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One Sentence And A Grade Dark Reign: The List: The Punisher: The Review

So that’s why they’re doing a Frankencastle storyline. A+++++ A couple more thoughts under the fold.

What I liked best about this issue, beyond John Romita Jr. rendering Dokken Daken slicing Frank’s arms off in cutlets, was that the Punisher finally met a super being who he couldn’t cheat to win against. He fought dirty, but Wolverine’s bastard son was not playing. I almost don’t want Frank to steam roll him flat like he did his dad in that one Ennis comic now. Almost.

So, yeah, mark me down for Frankencastle, Marvel and Rick Remender. Angel Punisher comparisons will be ignored. Well, all your comments will be ignored; not out of spite, I’m just gonna not read the internet tomorrow if I can help it.


Lot of people talking about this but I hear no mentions of Punisher #10 which, in my opinion, was almost equally important. Because, y’know, Frank kills his family.

Punisher #10 was fucked up too, I can’t believe Remender is getting away with some of this stuff.

I agree..it was kinda nice seeing what would happen if he fought one of these super powered killing machines and didn’t have plot armor on.

crap. Now I gotta go read both of these comics.

I’m sorry, but I think it’s crap. I’ll just save these dollars until they fix what they screwed up here. Hopefully, the MAX line will continue so that I can still enjoy a good Punisher title.

Is Punisher only acceptable to Disney as a zombie? What the hell were they thinking here? In fact, this whole Dark Reign thing is starting to reek of a Clone Saga. END IT ALREADY!

It’s the most stupid move I’ve seen since……. oh my, Punisher the Angel. Yeah, that one worked out real well.


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