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We’re just all about congratulations this week!

Rock on Christine Valada! She’s been tearing it up on Jeopardy! since Monday.

Julie and I are huge nerds and we love Jeopardy! so it’s been really fun for us watching Mrs. Len Wein continue to hammer her opposition… especially since a three-day total of around $36,000 will probably go a long way towards restoring their home after the disastrous fire not too long ago. Check your local listings and tune in tonight, and let’s hope her winning streak continues!

In other news, we’re taking some students along to the upcoming Seattle Comic-Card show and we will be seeing Mr. Wein there, which should be a lot of fun. I’m rooting around in the archives to see if I have anything on this list. I need to thin the herd anyway and this is certainly a good cause. I encourage you folks out there to do the same.


She’s been great. The first and third game particularly when she pulled out such strong and dramatic finishes, the studio audience really got behind her (as much as possible when they are required to be silent for much of the show).

Yeah, last night was a squeaker, we were so delighted when she pulled out the win that we actually yelled out loud. Scared the cat, even.

I had a friend, Larry Taylor, who was on Jeopardy a few years back. I was sitting at my parents’ house, and he was on…I couldn’t believe it, as I rarely watch Jeopardy.

“That’s my friend Larry!” I said. “He used to dress as Harpo Marx every Halloween!!”

Just then, the following exchange took place: ALEX: “Well, Lawrence…I understand that you wanted to be a circus clown when you were a little boy.” LARRY: “That’s right Alex, but I became a lawyer instead. But every Halloween I still dress up as Harpo Marx!”

I had the same feeling that one would have if a cop pulled over the jerk that had been driving like a nitwit.

I had no idea this was happening. Cool.

Woohoo! She won again — she’s at something like $67,000 total now.

Yeah, it was a great win.

Although I can’t believe that that dude didn’t know the answer to Final Jeopardy. Really, dude? You never heard of Proof OR Doubt?

Well, she lost tonight, but still, four days is respectable, and nearly $68,000 is certainly a nice package to be going home with.

Apparently, Christine is on ABC’s Nightline tonight as well, some kind of Jeopardy! backstage piece. 11:30 PM … about twenty minutes from now, for you east coast folks.

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