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Flippin’ through Previews – December 2009

Raise your hand if you love Previews #255! Yee-ha!!!!

That cover scares the hell out of me!

You know, it’s always fun when you open your latest Previews and see this on the inside cover:

Well, at least she has good support ...

Michael Turner may no longer be with us, but his creation lives on!

Dark Horse:

On page 28, we get the second volume of The Chronicles of Kull (7 April). Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, Greg Hatcher is grinning that this is coming out. Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart, Doug Moench, Marie Severin, Mike Ploog, Ed Hannigan, Alfredo Alcala … good stuff!

I’ve heard good things about The Tale of One Bad Rat, which is reprinted on page 31 (28 April), so I might have to check this out.

I didn't like Bryan Talbot back when I was young and dim-witted, but dang, he's good.

If you’ve been waiting for the trade of Rapture, it’s offered on page 32 (21 April). As usual with a lot of these solicitations, this isn’t quite finished coming out yet, but after five issues, it’s a pretty keen twisty superhero story.

On pages 34 and 35, we get third volumes of Achewood and Wondermark (21 and 7 April, respectively). I have no idea if Achewood is as good as everyone says it is, but Wondermark is pretty damned funny, I’ll tell you that much.

If you buy your Hellboy-related material in trade format, as I do, you might want to check out Witchfinder: In the Service of Angels on page 39 (28 April), which features occult investigator Edward Grey. I’m sure this is keen-o.


Blackest Night #7 (page 61; 24 February), along with a host of other DC comics, has its cover blacked out with a red “top secret” stamped on it. Yawn. I do like the over-the-top solicitation text, though: “As Nekron continues to wage war on life throughout the universe, Hal Jordan discovers the grim, true mission behind the villain’s return. But the truth is so cosmically abysmal that it threatens to expose a secret that could tear the very universe asunder.” WOW! You know when you use “asunder,” something serious is a-going on!

Helen Slater writes a story in Supergirl #50 (page 75; 17 February). That’s … weird.

I want to like the new Human Target mini-series (page 76; 10 February), because it’s written by his creator, Len Wein, and he’s a neat character, but I fear Milligan’s take on him might have ruined him for anyone else. We’ll see.

I just saw my first commercial for the show.  It looks okay, I guess.

On page 77, we get Milestone Forever #1 of 2 (3 February). Apparently all the original Milestone creators are going to finish the stories from the original runs. That’s kind of swell.

If you’re in the mood to compare and contrast Frank Quitely and Philip Tan’s art, you can pick up the Batman and Robin Deluxe Edition volume 1: Batman Reborn hardcover on page 85 (7 April). That is, if you’re a meanie.

There’s another DC Comics Classic Library edition on page 86: The Justice League of America by George Peréz (28 April). This is the second volume, by the way. I should check these out.

Speaking of Milestone, page 87 brings us a trade of the first eight issues of Hardware. This is totally based on the awesome movie, right?

The fourth and (apparently) final trade of Justice League International comes out on 3 March (page 88). That’s … what’s the word … sucky.

Here’s something I don’t get: The Last Days of Animal Man trade is offered on page 88 (3 March) and the text tells us: “By the year 2024 Buddy’s own hometown of San Diego has struggled for years to recover from a cataclysmic typhoon.” Didn’t San Diego sink in Aquaman a while back? Has that been wiped away through some deus ex machina? This is why I try not to keep track of continuity.

Wednesday Comics gets the hardcover treatment on page 90 (26 May). It’s fifty bucks, which is probably too much for what you get, but there it is!

As I don’t read Zuda comics, I don’t know if Night Owls (page 91; 24 March) is any good, but it sounds up my alley: a group of 1920s investigators solving supernatural crimes. Neat!

Flappers and nerds together!

Geoff Johns co-writes Tiny Titans #25 (page 93; 17 February). You’ll know which pages he writes because one of the Titans will get decapitated.

