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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 314

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

A commenter wanted me to celebrate the 234th anniversary of the United States Marine Corps, so fine, I’ll take a break from the last New Frontier moment to show you a moment featuring one of the toughest marines in comics, Frank Castle, in a moment from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s Punisher: Born (the story of Castle in Vietnam – do note that it is explicit content)

I don’t think this needs much set-up, except that it is narrated by one of the men in Frank’s unit…

Pretty damn hardcore right there.


That book is full of great moments!

And this is why Ennis’ Punisher is the only one I’ve ever liked; he’s not a heroic figure, or even a misunderstood anti-hero, just a cold-blooded killer. That said, I didn’t enjoy Punisher MAX as much as the Marvel Knights version, because the comedy characters in MK Punisher like Soap were able to keep it from being at this level of despair every month.

Worst episode of “Gomer Pyle, USMC” ever.

that moment proved why the punisher is some one one would not want to cross in a dark alley in the marvel universe for not even enemy soliders are safe from franks wrath.

Whoa, who inked and colored this? That looks pretttttttty good.

Ennis’ Punisher– definitely one of the best comics of the decade. Would love to see a couple Punisher MAX moments before the year is out. Particular that one in Mother Russia. You know the one.

Also: If you’re looking for some more military-based stuff, there’s gotta be something awesome in Jason Aaron’s The Other Side.

F*ckin Punisher, man.

Born was great. The idea that the Punisher had an already warped psyche that was hammered just that little extra bit out of joint by Vietnam makes him so much more compelling than his much more generic Batman origin.

Love me some Frank Castle but I miss the “mercy bullets”

p.s. “Marine” is always capitalized when speaking of a member of the USMC

I want Ennis to write a video game. Call of Duty: Nam. Make it hard core, make it Ennis.

Would be amazing.

I love this mini, and that’s not even the best moment by far. Ennis’s Punisher could literally have an entire month of cool moments and still be missing some.

That is how war works. You stand up straight as an arrow and kill every enemy without getting a scratch?

Looks like a scratch on his arm there, Casey. Or something.

You’re right, I missed that. Still it’s more of a stupid moment than a cool one.

Born would have been perfect if not for that stupid retcon that had the Devil’s (?) voice speaking to Frank , urging him to give in to his more violent urges and warning him that his family would be the price for a “war that never ends”. Ennis should know better. Bringing anything supernatural into a Punisher comic never works. I’m looking at you Franken-Castle!

Daniel O' Dreams

November 11, 2009 at 2:16 pm

I think the point is that this is NOT how war usually works. It’s supposed to show that Frank was; something special, unstoppable and STONE COLD BATSHIT CRAZY, even before his family was killed.

I’d say that the bigger flaw in the story for me was the fact that he conned an innocent Officer into being killed by a sniper. Sure, he was a dick but if the Punisher went around killing people for just being asses then he’d never get around to the mob.

I never warmed to Punisher. Well, he isn’t a very warm character. And I was prepared to not like this moment, but I gotta admit that is pretty compelling and exciting in a hardcore kind of way. Yep, it is that for sure. However, compared to the war comics I am most familiar with, and naturally enough think are the finest of them all, this moment falls short. Nobody captures wars weariness and haggardness and hellishness as Joe Kubert and his DC war titles. Sgt. Rock may not have been as explicit or hardcore or outright edgy, but in his own inimitable way his tales were more brutal, his look more authentic, his aesthetic more miserable, and above all, his sensibility more war torn and weary. Nobody did war like Kubert. Compared to Rock, Frank Castle actually has an aura of the squeaky clean. He fights a mean war, but if his pages are splattered in red, his war is curiously bloodless seeming. Rock wears the real muck, Castle, ripe for the video game, whatever the pixels fancy.

Sure, benday-dot, but Rock wasn’t a Marine, and I needed a Marine!

Wanted to go back reading some Punisher… I guess I’ll go with Ennis… Please stop posting all those cool moments, I don’t know what to buy anymore!!!… I mean, I know what to buy, just don’t know how to prioritize the expenses… ^^

Wow, Frank is such a bad-ass I almost swooned at the end there.

I’m sorry, but, are you kidding?
This was just crap. Glorifying soldiers who liked to kill Vietnamese, that is just disturbing and wrong. And Frank Castle standing up with an M-60 with snipers all around… real life doesn’t work that way. How could they shoot a guy in the head while he was prone but miss a guy standing up AND shooting a heavy machine gun from the hip?? Because the writer was a goddamn moron. Bad enough it’s stupid crap, it’s an obvious rip off of Chuck Norris in ‘Missing in Action’.
Ennis and Robertson were just desperate to make Frank Castle larger than life, and the result reads like an embarrassing fan-fic.

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