s. Having said that, Porter’s artwork always seemed to be a little dark, and I’m recalling the colors being a bit muddy (or maybe just dark) back then. There was always this shadowy overtone in his JLA that made the team not quite as colorful or bold as they should have been. Perez it is.

I grew up with Porter but when I think of the Justice League I think of Maguire’s art.

Mike Sekowsky’s stuff always looks very nice to me but I’ve just not seen enough of it.

I went with Howard Porter, because his style (at the outset, he slipped a bit in the latter issues) was so well-suited to what Morrison really brought to the fore in his JLA: fighting enormous, world beating threats. The kinetic, barely controlled nature of his work really meshed with the stories that were being told.

And, I must admit, he’s the guy who was drawing when I first read JLA. I think it was said above and I’ll agree with it: we’re going to see a lot of that here.

I cannot accurately express in words how wonderful of an artist Adam Hughes is,truely an amazing artist, nor can I relay the joy I get from a good Kevin MacGuire yarn. I reeeeally love these guys work. That being said George Perez is a comic GOD. FF, Avengers,JLA, TT, Crisis, Avengers again, Future Imperfect, Crimson Plague, Sachs and Violens, WW, Ultraforce, that crappy robot one that I can’t remember the name of, got ‘em all. Even got the chance to sit and chat with the man. Loved it.

Still Dick Dillin is the definitive Justice League of America artist. Period.

As much as I love Kevin Maguire, I voted George Perez.

He must have drawn every JLA/I/E member there ever has been…. or will be…

Perez was my favorite artist of these, and Maguire my favorite era. But definitive? Gotta be Dillin. And honestly he was pretty damn good.

Dillin is the only real answer

The only time I ever was compelled to read the book was when Maguire was on art. Perez is awesome, no doubt. But Maguire captured so many personalities in his art.

George Perez will always be my favorite artist of anything.
But, his tenure on JLA really wasn’t very long. A lot of his work on the book consisted of covers while Don Heck (and others) did the interiors.
So, as much as it pains me, I can’t vote for Mr. Perez on this one.

My vote goes to Dick Dillin.
If it wasn’t for his all too soon passing, he probably would have been on JLA for at least another 100 issues.

All the others have their places in JLA history, but none of them stand out more to me than Mr. Dillin.

I would say that the BEST is Kevin McGuire, but most definitive? Can’t be anyone but Perez.

Mike Sekowsky was the first. Dick Dillin was the longest [i believe]. George Perez was and is absolutely amazing. Kevin Maguire draws the world’s greatest expressions. Adam Hughes does some of the most beautiful work in comics. Howard Porter has a great dynamic style that worked for the times. Doug Mahnke has great composition & facial expressions. Ed Benes draws womens’ bottoms really, really nicely [and i know great girl butts!].

i have read through every era of JL-A/I/U/whatever & the correct answer is……

Dick Dillin! duh.


hard to call but had to final go with George for he showed what to me the characters should look like plus the only one so far who could make wonder woman not look crazy

Perez, Maguire, and Hughes are three of my favorite artists, but I had to vote for Dick Dillin. Nothing says “definitive” more than Dick’s lengthy tenure. The guy literally died in the middle of a JLA/JSA crossover.

The Crazed Spruce

October 29, 2009 at 1:29 pm

Maybe it’s just ’cause I really started reading comics in the early 80’s, but when I think of the Justice League, I always picture a Perez cover.

Dillin for me; not just my favorite JLoA artist, but truly was ‘definitive’.

And as great as Perez is, he makes me think of the Avengers.

It’s Maguire for me, because JLI is the best incarnation of Justice League and the only time it was really international.

George Perez is the definitive artist of everything.

Since “definitive” is not the same as “favorite,” it has to be Dillin. “Favorite” would be a tougher call, between Perez and Maguire.

Perez’s stuff is great, but at best he took JLA out for a few drinks. Dillin married it.

On an entirely different note, Superman looks so … excited on that Benes cover.

Agree with many of the above. Pérez is my favorite by far, but Dillin is the definitive Justice League artist, even if he got there after Sekowsky. For me, the definitive JLA era was the satellite, and that was almost all Dillin.

Maguire is my favorite of that bunch, but I had to choose Sekowsky, because he drew the book forever and his JLA is prominent in my mental hard drive (and I’ve barely read any of it!).

Wait, did Dillin draw JLA longer than Sekowsky? Where’s Scott when I need him to talk about Dick Dillin?

Dillin drew JLA the longest.

Porter, because when I think of the League, I think of the Morrison JLA. He might not be the best artist on the list, but he’s the one I associate most with the Justice League.


Because how could it not be?

-“I suspect ‘definitive’ is going to end up being ‘favorite.’ ”

Most likely, but not in my case. I voted for Dillin, because like the others said I think he established the “look” of the League better than anybody. However, he isn’t my favorite (and in fact, I found his art weak in spots, such as when trying to invent interesting-looking monsters); that would be George Perez, who truly blew me away when he took over the series.

I love anything Perez does with big groups, but I loved Dillin’s run.