The second Absolute Planetary is offered on page 97 (7 July). Yes, it’s $75, but damn, it’s good.

Story continues below

I read mixed reviews of Mysterius the Unfathomable, but it’s Jeff Parker, so I may have to pick up the trade on page 98 (17 March). We’ll see.

The latest of Vertigo’s crime novels is Area 10 by Christos Gage and Chris Samnee (page 103; 7 April). It sounds weird – a detective investigating a weird serial killer, sustains a brain injury that affects his perceptions of time, and becomes obsessed with trepanation. Well of course he does! The preview looks pretty keen.

Meanwhile, over on page 107, Peter Bagge has a graphic novel, Other Lives (14 April). I don’t know why, but I just can’t get into Peter Bagge. But you might dig him!

Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan reunite for a new mini-series of Demo (page 112; 3 February). I’m not in love with the original series, but it’s still pretty keen, and both creators have gotten better since then, so this might be worth a look.

Dang, that's a cool cover!

Another trade is on page 114: Greek Street, collecting issues #1-5. I’m not really loving this series, but if you’ve been waiting for it, here it is. Lots of violence and nudity in it, if that’s your thing.

And hey! another trade on page 115! This time it’s the third volume of Northlanders, which is quite excellent, as you ought to know by now (24 March).

Page 130: True Blood busts. Sweet Jebus.

These are creepily life-like!


I’m not sure if Choker (page 136; 10 February) is going to be good, because I haven’t read anything by Ben McCool, but it’s a twisted noir story illustrated by Ben Templesmith, so I might have to check it out. At least until Fell finally returns!

Spawn #200 (page 144; 24 February) features art by the Toddster and Greg Capullo. Can you believe Spawn has reached 200 issues? Man.

The solicitation text for Invincible Returns #1 (page 148; 17 February) is kind of weird: “At long last, Invincible returns to his original costume!” Were people really that bent out of shape about the new costume? Odd. Anyway, this is a “bringing everyone up to speed” issue before the next big story arc, so I’m not sure how important it is. Apparently Kirkman has been keeping his promise about his books coming out on time, so where’s the latest trade of Invincible? It’s been a really long time since volume 10 came out, and I’m getting vexed. Especially because volume 12 is solicited a few pages later!

I’m not sure why there’s a page of Jeff Amano backlist graphic novels on page 156, but I will say that Fade From Grace is pretty good. It’s a nice romantic superhero comic.

If you’ve been really, really antsy for the trade of Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer (and honestly, why wouldn’t you be?), it’s offered on page 172 (10 February) for 15 bucks. Now that’s value!

Feel ... the ... awesome!


Siege Siege Siegey Siegey Siegerini Siegeorama SIEGE!!!!!

Tales of the Dragon Guard (page 18; 17 February) sounds kind of neat: Dragons suddenly appear in a “word” [sic] of heroes and turn people into monsters, and only certain people can get close enough to kill them. Those people: virgin women. Of course! That’s perfectly fine, if a bit silly, but I hope they don’t fight the dragons dressed like this:

Virgins don't have nipples, don't you know.

Still, just to make Pedro Bouça happy, you should buy this!

Page 20: Lady Deadpool? Why the hell not?

I'm sorry for this.

Pages 22 and 23: Hitman Monkey. Sorry, Marvel, but I’m just not feeling it.

And then Marvel brings us Ultimate Comics X #1 (page 24; 3 February). Jeph Loeb writes it, which means it will probably not be good. Yet Arthur Adams is drawing it. Damn you, Marvel! First you put Adams on Loeb’s Hulk and now this? What the hell?

Dr. Doom takes over the world in Doomwar #1 (page 40; 3 February). Wake me when it’s revealed he’s a robot. Again.

Ms. Marvel comes to an end with issue #50 (page 54; 24 February). I read a few issues of this, and while it wasn’t great, it didn’t suck. And it’s fairly impressive that Brian Reed stuck around for every issue … I think.

