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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 307

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

The look at Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier continues!

There’s a lot going on here in this moment from New Frontier #4, so let me see if I can explain it all…

1. Hal Jordan is trying to be part of this space mission that Rick Flagg is doing. He gets scrubbed by Flagg. Jordan is naturally pissed.

2. Flagg’s rocket (now flown only by Flagg and Karin Grace) has a malfunction, and is now drifting back towards Earth and certain death upon re-entry.

3. People don’t know that the rocket is filled with all sorts of nasty stuff designed to kill Martians. If it explodes in the Earth’s atmosphere, well, that’s bad.

4. First, Flagg apologizes to Hal, telling him that during World War II, Flagg was in a squadron with King Faraday (the fellow in charge of the space mission), Ace Morgan (of the Challengers of the Unknown) and Martin Jordan, Hal’s father. Flagg scrubbed Hal because he knew the odds of surviving the mission were slim, and he saved Hal for his father.

5. Out of nowhere, Ace Morgan and his Challengers come up with an attempt to save Rick and Karin from their rocket, not knowing that in doing so, they would be dooming Earth (as the rocket would explode in Earth’s atmosphere with no one to keep it from doing so).

6. So King Faraday is killing in the big guns…

It’s hard to pick THE moment out of this sequence. What do you folks think? Superman flying away with the Challengers? Rick and Karin exploding the rocket? The final shot of Faraday at their graves?


The movie really gave up one even trying to develop Faraday’s character beyond “G-man”.

Personally I’d put the whole sequence as one big moment. Even a bloodied Superman smashing a giant robot in Japan was cool as.

Simply amazing. Breathtaking artwork. Story’s wonderful. I’ve only read it once, but the past few days are making me pick it up again. I wish Darwyn Cooke would do another superhero story of this magnitude.

so many moments to pick but i went with Faraday at the grave site a touch of poetic saddness and faraday regreting he ran out of time to show how much he cared for rick and karin.

The page full of the awesome Superman. That, by jing, is what Superman is for.

The moment is definitely Karin and Rick together.

Faraday is such an awesome character.

Flag and Karin detaching their helmets was pretty cool.

Agreed – though I think the most perfect panel that sums up that scene is the two of them enjoying the old age that was not to be, sitting and enjoying the fall colors by the lake.

Can we all just agree to count this whole series as one big “Cool Comic Book Moment”?

dave stewart’s colors are on another level…

I really want to like this series, and as much as I’m liking the artwork, something about it just doesn’t click for me. I’m not too wild about the dialogue, so maybe it’s that…but still, it’s gorgeous to look at, at least.

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