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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 311

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

We’re almost done with New Frontier moments! There are still a few more to come, but this one might be the most famous moment from the whole series…

Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier #6 opens with a bunch of heroes being collected for the great fight against the evil monstrous villain the heroes now all face…

We get a very cool introduction to Adam Strange and Ray Palmer…

Then we see the pair introduced to the other famous DC scientists…

Leading to their plan – a bunch of warplanes will attack The Centre to distract it. Then a few bombers are going to sneak in close to drop a couple of nukes on the alien, hopefully leaving it so distracted that it will not be able to stop the Flash from surrounding it with Ray Palmer’s shrinking device…

Now we get the preparation for the battle, and Hal Jordan shows up!

Finally, THE moment – the “slow walk” (click to enlarge)…

Sooooo awesome.


I can hear the music swelling!

I dunno, I’m rather fond of the Eureka moment with dueling pipes.

got to go with the walk the gathering of heroes ready to go into battle do or die. darwyn showing how well he can do groups of heroes united.

Adam Strange being in Arkham is so freaking brillant

Looks like Arkham Asylam is okay with subscribing to Scientific American for at least one of their patients…

I think Brian has mentioned that Adam Strange’s superpower is in his head. This can be called another example as he gets to say “exactly” before the other guys.

I second Mangir – I love the pipes jaunting up at an elevated angle as Doc Magnus and Prof from the Challs say “Exactly” simultaneously. Maybe because I’m a nerdy physics prof with a pipe, but I love that scene. I think its then that the Centre is doomed – once the plan is in place, the only question is can they execute the plan with minimal loss of life?

cmh – I think that the Dr. at Arkham subscribed to Scientific American, and as Adam Strange was definitely one of the less violent inmates, she lent it to him to read.

Adam Strange should be used more in the DC universe as a tactical genius – there’s no other reason Rann would need him so often otherwise, as everyone on Rann has jetpacks and rayguns.

The Walk is great, but I also liked Hal’s line, “Let’s cook that son of a bitch.”

A joke followed by a massive “f*** yeah!” moment in a DC comic released after 2000? Amazing.


I know this was somewhat alluded to in 52, as once Strange returns to Rann, the city is under attack by flame creatures and helpless. Strange is asked for help and says with exasperation something like “all you have to do is cut off their oxygen…”


You know, for Rann being this advanced civilization and all – first they screw up the Zeta ray, wherein what is intended to be a communication beam becomes a teleportation beam after passing through some interstellar dust, and really – is there ever any problem on Rann that they can handle WITHOUT Adam Strange’s help. I’m sure he would like to pop up on Rann and have a date night with Alana, and not have her constantly bring up the Honeydew list (Honey, Do you think you can stop the giant robots attacking the city? Honey, do you think you could keep the giant razor blade from slicing the planet in half (What?!!!!)).

Y’know, this really reminds me of that Warren Ellis Authority storyline, from the end of his run. That “house cleaning” line is almost the same (not that it’s plagiarized or anything, just an odd coincidence).

umm everything is fine but where is GOD-d-a-m-n-BATMAN?

Mike, I thought the same. Also, Cooke’s using the ” widescreen ” layouts that made the Authority so influential, but unlike most widescreen artists, he has a really simple and understated style ( instead of being a hyper-rendered like Hitch, Cassaday, or Quitely– no offense to them ).

That last two-page spread always gives me goosebumps in spots where I didn’t think you could get goosebumps.

/Cory Youngblood

November 9, 2009 at 7:11 pm

I didn’t notice it before I saw this last page again, but Captain Atom is in there too! Nathaniel Adam, that is…

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