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Here Are Some Lists Of Comic Book Things

That’s all I’m promising you, all you’re getting, and all you are allowed to complain about in the comments section.

Top 21 Essential Marvel Runs I’ve Read:*
1. Wolfman and Colan Tomb Of Dracula
2. Lee, Kirby, and Sinnot Fantastic Four
3. Gerber, Brunner, Colan, and Infantino Howard the Duck
4. Lee and Romita, and friends Amazing Spider-Man
5. Lee and Ditko Dr. Strange
6. Lee and Ditko Amazing Spider-Man
7. Claremont and Smith Uncanny X-Men
8. Claremont, Cockrum, and Byrne Uncanny X-Men**
9. Duffy and Gammil Power Man/Iron Fist
10. Gerber and Sal Buscema Defenders
11. Lee and John Buscema Silver Surfer
12. Gerber, Kane, Sal Buscema, and friends Marvel Two In One
13. Lee, Kirby, Steranko, Colan Captain America
14. Lee, Kirby, Ditko, Severin; just the whole bullpen, okay? Hulk
15. Thomas and Windsor-Smith Conan
16. Lee, Severin, and Everrett Dr. Strange
17. Fleisher and Leialoha Spider Woman
18. Thomas, Colan, and friends Dr. Strange***
19. Lee, Thomas, Kirby, Toth, Roth X-Men****
20. Monech and Trempe Godzilla
21. Lee, Kirby, Heck Ant Man*****

Top 21 Characters I’d Pay For As DLC In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
1. Hercules
2. She-Hulk
3. The Falcon
4. Blade******
5. Molly Hayes/Princess Powerful
6. Beast
7. Nightcrawler
8. Black Widow
9. Captain Britain
10. War Machine
11. Namor
12. Bullseye
13. Stan Lee
14. Beta Ray Bill
15. Machine Man
16. Sleepwalker
17. Gorrila Man
18. Shadowcat
19. Amadeus Cho
20. Daken*******
21. Cannonball

15 Favorite DC Comics Runs By Writer
1. JLA by Morrison
2. Batman by Miller
3. Batman by O’Neil
4. All Star Superman by Grant Morrison
5. Fourth World by Kirby
6. Manhunter by Goodwin
7. Batman by Morrison
8. The Flash by Waid
9. Justice League International/Europe by Giffen and DeMatties
10. Robin by Dixon
11. 52 by Johns, Rucka, Morrison, and Waid
12. Orion by Simonson
13. Batman by Wolfman***********************************
14. Animal Man by Morrison
15. Detective Comics by Grant

11 Favorite Indie/Non-Superhero/Slice of Life Graphic Novels
1. Locas by Jaime Hernandez
2. Ice Haven by Dan Clowes
3. 32 Stories by Adrian Tomine
4. American Splendor by Harvey Pekar and friends (the one with Paul Giamatti on the cover that tied in to the movies and was like a greatest hits; I was bitterly disappointed with “the Quitter”)
5. Ghost World by Dan Clowes
6. From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell
7. Same Difference by Derek Kirk Kim
8. Stagger Lee by by Derek McCulloch and Shepherd Hendrix
9. The Eternal Smile by Gene Luen Yang and Derek Kirk Kim
10. Jimmy Corrigan by Chris Ware*x/2
11. Louis Riel by Chester Brown*V*

*Do not say “You forgot!” Just don’t. These are all the Essentials I’ve ever read. If it’s not here, I either read it in another format, don’t have it yet, or don’t care.
**Yes, I consider this all one run.
***I don’t like this run at all, but I consider it just not for me.
****I count this all as one (crappy) run. The only redeeming quality of this collection is the Bruce Timm cover. The X-Men didn’t get good until Thomas and Adams got a hold of them. Unless Arnold Drake’s run was better than I expect. That’s my big hole in the X-Men. Yes, I’ve read the ’90s. I grew up then. In theory.
*****I read Ant Man’s origin and realized I never wanted to read another Hank Pym Ant Man story ever again, so this really shouldn’t count, and is also why I hate Hank Pym (so much!) and think he should die in a fire.
******Only if his costumes are from Captain Britain and MI-13 and Tomb of Dracula, though.
*******So I could send him charging to his death while I laugh. Or, as I call it, “the Gambit Method”
*********************************** I forgot that Marv wrote Batman when I was a youngin’, and introduced one of my childhood faves, Tim Drake. Man, I’m kind of sad with what they’ve done to poor Tim Drake, even if I like Damien as Robin a lot. So, anyway, something else of his I like besides ToD.
*x/2 I mean, it leaves me cold and I will never read it again, but it is a technical marvel. I will never doubt that Ware’s a master craftsman, I just don’t enjoy his work. Craft only goes so far in my book if I wish your lead characters would all be eaten by Devil Dinosaur.
*V* I stopped reading it before the end, but what I read was great!


