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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 317

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

I figure that Friday the 13th is a good time to go waaaay out the expected group of moments, and use a moment that a reader (named J) requested – a moment from, of all things, the epilogue to X-Cutioner’s Song in Uncanny X-Men, featuring Jubilee and Professor X!

Scott Lobdell clearly enjoyed working in character driven issues, and in the midst of all the big crossovers he was forced to work with, he kept having one-off issues where the various characters would just interact with each other.

This was one of those issue.

After the events of X-Cutioner’s Song, Professor Xavier has temporarily gained the ability to walk. It will fade soon, though, but he is taking the time to use his legs for the last time before they go away. Jubilee runs into him and decided to take him roller blading.

The art by a young Brandon Peterson is a bit rough, but the sweetness of Lobdell’s story still prevails, I believe…

That was a pretty nice moment, really.


An ad for Sea Monkeys is cooler than this.

Nice moment. Best I’ve ever liked Jubilee. Think its from the same issue where Sam Guthrie argues with the Prof about the open hand and the closed fist. Prof X advocates the open hand of friendship and denounces X-Force’s use of the closed fist of violence. Sam shows him the closed fist can be used to shelter and protect by cradling a field mouse in his hand; then to show him how the open hand can hurt – he bitch slaps the Prof!

This was a cool moment.

The Crazed Spruce

November 14, 2009 at 7:11 am

I teared up a little the first time I read that issue, and God help me, I just teared up a little reading it again. Sure, Jubilee’s dialogue is juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a bit dated, but it was still a pretty touching moment wiht two characters who you hardly ever see together.

(And Mark, as I recall, the moment you’re talking about came from the issue of X-Force that came out that month. And to be fair, when he “slapped” the Professor, he stopped about an inch short. Still, it was a pretty good scene. I wouldn’t mind seeing it on the list.)

#297-299 gave us a pleasant momentary respite from the slew of crossovers that were to ensue!

Lobdell’s big plots mostly fizzled, but his smaller moments and “break” issues, like this one, were pretty good.

This is one of the diamonds in the rough of Scott Lobdell’s run on X-Men. As Brian says at the outset, he does do some nice character moments.

And, as the Crazed Spruce (sorry, The Crazed Spruce) says, I tear up a bit reading this. Heck, I tear up a bit when I tell people about it. The last panel of page 28 paired with Xavier’s struggles and slow collapse just work so very well.

Good lord that art is ugly, like, butt-ugly, near fugly-ugly.

Jubilee’s face when she’s struggling with whether or not to help the Professor is excruciating to look at, and makes her appear to be some kind of underground sewer dweller.

Actually , Sam didn’t even get to bitch slap the Prof , Xavier casually catches Sam’s hand before he can hit him. Most badass I’d seen Xavier up to that point. And Sam was coming off a bit petulant anyway.

Ah, rollerblading. So 90s.

Probably one of my favorite X-Men scenes.

The dialogue for both characters comes of as pretty weak, but this is a great moment. Love Xavier saying that it’s been a long time since someone accused him of being normal. Good line in a really sweet moment.

that was one of the few things i liked about the story line for jublilee and Xavier bonding as xavier takes the time he has with his legs back and tries some thing new not to mention love the if something happens to me my will is in my desk. showing Xavier does have a sense of humor. that plus the story line is where the revelation of the third summers brother happens

Executioners song was a decent story, but the three epilogues were fantastic.

How are the readers supposed to know they’re rollerblading? Was it explained in the letters column or something? It doesn’t appear to have been explained to the artist.

Despite liking how Xavier has become more of a darker character in recent stories, I miss the times when he was the loving father figure of the X-Men. Nice moment.
By the way, because of these posts, I’m buying New Frontier soon

That was well done. It gives off a nice retro feel of the x-titles. Speaking of which, if i wanted to buy a trade (or a couple of trades) from older x-men runs where should i start? anybody have any suggestions?

The only Lobdell stories I ever liked were quiet stories full of dialogue. He probably shouldn’t have written anything else. (It could work. Just have some writer who is good at the action stories write them, and then Lobdell could write the character stuff in between the fights. My preference is for the quiet moments to outnumber the action ones anyway, so he could still get lots of writing to do.)
Which issue is this, by the way?
And how soon after this did the Professor start walking again? How many times has he been crippled and cured altogether?

He was infected with Techno-organic virus (how 90s…), and after being cured, he was able to walk again for a few hours. Or something like. It’s comic book science lol

And yeah, Lobdell’s best issues were the quiet talky issues, especially after a cross-over. It’s a shame the rest of his issues don’t hold up so well. Some other good ones: the issue right after “Phalanx Covenant”, the issue right after “Onslaught”, the one where Storm and Gambit visit Iceman and his dad at the hospital, and the one with Cyclops and Corsair right before “Eve of Destruction”. None of those issues are groundbreaking or re-inventing the wheel…but like this issue, good, solid, character driven work.

How are the readers supposed to know they’re rollerblading?

Earlier in the story.

Dacarus is right about at least one of the other epilogues: X-Factor #87 is the X-Cutioner’s song epilogue for that book, and it’s fantastic. Peter David has the whole group lay out who they are and why they act that way. Worth it for Quicksilver alone. “Not so puzzling now, is it?”

This is the moment I’ll always remember from the few issues of Scott Lobdell’s run, and it’s one that makes me think he was a worthy Claremont successor.

It’s really, really well done.

Thanks for picking it.

and it’s one that makes me think he was a worthy Claremont successor.

Me too, and it also makes me wonder how much of Lobdell’s failings during his run were his own and how many of them were a result of editorial interference or the simple dictates of the market at the time.

Great moment, Brian; thanks for picking it.

Mario, the Essential X-Men reprints contain the bulk of what most readers consider the “good stuff.” Essential vol. 1 starts with the formation of the new team (with Wolverine, Nightcrawler, etc.), and contains the initial Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum and John Byrne stories. I think Essential vols. 2 and 4 are the best, although other people like the later Claremont comics (some are very good, a few are drawn by the amazing Barry Windsor-Smith). The very early X-Men comics are reprinted in Essential volumes as well (called Essential Uncanny X-Men, I think), but are mostly forgettable.

As an X-Men fan and collector, and as an outside of US reader (which means I don’t have access to all that much comic books), this was the first time in the “A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments” that I’ve actually read by the time it was published (in Brazil). I remember exactly how I felt when I read this scene, and the emotion is there still.

One of the XM scenes that is and will always be recorded in my mind, amazing stuff.

LOL @ first page, last panel, Prof. X’s face. :-)

I like this moment too. I wish they had done something with Jubilee but she stayed the 90s Gen Xer with fireworks power until she lost them and now she’s not really doing much of anything. I always liked her and Wolverines chemistry.. as long as she wasn’t saying too many things like ‘please and a half’.

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