I didn’t realize that the dude in the latest issue of Vengeance of the Moon Knight was actually called the Scarecrow (as he’s identified in the solicitation text for issue #5 on page 58; 10 February), but that’s a nice move by Marvel to prove that Moonie isn’t a blatant rip-off of Batman.

Story continues below

I’m certainly not up on my Hulk family tree, but Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk on page 62 (3 February) calls the guy in it “Hiro-Kala.” Is this guy different from that other Son of Hulk? Where the hell did this one come from? (I remember, back when Peter David visited our humble blog, he mentioned something about the Hulk having two kids. I guess he knew what he was talking about!)

I’m sorry, Ben Oliver, but it’s really difficult to make Ruby Tuesday resemble anything remotely menacing …

Come on, really?

In case you’ve never gotten around to reading all about the death of Captain Marvel, The Death of Captain Marvel (handy title, that) is re-offered on page 104 (5 May). Mostly Starlin, and pretty darned keen.

Marvel is, for some reason, printing the Clone Saga in trade format, beginning with a volume 1 on page 107 (24 February). I get that it’s fun to watch a train wreck, but why would you pay 35 dollars for the privilege?

I'm all for shaking things up, but really, Marvel?  What were you thinking?

Speaking of 35 dollars, that’s how much you have to plunk down for the entire Nextwave saga (page 111; 10 February). Yes, it’s shorter than the Clone Saga (432 to 312 pages), but these are brilliant comics, plus the letters pages are included. Dang, I’m tempted.

On page 116, Marvel gives us a trade of Daredevil #265-273 by Ann Nocenti and John Romita Jr. (24 February) this is the “Daredevil goes to Hell” story arc. I haven’t read it, but I recently got these issues cheap, so I’ll get to it soon enough.

Hey! Join me in the back of the book, won’t you?

Every once in a while, I think I should get the trades of Girl Genius, one of Phil Foglio’s non-porn comics, and now Foglio, through his studio Airship Entertainment, has reprinted the first one (page 184). It always looks kind of neat. Anyone got a recommendation?

Where's the porn?

On the same page, Ait/Planet Lar has Necessary Monsters, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey’s latest graphic novel. I saw a bit of this a few years ago, and it looks really, really cool. It’s a horror comic, and Goodbrey has a twisted sensibility that will probably work well in making it something different.

After last month’s solicitation for Obamouse, I didn’t think Antarctic Press could get any goofier. Then, on page 189, they up the ante with … Time Lincoln. Lincoln is snatched out of time right before his assassination by the time machine of H. G. Wells (no word whether Wells is involved in the rescue) and battles evil across the centuries. Well done, Antarctic, well done indeed.

Words fail me.

I always love checking out Warren Ellis’s work for Avatar, and on page 200 he has Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island, a new mini-series with art by Raulo Caceres. It sounds like a steampunk story set in 1830 London, which means it’s the kind of comic Ellis was born to write. I’m all over it! How can you resist the title?

Man, he just comes up with some wild stuff, doesn't he?

Boom! Studios has the first trade of The Anchor on page 207. It’s kind of difficult to tell you to get this, as issues #3 and 4 haven’t come out (this trade collects the first four issues), but it’s 10 bucks, and the first two have been pretty good!

Also from Boom! is the trade of Poe on page 209. This started strong and didn’t end quite as well, but it was still a pretty good story about Edgar Allen solving a weird mystery.

On page 221 we get the first (hardcover) trade of Buck Rogers from Dynamite Entertainment, collecting issues #1-5. It’s 25 dollars, which is a bit steep, but it’s not bad. You’ll notice I didn’t buy issue #6, because although I like the series, I didn’t like it that much.

Dynamite also has Zorro: Matanzas on page 222, which is subbing for the regular series. It’s written by Don McGregor and drawn by Mike Mayhew (Mike Mayhew doing interior work?), so it might be pretty good.