Tom Fitzpatrick

November 1, 2009 at 9:20 pm

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong, good or bad, is what I say.

You go, man.

I didn’t think Stan did Doctor Strange with anybody besides Ditko. You didn’t accidentally write Lee instead of say, Roy Thomas or somebody, did you?
I’m fully aware that I may be quite wrong on this.

You seem to have read much more sixties stuff than I have. I think the Ditko Spider-Man is the only run from that decade that I’ve read all of.

You can’t be all bad if’n you rate Simonson’s Orion, which all right-thinking individuals do.

I think he wrote Doc until the end of Essential Strange, but that’s off the top of my head. Maybe Roy jumped in at the end? I’m not sure.

Bill: All bad? I thought you and me were pretty similar, taste wise, give or take a Dollhouse here or there. What did I do to you? That said, yes, if you don’t like Walt’s Orion, you are no friend of mine. FACT!

Glad to see some love for Stagger Lee, one of the best works in years.

Man, I like Ice Haven too, but #2? That seems really high, unless you just haven’t read many ” Indie/Non-Superhero/Slice of Life Graphic Novels.” (ewwww, the “G-N” word)

I can’t help but think that the “Indie/Non-Superhero/Slice of Life Graphic Novels” list is missing a few things:
– Elk’s Run
– Nightly News
– Scott Pilgrim

…just to pull three off the top of my head.

Which Captain Britain costume would you want to download, though??

Wait, for your 11 Favorite Indie/Non-Superhero/Slice of Life Graphic Novels, one of them you don’t like and another you didn’t finish? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have a Top 9? Or change the list to The 11 Indie/Non-Superhero/Slice of Life Graphic Novels I Have Read at Least Some Of?

Have you read any Gilbert Hernandez stuff? Jaime’s work is great, and Beto’s work is great in a very different way. If you haven’t, go go go don’t walk run and get it all. If you have but don’t like it, well, at least you liked put Tomb of Dracula at #1.

Wanting Chris Ware’s characters to be eaten by Devil Dinosaur is one of the things I love about his work so much. At least as far as Jimmy Corrigan is concerned. I don’t hate Rocket Sam as a character, and some of those strips are extremely funny.

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

November 2, 2009 at 8:52 am

I’m really confused about which Ant-Man origin story you read, as he sort of has two: “The Man in the Ant-Hill,” which is a standard 1950s BN-movie sci-fi thing introducing Pym, and then the first Ant-Man story, where he adopts the costume because the Commies killed his wife. (Actually, it’s one of the creepier such stories, given the fate of many who did go back home after the Soviet takeover.)

Neither is a great story, true, but I’m not sure what’s so eminently hateable about them either.

Are you saying that Pym has a dead wife? Because that seems odd, as he never mentions it again, to my knowledge. Even his wikipedia entry, which describes that story, doesn’t note her.

Pym’s first wife, Maria, was mentioned in Avengers #227, when he gave his life history to some guy while he was in jail. And she formed a major part of the plot of West Coast Avengers #33-36. She was revealed to be alive at the end of that story, but it was such a stupid plot twist that someone got smart and had it revealed as a hoax by AIM a short time later in Solo Avengers (I can’t remember which issue).

Heh, that’s almost funny. It’s gotta be one of the fastest “…And I’m over it” s in the history of comics. In a medium where Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, The Punisher, Daredevil, and dozens of others are agonizing over the death of loved ones for decades, it seems like Pym was fine in a coupla days, Marvel time.

I can’t decide if that makes him more or less emotionally healthy, but it certainly puts a whole new spin on his wife-smacking days and his current, dedicating-myself-to-Jan’s-memory persona.

Sooooo, why didn’t you read Louis Riel to the end if yu were enjoying it?

(I’ve yet to read it myself, just curious.)

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

If Herc DOES make it to MUA2, I hope all his attacks are just sound effects.

I really need to read more Essentials. I’ve only read the first four volumes of Claremont’s X-Men and the first volume of the Silver Surfer, all of which were excellent. I do plan on picking up Spidey and Howard the Duck. And given the way people go on about it, I may have to grab Tomb of Dracula. I don’t know if I’d want to read Ditko’s Strange without colours.

My top DC comics runs would be quite different. In particular, Animal Man would be number one, but each to their own.

Of your indie list, I’ve only read From Hell (which is brilliant), Ghost World (which is good) and some of American Splendor (it’s on my shelf and I need to give it another try). I still need to pick up Jimmy Corrigan. Have you read Black Hole? That would probably make my top 10.

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