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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 312

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

For those of you who are not a fan of the New Frontier moments, be glad, there are only three more to go! For those of you who are a fan of the New Frontier moments, be sad, there are only three more to go.

In Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier #6, the “Centre,” the malevolent telepahthic monster that is attacking the Earth, is having trouble with the fighter planes attacking it. It still manages to send creatures from itself to attack the mainland, so the earthbound heroes are still in trouble, especially “powerless” folks like Jimmy Olsen…

Then we see a pivotal moment in the life of J’onn J’onnz, who saved King Faraday’s life earlier in the series and now that J’onn is attacked by the Centre, Faraday has the chance to repay the favor…

How awesome was Martian Manhunter there?

Anyhow, as for “the” moment, I go with Jimmy Olsen seeing Wonder Woman, but the intro of the Martian Manhunter and the whole “today WE will triumph” bit is a tough competitor. What do you folks think?


Tough call. They’re both great, but I’d have to give the edge to Martian Manhunter. Just barely, though.

Wait, back up… there are people who *don’t* like the New Frontier moments?

Only 3 more? Thank god.

New Frontier was passable for me, but no more.

J’onn is at his early Silver Age best here. Too bad about Faraday, though. I’ve always liked him and hate seeing a cool character die in any continuity.

I did like Diana’s “hola!” That was fun.


As someone who loves “A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments” for the chance to get exposed to really great stuff I may have missed the first time around, having 15 days straight featuring the same 6 issue limited series is getting kind of old.

Okay, okay, I’ll go buy New Frontiers. You convinced me already. Sheesh. Are you going to close out the entire year with New Frontier moments, or are you almost ready to wrap them up?

i would have to go with both for wonder woman showing her warrior side and jimmy like any one else being amazed at her beughty and also Martian Manhunter getting riled up over Faraday’s sacrfice and vowing today we will truimph

JoeMac, he says above, at the very beginning, that there are only 3 left to go.

Personally, I hope that if we’re going to continue in the vein of superhero stories that we get 15 All-Star Superman moments next. :D

Can I make a pitch for Robinson’s Golden Age series to get some cool moments? I mean, New Frontier was the thematic (albeit not official) sequel to that series, so I’d love to see the original get some nods as well.

“those of you who are not a fan of the New Frontier moments”

Deliver these heathens unto me and I shall smite them!!!

3 more for New Frontier, eh? Ok. I’ll deal. But then I throw a gauntlet-How about some cool Star Wars moments? Marvel or Dark Horse, I’m easy either way. What say you?

Re-reading this sequence makes me ship Jimmy and Wonder Woman :P

And I love the way Cooke draws the Martian Manhunter in his non-human form – I wish he always looked like that, his normal appearance is too goofy!

Stealthwise, ya got me. I stopped reading these New Frontier posts after the second or third and just kinda scan them now, since I don’t want to have too much given away before I go out and buy it one of these days.

Three more? I was hoping for a Sgt. Rock moment on Wednesday…you know, Veteran’s Day?

Three more? I was hoping for a Sgt. Rock moment on Wednesday…you know, Veteran’s Day?

Doesn’t have to be consecutive moments. ;)

Well tomorrow is the Marines birthday, not sure if there is a Marine comic moment out there somewhere for you to find(for the record Marine Corps birthday is the 10th in case the tomorrow is too vague)

Us former(there is no such thing as ex-) Marines would appreciate it if you did find one(or not we would understand)

great series(year of cool comic book moments that is) by the way, I just wished it didn’t have to end.

Martian Manhunter for the Win!

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