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The Top 75 Most Iconic Covers in DC History – Day 22

Okay, in case you didn’t see the introduction, the concept is that each day up to and including the 23rd of November, I’ll be posting four iconic covers from DC Comics’ 75-year history. On the 23rd, you folks will get a chance to pick your Top 10 out of the 90 choices. I’ll tabulate the votes and I’ll debut the Top 75 Most Iconic Covers in DC Comics History on November 30th. In the meantime, feel free to e-mail me (bcronin@comicbookresources.com) with suggestions for covers for me to use!

Here’s the next four covers! And click here for the master list of all the covers posted so far!

Today is the day I finally get to use my theme day of covers – the theme? All covers featuring people sitting down at tables!!!


Yowza Brian — love both of these JLA covers a lot. I’m suddenly realizing how hard it’s going to be to make room for other covers in between examples from the classic Justice League of America, which pretty much sums up DC for iconicity.

I still think the list is lacking if it doesn’t have one example each of Bolland’s Wonder Woman and Animal Man.

You’ll have a chance to see at least one of those covers represented in a bit. ;)

That’s 4 out of the top ten right there. Add Flash #123 and COIE #7 and you’ve got my top 6 covers.

4 amazing choices. I’ll be shocked if 2 and 3 don’t make top 20

I actually logged on this morning, Brian, wondering what little fillip you’re going to announce for this list. I expect it to be a highlight of my Sunday (and a good excuse to postpone doing the dishes).

I’ve been putting off ranking my top ten till I see the whole list, but I can tell already: The choices are going to be painful. Flash #123, COIE #7, Hal vs. Sinestro, Mazzucchelli’s first issue of Batman: Year One, All-Star Supes #1, plus a couple JLA covers … that doesn’t leave much room for anything else! And that’s just off the top of my head. I will cringe, I’m sure, when I look over the list and see what I’m forgetting.

Heroes around tables! I’ve been waiting for these.

Yawn…more iconic covers I’ve never even seen before…

I’m having enough trouble narrowing down a top ten, and now that JLA/JSA cover has messed up my selections even more!

so many good choices, I’m probably going to be heart-broken about at least 5 that I’ll have to omit from my list.

Yawn…more iconic covers I’ve never even seen before…

Preeeeetty sure that says more about you than anything else.

Wow, this could be the most iconic batch yet. I can’t even pick the most iconic. I will repeat my stance that COIE#7 is just a rip-off/homage/swipe of Byrne’s Uncanny X-Men # 136, though. snootch-to-the-bootch

I think that Adventure Comics cover might be my #1 and I’m not really a LSH fan at all.

I forgot all about JLA #21. That’s a top 5 prospect for sure. And I love how everyone is holding hands, even little Ray grasping Batman’s finger. Seance aside — how cute is that?

I really think this might be the strongest day you’ve had yet, Brian.

Really? Never seen these? Or the eighty eleventeen times the first three have been homaged? You either don’t read superheroes, DC or comics at all.

Legion of Superheroes? Never even heard of ‘em.

The classic Justice League Covers are awesome, definitely much more iconic and memorable than the stories inside the book usually were. Does anyone know if the covers have ever been compiled in a book, like they have done, for example, with the covers of Preacher and 52?

All classics with so many homages ove the years!

All classics with so many homages ove the years!

I’d say (e) as in none of the above.
Sorry Mr. B.C.

These covers just don’t feel iconic to me.

all good choices but got to go with the jla and jsa first team up one. the first meeting of dc two teams

Everyone of those is an excellent choice. Might be the first time all 4 are possibilities.

I guess it’s possible someone might never have seen any of these covers, but that’s hard to imagine if one is reading a lot of “mainstream” DC comics.

And yes, COIE #7 does harken back to XMen 136, but as has been pointed out elsewhere, both of those images go back a lot older than that. I think that Perez’s cover added a new spin to the image (the fact that scores of characters are all standing around the background) that has itself become part of future homages.

The ALL-STAR COMICS cover creeps me out. I have no idea why.

On the other hand, JLA #21 is awesome. There are so many odd little bits, like the JLAers are all holding hands differently. Black Canary is giving Batman a “come hither” look.

ADVENTURE COMICS #247 always make me laugh.

The Desparo cover is so surreal.

Cosmic Boy with his fishbowl helmet! yay!

Finally! This is some Iconic stuff, BC!

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