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The Top 75 Most Iconic Covers in DC History – Day 12

Okay, in case you didn’t see the introduction, the concept is that each day up to and including the 23rd of November, I’ll be posting four iconic covers from DC Comics’ 75-year history. On the 23rd, you folks will get a chance to pick your Top 10 out of the 90 choices. I’ll tabulate the votes and I’ll debut the Top 75 Most Iconic Covers in DC Comics History on November 30th. In the meantime, feel free to e-mail me (bcronin@comicbookresources.com) with suggestions for covers for me to use!

Here’s the next four covers! And click here for the master list of all the covers posted so far!


No one can mess with #4.

I reading is that they’re stacked in ascending iconicity (not a word according to my spell check, but y’all know what I mean…). The Garcia-Lopez is well- it’s Garcia-Lopez, so of course it’s beautiful, but beyond that?…; the Swamp Thing is memorable but I don’t know about iconic; the Wonder Girl is pretty iconic for the character, and has been homaged at least once; the Byrne Superman? That mofo screams iconic, no question there.

I’d say The Anatomy Lesson is THE Swamp Thing cover.

They’re in no order.

Well, except that I intentionally split the two Superman covers up.

But otherwise, no order.

I have to go with 4, first comic I ever read.

2 is pretty iconic as well.

I’ve guessing that cover is for The Rites of Spring. Classic story and a good cover, but I don’t particularly recognise it. I certainly wouldn’t call it iconic.

The Man of Steel is the only real contender here, and I’m sure Christopher Reeve did a poster like that first

Since when does Clark Kent wear an orange tie?

In fact, all of the colors on the Man of Steel cover look kinda off.

First cover: too sappy.
Second cover: the most iconic cover of them ALL. (maybe)
Third cover: too old for me.
Fourth cover: the second most iconic cover of the rest. (kudos to Byrne)

all are good including the first appearance of wonder girl. but had to go with swamp thing. since the art is so breathtaking and it shows swampy and Abby embracing each other.

Of course the Swamp Thing cover is gorgeous. But look at Superman (of Earth-2) and Lois getting married! Art by José Luis Garcia-Lopez! Witty visual reference to the first appearance of Supes picking up a car! Delightful.

As much as I love three, and I do, I’m actually gonna have to go with two. The seminal cover of the seminal run. I realize the same can be said for Byrne’s Supes, but as far as Supes covers there has already been at least three Supes cover on this list that are far more iconic. LOVE me some José Luis Garcia-Lopez but this is hardly his best/ most iconic cover.

I’m on the fence about the first one;the other three are definitely iconic.

So between Mary Jane and now Donna Troy, I have to ask- was it THAT common to call guys “Tiger” in the sixties…?

LOVE me some José Luis Garcia-Lopez but this is hardly his best/ most iconic cover.

What do you think is his most iconic cover?

Byrne’s Superman is the real Superman for me. Always will be. First time Superman felt like a person to me, not just a story device.

The cover rocks too.

That Man of Steel cover is the only really iconic one in this bunch, I think.

Also, I think a lot of people here are confusing “iconic” and “good”. Yes, that Swamp Thing cover is very, very nice. No, it’s not iconic. The only Swamp Thing cover that could really be considered iconic is the very first one from House of Secrets.

I love that in addition to bullet-stopping bracelets, Wonder Girl also needed preteen-girl bead bracelets. Because bracelets that stop bullets aren’t enough.

just the last 2 for me

Brian, personally one of my favorite covers ever (one of the one’s I have displayed on a wall in my mancave/basement/gameroom) is The Untold Legend of the Batman #2 . The book itself is little known the cover image is awesome!


Why any cover other than #4 is being considered on this list, I don’t understand. The first is for an event, the second is just way cool, but hardly iconic. Donna Troy, yes, it’s a design that’s been used, but unless this is the one that is first or the most thought of when the design is considered (GS X-Men 1), it doesn’t belong here.

The Garcia-Lopez Action cover is wonderful, beautiful, iconic and again draws me back to my earliest collecting days and the excitement it generated!

Just to be clear (based on some of the comments above):

– that Swamp Thing cover is NOT from the “Anatomy Lesson” storyline; and
– that Teen Titans cover is NOT the first appearance of Donna Troy/Wonder Girl (it’s just the first appearance of her new costume/look).

I like how the side kicks react to wonder girls new costume in fear.

Speedy: What, how the fuck is she sparkling?

Kid Flash:Does she really think she’s suprising us when we saw her run through that poster from behind?

Robin: Batman, hold me in your tight arms.

I was wondering if that Swamp Thing one would show up. It is certainly a classic.

And the Man of Steel one had to be on this list somewhere.

Good choices!

Anyone else think it’s strange that Superman keeps showing up on these covers? Anyway, I’m all for #1 and #4, there. I’ve never even seen that Donna Troy cover before. I would also agree that the Swamp Thing cover is less iconic than just plain purty.

You should not be surprised to see DC’s most iconic character featured heavily in a list of DC’s most iconic covers. In fact, the ratio between Superman and Batman and other characters, so far, is almost exactly what you would/should expect.

I would guess that 4 is the only one that will make it into the top 30. Maybe not even that.

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