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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 322

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we finish a two-part look at the Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth one-shot, by writer Warren Ellis and artist John Cassaday.

Okay, so when last we left our heroes, the good folks of Planetary (Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner and The Drummer) were tangling with Batman over this powerful fellow who keeps re-writing history (as a result of freaking out over some past trauma).

As Batman battles the Planetary team, the guy keeps re-writing history and Batman shifts between different versions of himself (Dark Knight Returns Batman, Batman TV show Batman, O’Neil/Adams Batman) until suddenly, he lands on old school Batman, which does not bode well for our reality shaping suspect…

As Batman leaves, there’s some cute flirting between Batman and Jakita. I’d love to include it, but there just isn’t enough room, and I had to get all the above pages.


I’ve only read the first Planetary trade but I’m skipping to this one and heading to the shop now.

My God that’s great.

This is great stuff and really touching, especially coming from Ellis.

It’s one of the few times that I remember seeing the softer side of Warren Ellis and not just the cynism (either superficial or not) of most of his stories.

Somebody get John Cassaday on a Batman book right now.

I meant cynicism, obviously :-)

I really want “Crossing Worlds” to go Absolute now…

Like an appendix piece, in the same vein as Absolute Death…

Please, DC??

“You can give them safety. You can show them they’re not alone. That’s how you make the world make sense. And if you can do that–you can stop the world from making more people like us. And no one will have to be scared any more.”

I don’t think I have ever in my life heard a better reason for Batman existing. What a beautiful series of panels. And what awesome art by Cassaday.

I just have to gush a little bit – this “Year of Cool Comic Book Moments” is the single greatest thing that’s ever happened to my life. Well, that may be a little exagerated, there was my marriage, and then there was the kid . . . but I’m sure you guys get my gist. I’ve learned so much about comics I never would have known otherwise, and have read some fantastic stories I never would have even known existed if not for Brian’s little internet daily here. The only thing it has been hard on is my wallet, but it’s been $$ well spent for the most part.

As far as today’s strip goes, which incarnation of Batman would this be? Denny O’Neil’s version from the early 80’s? I also like how Ellis handled Batman here. I tend to think of Ellis as being gritty and cynical but that’s already been done with Batman to the millionth degree by Miller. Instead, Ellis throws us a curve ball (which he is so brilliantly capable of doing to us from time to time) and instead gave us a Batman with both compassion and some revealing emotional depth – all without sacrificing anything in the way of Batman’s overall strength or general badassery. More great work by Ellis on what I consider to be one of the all time greatest series in comics history.

loved the speech batman gives to john revealing how he manages to keep going after losing like john his parents. and him telling him you remember and use it to help others so no more like us will be made. powerful. stuff

Glad that you’re enjoying the feature, Ed. Sadly, only a little more than a month to go!

The Batman with a gun is Batman from his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 (complete with his purple gloves).

Mr. B.C. You really should make MORE room for whatever you need to post, and the consequences BE damned!!!! ;-)

It was such a good way to tie together the mythos of Batman, and make him work again as a hero, unified.


The Batman talking at the end was, I believe, supposed to be an amalgam, idealized Batman that took the best bits from all of the others and didn’t represent one particular era or style.

Part of teh awesomes.

Warren Ellis really summed up in this one shot everything about Batman you ever needed.

Why DC has not collected the three one shots into a hardcover to match the other 3 volumes annoys me.


Brian: what about the last Batman, then, from the third page on? I think that’s what Ed’s talking about.

Ah, gotcha.

Yeah, that’s Cassaday’s take on an integrated Batman.

It’s Jakita and Elijah’s reactions at the top of the 4th page that always set this scene apart for me, especially Jakita’s “Oh god.” Brilliant stuff all around…

A cool moment from a cool series. Dick Grayson and the Joker’s cameo at the start of the story was nifty. I forget, was Batman an urban myth in the Planetary home reality, or did he not exist there at all?

I love it when Ellis drops his “I’m so cyncial and I drink a lot and I like to flirt with Suicide Girls and I’m so cool” persona and shows that he’s really a big softy at heart.

Joshschr, I’m pretty sure Batman didn’t exist at all in the main Planetary reality.

Another Planetary/DC crossover moment I’d love to see is Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Diana battling an evil planetary. The Snow/Wayne fight was wonderful. Or the Ambrose/Kent. Man, I love Planetary. It’s gonna be difficult having to wait until March for the last trade.

Yeah, that last Batman is pretty awesome. After cycling through all the various well known versions (including the original gun waving type) Ellis & Cassaday drop their own awesome version in there at the end to give the speech. It’s their own thing, an idealized amalgamation. I think of it as the Batman equivalent of Morrison’s All-Star Superman. Can you imagine an ASBAR with this version instead of the over-the-top, G-D Batman Miller came up with? That would have been something.

Also, in one of the Batman RIP/Final Crisis tie-ins when Batman was remembering all his past adventures I kept thinking it should have been drawn in different styles like they did here.

I think the lesson here is, if everybody else would handle Batman as well as he is handled here, wouldn’t that be freakin’ awesome. Who wouldn’t be a fan of that?

Somebody at DC, get Cassaday onto Morrison’s 6th arc of Batman and Robin! Also, bribe Darwyn Cooke, Farel Dalrymple, and Duncan Fegredo to get them on that book.

I love Ellis and Cassaday as a team. It is a shame Cassaday has squandered so much of limited output on very average X-Men comics.

Planetary is overrated.
As always, Warren Ellis’ characters has zero depth.
Except for this one moment.

Isn’t the last iteration of Batman an Alex Ross design? I never really liked it all that much.

Nah – he’s too thin to be an Alex Ross design. I’m not mad on that version either. The ears are dodgy (though I realise they’re taken from the original Golden Age version)

The speech from Batman here is probably the only occasion I remember of Bat’s motivation making sense in a heroic sense, rather than requiring you to think he’s a psychotic or a self-indulgent sociopath.

Although you’d still have to be mentally deranged to try to accomplish those goals by becoming Batman.

Ellis and Cassaday. What a team.

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