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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 332

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Someone asked for a lighter moment after yesterday’s fairly bleak moment, so here, enjoy two Cat Tales of Power Girl’s cat!

Power Girl’s cat was bugged by a mysterious organization to spy on Justice League Europe to get information to sell.

Well, her cat (who is a real pain in the butt) does not give them much info to work with, but here is some of the stuff that they WILL see.

J.M. DeMatteis scripted it, Marshall Rogers drew it (and DeMatteis believes plotted it), Justice League Quarterly #4 printed it, and you’ll hopefully enjoy ‘em!

Lots of little great moments, but I guess my pick would be the cat dreaming of eating Blue Jay!


Despero studied the tapes of that cat’s adventures in preparation for taking out Blue Jay. It’s a shame that the cat’s failure is much more entertaining than Despero’s success….

Hilarious and adorable sequence.

Power Girl was a little off: Identity Crisis came out roughly 13 years after this was published, not 10.

Too soon?

I want to see her cat in PG monthly! Listen up, Jimmy Palmiotti!

The cat hasn’t appeared? I thought it had.

The cat hasn’t appeared? I thought it had.

Not only has it appeared, but there is an incredibly funny page explaining why the cat was grey rather than orange in the first few issues.

That’s still off, though. The whole gag about the cat was that is was yellow, and hence Guy Gardner’s archnemesis.

Ah, good to see Blue Jay again. That guy’s gonna go far.

Seeing Kilowog in overalls is bizarre.


errr, I’m allergic to cats.

excuse me.

Ah, and there’s Sue Dibny: Murdering nutcase.

Ah, and there’s Sue Dibny: Murdering nutcase.

I think you have her confused with someone else.

Kilowog is surprisingly well-read.

i would go with the cat and blue jay showing their dislike plus the sue and power girl trying to figure out what ice sees in guy.

Peril Parlor. BWAHAHAHA!

Good choice, Brian.

Brian, any chance you could include the cat’s cover from JLE? (“Buy this comic or we WON’T shoot the cat?”)


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