On the same page, we get an Army of Darkness Omnibus, collecting 18 issues, 488 pages, for 30 bucks. I have no idea if it’s any good, nor am I particularly interested in it, but you might like it!

Story continues below

I’ve never heard of Cathy Malkasian (sorry, I’m not perfect), but her latest graphic novel, Temperance from Fantagraphics (page 234), sounds really cool. A dude loses his memory after an injury in battle, and his wife does everything she can to keep him from remembering his past life. Why? I don’t know – I’ll guess I’ll have to read it!

Right below that solicitation, Kim Deitch has another book, The Search for Smilin’ Ed. MarkAndrew will be picking this one up!

The Hero Initiative has The Invincible Gene Colan on page 238, celebrating his art over the years.

Who doesn't love Gene Colan?

There’s a new collection of Munden’s Bar stories from IDW on page 252. Never-before-printed!!!!! Can you stand the excitement?!?!?!?

I love the first collection, so why wouldn't I love this?

IDW also has a new printing of GrimJack (the old series), this time as an Omnibus, collecting Starslayer #10-17 and GrimJack #1-13. I already have the trades IDW put out a few years ago, but this is tempting, especially if they plan to go beyond John Gaunt’s days in the series. This is 400 pages from 25 dollars, which is a pretty good deal. And the comics are freakin’ awesome.

Scott Chantler’s Northwest Passage gets a softcover trade on page 257 from Oni Press. This is a tremendously good comic.

I know you’ve been suffering from Atomic Robo withdrawal recently, and Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener feel your pain and give us … Atomic Robo and the Revenge of the Vampire Dimension on page 261 from Red 5 Comics. Just trust me – buy it!

Failing to buy Atomic Robo makes orphans cry!

What’s this? A new printing of The Middleman: The Collected Series Indispensibility Compendium, which has been out of print for a while? All for $19.95, which is a total bargain? It’s on page 282 from Viper Comics? Order it today!

If you’re looking for a Christmas present, check out page 316 and the Mouse Guard plush toy:

He'll snuggle with you ... and then kill you!


Havok: Always angry?

Maybe he'd cheer up if he took that stick out of his ass!

Let’s let Havok send us out with his rage. Remember: There’s a lot of good stuff out there if you know where to look!


Invincible vol. 11 is sitting on my shelf right now. According to Amazon, it came out in August.

I was just about to say what Tyler said. It’s on my shelf, as well, and it’s awesome.

New Demo? And new Atomic Robo? Hell yeah! I’ll order those as soon as HeavyInk posts the February issues.

Which should be…soon? Hopefully?

My thoughts:

– Tiny Titans already did their “Blackest Night” tie-in. And it worked, on its own Titan-level.
– Is Helen Slater writing these days? Or did DC feel the need to suck in the one guy who still fondly remembers the Supergirl movie?
– Hulk’s got anywhere from two to four kids. I don’t know if Hiro-Kala was confirmed as one, or if he just thinks he is.
– Lady Deadpool looks like a man. I don’t know why, even with Liefeld’s generous proportions.
– Why didn’t they just call it “Hitmonkey”?

“Hitman Monkey. Sorry, Marvel, but I’m just not feeling it.”

Exactly. Exactly.

“Marvel is, for some reason, printing the Clone Saga in trade format […] 35 dollars.”

Dang, how many trades will there be? I get the impression that this may be another “Winter Men,” where the collection costs what, three or four times buying the original issues? In the Clone Saga’s case I haven’t checked recently, as I already own as much of said Saga as I need, but I can’t imagine there are too many issues in there which can’t be had for less than $1 each.

Oh well, by all means keep buying the expensive collections, people, so that the back issue singles stay cheap for me. :)

Between the Kull trade and the next Savage Sword Of Conan collection being solicited from Dark Horse, I’ll join Greg in having a big grin on my face. Nice to see DH doing right by these old comics.

