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Statement of Truth #1

Superman would kick your ass in chess.


Feh, he’s no Flash or Despero.

Forget about playing chess against Superman… imagine a Superman piece IN the game. It would just clean up; you would need to invent some sort of Kryptonite gambit simply to prevent games ending on the first turn.

That Super-bully should go and pick on someone his OWN size!!!!

I dunno. How can he kick anything without legs?

Also, using brawn to win chess is so middle school.

“Also, using brawn to win chess is so middle school.”

There’s not a single situation in a chess match that you can’t get out of by kicking the board over.

So is this the origins of Chess Boxing?

Of course he’d win, he cheats. He’s a rook, but he’s clearly moving diagonally.

Also he’s punching a guy.

@Sean Whitmore: he’s a Knight

He should’ve been a bishop; I know for a fact he owns the hat.

Chad: not to mention the other guy having no ass.


November 19, 2009 at 9:35 pm

Ah, Golden Age Superman – cut in two, stuck onto a chess piece, about to fall on his face and he’s still smiling.

11 comments and no-one pointed out that they spelt Mxyzptlk wrong on the cover.

Maybe I had the internet down all wrong.

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