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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 328

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Someone wanted to see the Diana Prince/Jakita Wagner showdown from JLA/Terra Obscura, so here it is (even though it doesn’t really have a conclusion)!!

Okay, same set-up as last moment for this series, it is an alternate reality where Planetary’s Elijah Snow is the big bad guy and Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent and Diana Prince have come together to form a League to bring them to Justice.

Diana faced Jakita Wagner on the Planetary outer space base right after Clark Kent is killed…

Even though the conclusion to the fight is off-panel (Diana wins), I think the moment the showdown begins is still so cool that it warrants mention here.

Warren Ellis did a great job setting up these little showdowns, and my goodness, Jerry Ordway shines on art even more so than he usually does!


so they killed entire dcu…heh

Just re-read all my Planetaries.

Ordway does a magnificent job on this one.

I really like this costume that Diana is wearing much better than the classic bikini suit. It’s a nice take on her karate outfit from the I Ching days.

And the Jerry Ordway artwork is superb on these issues. Some of his best work ever!

Just picked up the Crossing Worlds tpb, and after re-reading this tpb, that was the only thing that bothered me, was not knowing how Diana Prince defeated the undefeatable Jakita Wagner.

Maybe in the extra pages of the ABSOLUTE PLANETARY: CROSSING WORLDS (if there is ever one published).

I like the bodysuit costume, but hate the morphing bracelets…

I’d forgotten about the gallery of dead Green Lanterns. I guess Oa kept sending them and Snow just kept killing them.

loved that moment for it proved that one should really not piss off wonder woman and lalways wondered what would happen if Jakita would dare to fight wonder woman. though the green latern corpses as more trophies are a little creepy.

I wuz really happy tho’, that Clark Kent wuz killed off for good and for once and all.

Course, it wuz a “Elseworlds” issue, but still, “dead means dead”! ;-)


The quick defeat of Superman was clever, although we have seen it too often since. Jakita Wagner’s speech was fine, if over-long. However, the fight itself is kind of dull.

It’s nice to see Wonder Woman kick some ass because she seems to get less often a change to do this than Bats or Superman. However, i think it was a poor choice on Ellis’s part not to show the ending. One can argue that he makes up for this by having Wonder Woman ‘win’ since we do see her later killing Snow.
Nice costume. What are those wrist band things?! :S

She takes a shot to the throat to collapse her windpipe and and has a broken sword run through her midsection and wins the fight off panel? How unsatisfying. And does Diana have Sinestro power bracelets or something?

“It’s nice to see Wonder Woman kick some ass”

Dude, that’s all she does these days. She’s hardly seen without some kinda sharp stabby thing in hand.

Normally, i love Ordway. Here tho’ [just like in some recent stuff] everything looks small & weirdly proportioned. Maybe its just me. Also, at the end, we see Clark’s body float by, but he hasn’t exploded. i always hoped that was because he wasn’t really dead. After all, normal Supes can survive in space, even if he has to hold his breath.

So, in order to take out Superman, all they needed was an elevator.

Man will Lex Luthor be upset if he hears about this.

Ummm… How is Jade there in the Dead Lantern Wall?

She’s the daughter of Alan Scott, the guy to the left of her for those that don’t know. Are they trying to tell us Snow let Alan fly around long enough for her to grow up and develop her own powers before killing her and daddy?

Call me a dick, but she gets stabbed in the left shoulder and next panel the katana just… vanishes..? Am I missing something?

You are missing that in the panel right after the sword disappears, the wound mysteriously vanishes as well.

Just read this for the first time recently and it bugged the heck out of me that the conclusion to the duel happens off camera. It wasn’t one of those moments I wanted left up to my imagination.

Still, agreed with everyone else, Ordway is just amazing here, and overall this special was really good…

The problem with showing actually showing Diana winning is that it dilutes the Bruce/Elijah ending…

From this fight, it looks like Jakita is winning, so when we move on to the Bruce/Elijah confrontation, it feels like Bruce is all that’s left. Giving Diana’s sudden appearance that much more impact…

Well, that’s how I see it anyway…

So… Superman is killed… by being pushed into space?! Wow, I guess Warren Ellis, for all his ability, failed to take any ranks in “Knowledge: Superman”.

Alternate universe, Gary. Snow gives a pretty good rundown on how this Superman’s powers work, and he’s clearly a bit different than ours.

I do like this costume of Diana’s.

As for the fight’s ending not being shown…I guess does work for the story later. You have to wonder (no pun intended) how Diana ended up winning, since Jakita clearly owns her in this fight and all her ‘swords’ are destroyed.

Feminist Thanos

December 7, 2015 at 4:23 pm

Looks like WW lost this. Pretty lazy delivery otherwise. Good fight scene, strange to have Superman die in space ..but ok? 4/10

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