Also excited about that Perez JLA collection. I haven’t read those issues since I was a kid, but the JLA/JSA crossover from #195-197 was one of my favorite stories when I was younger. I read those comics until they literally fell apart. Now I guess it’s time to see if they hold up well…

I’m gonna go broke in February, that’s for certain.

“Blackest Night: Cosmically Abysmal!” Hey, you said it, DC, not me.

Time Lincoln? Sold!

Yes, San Diego was returned to normal. It was part of the World War III mini during 52. Aquaman sacrificed himself (becoming that weird, squidy Dweller in Busiek’s Aquaman) to some gods, who did it for him.

And, yes, Hiro-Kala is a different son of Hulk than Skaar.

I noticed that you’ve neglected to mention the re-printing of the ABSOLUTE PLANETARY vol. 1 (also $75)

I’ve sworn to resist any new Warren Ellis material, until new issues of FELL, DESOLATION JONES, and newuniversal comes out. Sorry, but that’s the way I’m wired.

I guess, I’m a sucky kind of guy. Too bad. ;-)

Time Lincoln sounds amazing. I love the tag line, “In his final hour, he lived a lifetime.”

Tyler and Kevin: Arrrrrgggghhhh! I pre-ordered it, which means I should have gotten it, but even if I didn’t, I haven’t seen it on the shelves in the months since. Grrrr.

Adam: Oddly, enough, I thought the same thing about Lady Deadpool. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Time Lincoln is one of those concepts that could, like Helen Killer, be amazingly awesome or be the absolute worst thing ever. I’m rooting for awesome, of course, but who knows.

Achewood is OBSCENELY funny. I will read one and literally crack up remembering it all day. Those collections are absolutely worth investing in.

If you want to get a feel for whether or not you like Girl Genius, Foglio has the entire archive online for you to browse.

But if you like steampunk, talking cats, monsters who like hats, and mechanical castles, then you’ll like Girl Genius. It’s somewhat similar in flavor to Atomic Robo (in the sense that there is a lot of steampunk and the protagonists are generally cheerful and highly competent.)

Did DC actually use “cosmically abysmal?” ‘Cause if they did, that’s great.

Yes, Achewood is as good as everyone says it is. Better, even.

Mysterious Stranger

November 29, 2009 at 3:53 pm

The Mouse Guard plush has been available for a while. My girlfriend picked one up online this summer. And yes its adorable.

And if Brian Clevinger’s Twitter is to be believed that subtitle of the new Atomic Robo series might not be final. Which is too bad because I think its pretty awesome. Robo versus vengeful Vampires? SOLD!

Time Lincoln sounds like the concept was “borrowed” from the Aqua Teen movie.


November 29, 2009 at 7:06 pm

There’s another DC Comics Classic Library edition on page 86: The Justice League of America by George Peréz (28 April). This is the second volume, by the way. I should check these out.

I considered checking out the first one, but it was only six issues, and apparently starts mid-storyline.
I asked on the CBR DC board, and they said I’d be better off waiting for a softcover collecting the two ‘library’ editions.
Apparently it’s good, but not that good.

Wednesday Comics gets the hardcover treatment on page 90 (26 May). It’s fifty bucks, which is probably too much for what you get, but there it is!

Don’t say that on the DC boards at CBR, or you’ll get a bunch of people, sorely lacking perspective on life, who take comments such as that as an attack on DC, and will get quite snarky about your posts, and you personally!

Marvel is, for some reason, printing the Clone Saga in trade format, beginning with a volume 1 on page 107 (24 February). I get that it’s fun to watch a train wreck, but why would you pay 35 dollars for the privilege?

I brought the X-Tinction Agenda trade once, solely for a laugh.
It fulfilled it’s job at giving me a weird time-capsule of a by-gone day (and explained why Claremont/Lee were considered such a good team on X-Men – they were the only issues which were decent), but I don’t know about getting a multi-volume book to watch a train wreck.
Just read the Life Of Reilly blog if you need to relive it.
(I mean volume 3 or 4 is just going to be when the books were put into a forced holding pattern, right?)

