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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 329

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at the introduction of the ladies of Ultra in Ultra #1 (written and drawn by the Luna Brothers)…

When we meet the ladies of Ultra, they’re all out on a night on the town. They seem like normal 20-somethings. They go to see a fortune teller for a laugh, and get told various fortunes (one of them is told she will suffer a loss while another is told she will fall in love in seven days).

While they drive away…

Isn’t that a really fun way of both A. Introducing that they have super powers and B. Introducing that they are, in fact, superheroes.

I really dug the opening issues of this series from the Luna Brothers. Well worth a read.


I love this mini so much. In fact, I just gave a copy of the trade as a gift to my friend Eliza for her birthday.

HmMMMmmmMmm… So the fact she’s puking right after she heard the message from that Nick guy…? Does that mean he knocked her up on a hot one night stand and she wishes it stays a one night stand but he wants to go on “a relatioship”…? Then when she realizes she’s pregnant she starts liking him back and he becomes her true love or something? Or is the kid she’s expecting IS her true love? And what’s up with peas?

FYI, the computer I”m using just found a trojan horse program when accessing this site, so you might want to de-virus it or de-worm it or de-bug it or whatever.

I’m probably just dense, but I did not realize at all that they had superpowers, nor that they “worked” as superheroines. The only hint that I see (and that I was quite oblivious to) is their survival to the car accident.

FYI – I got a trojan last week when on the site – but I wasn’t sure that I’d actually picked it up from here as I had a number of websites open at the same time.

After what stealthwise has said – I’d recommend a health check too.

And McAfee sucks big ones for both letting me get infected and being unable to deal with the bastard either!

None of those things happens, Mortenzen.

Cool moment and amazing art, but a whole issue for that reveal when it’s on the cover? If ever there was a justification for a tradewait…

Thanks Michael… Well I still don’t get why she goes throwing up a pea, then…

Yeah, I was wondering why she threw up as well. Still, it looks very interesting…

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