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Welcome, Kelly Thompson!

Let’s have a big welcome to Kelly Thompson, who is going to be doing a new regular column for the blog.

Kelly is a writer and artist who has a neat blog called 1979 Semi-Finalist. She also writes for the TV review blog, The Best Shows You’re Not Watching.

Kelly’s column is called “She Has No Head!” and mostly centers on women in comics. It will run on Mondays!

Welcome, Kelly!


Women in comics – nifty!

Welcome, Kelly.

I just checked out the latest posts on 1979 and i have to say think Kelly will fit right in. Welcome!

Great to have another Female point of view.
Just checked out the blog & it was pretty kool.
Welcome aboard & hope you survive the experience!

” welcome to the blog, Kelly, hope you survive the experience! ”

Well, someone had to put it like that…

Even though I don’t agree with everything this blog says…it’s still my favorite blog and I look forward to having more to look forward to! WELCOME KELLY! Maybe we can see some Wonder Woman love and discussions!

Welcome, Kelly! Can’t wait to read your columns!

Just out of curiousity, are we talking about women characters or women creators?

Hey, cool, welcome Kelly, indeed.

There’s not enough women writing, drawing, reviewing, or blogging comics.

Welcome aboard.

Just out of curiousity, are we talking about women characters or women creators?


Seriously, though, women characters, women creators, anything and everything.

Ew! More girls!

The fact that her blog is named after a great song by The Bad Plus makes me think I will probably enjoy her posts very much.


Come to think of it, I love Comics Should Be Good! Thanks for helping, everybody!

She is a badass. I’ve been reading her blog since she was doing a daily comic. Looking forward to her first post on CSBG.

Thanks everyone for the amazing welcome – I hope I can do it justice.

And to APODACA – I wish I could give out some kind of prize – you are literally the first person EVER to get that my blog is named after The Bad Plus’ song 1979 Semi-Finalist.

[…] got an amazing offer last week from Brian Cronin over at CBR’s Comics Should Be Good to start contributing to their fantastic and wildly popular blog.  I, of course giddily accepted, […]

Welcome to the ever-growing CSBG team!

At this rate, maybe CBR will become a sub-section of CSBG instead?


This is super exciting. I have know Kelly since we studied together at SCAD in the Sequential Art department. She has always had a point of view that would have been sorely lacking without her presence. Both in the classroom, in her cartooning and in her blog. This is such a great opportunity for her and for avid readers of CBR…which I am one.

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