I’ll say Maguire, even though I think Dillin should win. This is the first poll I’m voting a favorite over the answer I think is best, only because I want Maguire to have a respectable showing. (Not that he cares, I bet)

Dillin, Dick Dillin. Another vote please.

How could you not put Chuck Patton on here? For me, he is the look of the early 80’s JLA.

I don’t think “longest run” necessarily means “definitive run”.

So while Dillin was the artist when I was introduced to the JLA, and therefore holds a special place in my heart, I’m going with the artist who made the JLA look truly iconic and timeless: George Perez.

Dick Dillin, hands down, no question about it.

Dick Dillin was the JLA for me. I hated the Sekowsky reprints (what was with all the pointy toes on his characters?). It was a big charge to see Perez on the JLA back in the day but at the sad expense of Dillin’s untimely passing. The main thing a really good JLA artist needs to be able to do is…everything! Super hero action, sci-fi, horror, human drama and humor….Dillin could cover the bases without altering his own style.

Some of the first JLA stories I read were drawn by Dillin and until Morrison’s revitalisation in the ’90s, whenever I thought about the JLA, I would always think of the look established by Dilllin

Although he hasn’t ever drawn the ongoing (or any ongoing) I thought of Alex Ross.

I think it is hard to pick a definitive League anything. It’s not like the Avengers, where a classic line up is a given. Some like only the Big Seven, some like Morrison’s version. Some like the JLI, some like the Satellite era. In JLA/Avengers (and so many other works), Perez drew these different versions.

Dick Dillin is highly underated, and was the artist when I first started reading the book, Sekowsky looks like bad Kirby to me, and all his figures were the same. I have said before, the definitive JLA is Conway and Perez, as stated earlier, anything he draws he defines, he is just that damn good. I do believe Benes is not as bad as everyone seems to think he is, I would pick him over Sekowsky any day.

“Dillin drew JLA the longest.”

Didn’t know that. Looks like he’s getting credit for it.


That is a…

“Hold up! I’m happy for you Fury, and i’ll let you finish, but the Satelite JLA was the best JLA EVER!”

This is easy. Definitely NOT Ed Benes. The guy is a Turner/Silvestri clone without being as good as Turner or Silvestri.
One of the most over-rated artist ever. He’s the reason i stopped buying the current Justice League series after a mere three issues.
It’s between Perez and Porter for me…and it would have to be Porter (very close call, though..Probably because i loved his run with Morrison so much).

Favorite would be Hughes.
One I think of first would be Maguire
But in my mind Definitive, has to be Perez.

Eric L. Sofer, the Silver Age Fogey

October 30, 2009 at 4:24 am

SUCH a tough choice between Sekowsky and Dillin! I mean, both did their time and did a very respectable job representing… I guess I went with Dillin just because of the surrounding art besides the JLAers themselves, but in two minutes, I’d go with Sekowsky without a second thought.

Maybe it’s because of the effect of inkers. Sekowsky’s art was changed radically when Bernie Sachs wasn’t doing it any more and Sid Greene started (I seem to recall that Mr. Sachs caught a case of dead, which will greatly impinge on that output.) Dillin looked pretty solid and consistent whether inked by Giordano or McLaughlin.

I love George Perez’ work – LOVE it – but the dozen issues he did were not enough to be definitive. (I guess I’m violating everybody else’s vote by using “definitive” instead of “popular” when the word definitive is used…)

And by the way… what’s wrong with all you people who can’t spell Dillin without an “o”? For heaven’s sake, IT’S AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE! Nobody is that dumb!


Bryan Hitch is my favourite. I voted for Mike Sekowsky since Hitch wasn’t there.

I think Hughes, Maguire, and Manke are all incredible artists, and while I think they are the best on the list, I gotta go with Perez as definitive. In my head, I just associate him with the JL.

Honestly, I would have to say that I don’t think the JLA has a definitive artist. Perez, as at least one other person has said, really didn’t have that long a tenure on the JLA. I’m surprised at all the Dick Dillon love here, because, frankly, I’ve always hated his work. There are many, many issues in my collection that are just marred by his godawful pencils. Maguire was my pick; even though I don’t think JLI was the definitive JLA, it’s my favorite, and he was the one that really defined that series.

Citizen Scribbler

October 30, 2009 at 4:08 pm

SUCH a hard choice for this one!

Maguire is a favorite and so is Hughes but, from having read the first three archives of the Justice League and having been exposed to some reprints as a child, I’m really fond of Sekowsky’s work on the characters and their foes.

Dillon and Perez I’ve enjoyed, but I don’t get as excited over their Justice League art as the others.

I went with Maguire, because I would want to read a Justice League story by him the most, regardless of who was writing it.

-Citizen Scribbler

I have to admit I went with “favourite” and picked Adm Hughes. Dick Dillon is way before my time and outside JLA/avengers i’m not aware of Perez having done any JLA. That left the merely passable Joward Porter or Kevin Maguire. Maguire seemed too stuck to a particular quirky Justice League so I went with Hughes (who I know is from the same era bi is much more flexible)

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