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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 326

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Let’s take a look at a classic assembling of the Avengers, courtesy of the great Barry Windsor-Smith!

Avengers #100 (written by Roy Thomas) had one of the first real “assembling” of all available Avengers, and drawn by Barry Winsdor-Smith, well, it was awesome (although it’d be cooler if Marvel’s two-page spreads matched each other better)

Smith is an amazing artist.


Is anyone else surprised to see the team roster was still so relatively small after a hundred issues?

And the Avengers has never been so beautifully drawn before …

Even the HULK looks serene and not monstrous (or barbaric).

loved that issue. for the art is so amazing that plus a threat being so bad that the hulk had to come a calling. worthy of being on the list

If i remember correctly Herc and the widow are also in the issue, future avenger Ares as the villian, but yes it is a small number the next hundred will add, tigra, wonderman (though he was already considered a member by 100 just dead) , ms marvel, jocasta, hellcat, moondragon, mantis, swordsman, and beast. so still a very steady growth. The Big increase came in the 80’s with the wacko’s fulling two team and having more frequent writer changes will do that.

My moment is “Hulk just knows you are not his friends- because he has no friends.” Aw, I’ll be your friend, Hulk! You don’t have to go all World War on New York.

“Smith is an amazing artist.”

Really? This just doesn;t showcase that to me…this looks horrible…

seriously flawed anatomy…

what’s with Captain Americas eyes in that second page?

Why does Black Panther have pupils?

Hulks face is inconsistent…even that 2 page mismatched spread seems boring, inconsequential, and anti-climactic…

but thats just my opinion…

Is Iron Man checking his watch in the last panel? Is the Black Knight making him late for a date or something?

Smith followed Buscema and Adams. An impossible task even for better artists. Story and art of the Smith-issues were poor. Avengers 98-100 in my opinion are the worst Avengers issues up to this time.

I have to admit, I don’t get the art either. I mean, I know BWS and I’ve seen art from him that’s blown me away, but I just don’t see it here.

Not knocking those who liked it, just don’t see it myself is all. Of all the different things that go into making comics, the art has to be the element that is most subject to individual tastes, preferences, fancies, etc. This is not the first time I’ve seen people gush over art that I’ve found uninspiring (hell, take the whole McFarland era on ASM for example). Likewise, I’ve raved over artwork that others have found insipid and flawed. While it doesn’t surprise me anymore, it still boggles my mind how differently we can perceive and assess art.

Well, we all love comics, and that’s what counts.

Yeah, Todd, Black Knight on his horse looks terrible! I’m joking.

He is off model, but I love the panels without word balloons, like Cap swinging off a branch, Ant Man and Wasp flying in, etc.

As for Black Panther, his late 70s look was with eyes, so he’s within his rights to draw him that way.

I had no idea Hawkeye went maskless back then. I guess that look didn’t last long.
Bringing the Hulk in sounds like a stupid idea. In his mental condition of the time, he could easily have been as much a danger as an asset. But I guess Roy felt compelled to include every Avenger, whether it made sense or not. I’ve seen problems like that in a lot of books over the years.
Isn’t that the Valkyrie’s horse? I had no idea it ever belonged to the Black Knight. I wonder how the Valkyrie ended up with him.

After the Kree Skrull war, hawkeye went missing and joined the circus where he met Herc, and they rejoined the team in their circus gear, he would leave in the next few issues in a huff because he thought they were trying to hire Daredevil who was with the widow and clint was felling a bit of the green eyed monster. he ends up at the defenders who and straight in to a fight with Morgon le fay then turns the black knight to stone (for almost a decade real time) so val takes his horse, setting up all the characters ready for avengers v defenders over the fate of the black knight

From Marvel.com:

Before acquiring Strider, Dane rode Aragorn, Valinor and an atomic steed. Aragorn is a horse whom Dane gave wings and the power of flight through genetic engineering techniques created by his criminal uncle. When Dane’s first time trip to the era of the Crusades separated him from Aragorn, the horse was adopted by another adventurer, Brunnhilde the Valkyrie. Aragorn remains in Valkyrie’s custody to this day, with Dane’s blessing.


Just clarifying, when you say Black Knight was turned to stone for ten years in “real time” do you mean real time like for the readers or that ten years passed in the Marvel Universe.

I’m always (well, not always, but once in a while) interested in the Marvel-time compression, with ideas like the whole of X-men history has only happened in about six years, and stuff like that (that’s a made-up example by the way). It’s just funny because the continuity usually can’t hold up under the logic-strain. That’s one very cool thing about creator-owned comics is that the timeline is way more cohesive than in the shared universes.

anyway, ten years of Marvel time would be a pretty long time! And Aunt May’s STILL alive when Dane is revived? Craziness.

Hawkeye is apparently working for the weekend …

Hey Brian, if you’re still accepting submissions for these moments, I’d suggest Superman vs Captain Marvel from Kingdom Come … Or is that too long?

It was Enchantress who turned Black Knight into stone in a Defender’s issue. Then (in the very same story) she gave Brunnhilde’s powers to some girl Doctor Strange had just saved from some mystical dimension.

That´s when Valkyrie took Aragorn for herself.

As for real time, Black Knight was in stone for 10 years for us readers, from mid 70’s to mid 80’s.

I must also say that initially, he was just petrified by Enchantress kiss and that was all. That whole story about him being in the 12 century was a later retcon.

……… and thanks do Editora Abril, I was reading those great early 70´s Defenders stories by 1985!!!!!

“whole of X-men history has only happened in about six years”

Don´t think so.

Scott, Jean, Warren, Hank and Bobby were 16 or 17 when they begin, and they’re now in their late 20s or early 30s. So, at least ten years of X-men history, wich, bay the way, is very consistent with Spider Man´s history, who was +- 15, and is 25, 26 nowadays.

Even if you add the missing members (Hercules, Black Widow, and Swordsman), yeah, the roster back then was tiny. Good, solid early work by BWS.

Yeah, I mentioned that the six years of X-men history was a made-up example because I didn’t know for sure what the exact theory was.

But even if it was ten years, I still find it hard to jam all those stories in one decade. I remember during the Claremont/Byrne run, Claremont was getting very specific about time (“six weeks pass…” “we’ve been here two months…” etc.), so that run alone probably takes up a year. Maybe that still works out in continuity, but it seems like an awful big chunk of compressed time.

It all reminds me of that one episode of MASH that shows New Years Day 1951, depicts a year, then ends with New Years Day 1952. That was a ten-year series smushed in a (roughly) two-year war, and they killed a whole year in one episode!

Do the pre-Secret Invasion Mighty Avengers and Avengers West Coast actually count as Avengers? I remember when the Disassembled storyline happened they assembled most of them.. for no other reason but a group photo.. and there was over a 100 of ‘em. The art’s alright, but it has some really great moments. I do like the Hulk in that last spread. He looks so tragic and lonely. That seems tough to do with a character so full of rage like him.

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