IDW also has a new printing of GrimJack (the old series), this time as an Omnibus, collecting Starslayer #10-17 and GrimJack #1-13. I already have the trades IDW put out a few years ago, but this is tempting, especially if they plan to go beyond John Gaunt’s days in the series. This is 400 pages from 25 dollars, which is a pretty good deal. And the comics are freakin’ awesome.

I’m going to get that sucker, just to make IDW want to keep publishing them!

Ms Marvel is ending? Is Marvel ever going to have a female-led series that lasts more than five years?

One of Phil Foglio’s non-porn comics? He does porn? I never knew that. I’m incredibly ignorant.


November 29, 2009 at 7:48 pm

Ms Marvel is ending? Is Marvel ever going to have a female-led series that lasts more than five years?

I just want to know how they will ‘sow seeds’ for future crossovers, or show ramifications of old one’s, without this series to fall back on!

Spider-Girl went 100 issues plus a second series, right? That’s got to be at least eight years.

Mary: Foglio did a series called XXXenophile. I’ve never read it, but it’s apparently pretty good.

$50 is only $2 more than the cover price of all 12 issues of Wednesday Comics.

Ms Marvel is ending? Is Marvel ever going to have a female-led series that lasts more than five years?

People on this site seem a little too prone to label things as anti-female conspiracies or lack of respect for women. How many new series in general, regardless of gender of the lead characters, last over 5 years? Especially if they don’t have a proven cash cow headlining like Wolverine, Spider-Man or Batman? Or a big name attached as writer and/or artist?

Even two of the most critically acclaimed and fan favorite series of recent history, Blue Beetle and Iron Fist, didn’t make it to 5 years. I don’t see any proof of female-headlined series receiving worse treatment than their male counterparts.

Notorious Betty Rage

November 29, 2009 at 9:55 pm

Mouse Guard plushie? Must. Have.

I wasn’t trying to accuse anyone of any anti-female conspiracy or anything like that. And I am aware that most series fail within a couple of years. I’m just annoyed that there are rarely any good books to read with female stars. Most of my favourite heroes are girls– Black Cat, Hellcat (her limited series last year was great, although it started out a bit weak), Kitty Pryde, the Wasp (I can think of a lot of male Avengers I would’ve rather seen killed than Janet), Mantis (the way she used to be), Emma Frost, and to a lesser degree, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, Silver Sable, Rogue. The only male heroes I rank as highly are Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. But the ladies rarely ever get as much attention from the writers in the group series (with some exceptions such as Claremont X-Men), and when one of them gets a book of her own, it rarely ever gets a great writer, and sometimes not even a writer that understands the character. Admittedly this does happen with some of the male heroes, too.

Just to do the counterpoint thing, I don’t really get Achewood. I mean, I think I get it, but I don’t find it all that funny or compelling. Just my $.02

I also was unsure what to make of Mysterious the Unfathomable. I liked the idea of it (basically a Warren Ellis “bastard who isn’t a total dick when push comes to shove” (TM) protagonist in Jeff Parker wacky/cool situations), but it didn’t flow really well in single issues. I’ve been meaning to read it in one sitting but haven’t found the time – I’ll be curious to read what you think if you do pick it up.

And just to not be all negative and stuff, I’ll stick up for Peter Bagge (like he needs me to or something) – I haven’t read all of his stuff or anything, but I’m a big fan of the Buddy books and Bagge’s worldview in general, so I’ll be looking forward to this new book. It’s an OGN from Vertigo? Intriguing…

“- Tiny Titans already did their “Blackest Night” tie-in. And it worked, on its own Titan-level.”

I totally read that as “Tiny Toons”. Yeah thats right. Tiny Toons: Blackest Night

Oh. My. GOD.

We’re tiny, we’re toony, we’re all a little DEAD, and in this crossover we’re invading your wallets!


November 29, 2009 at 10:45 pm

I’m just annoyed that there are rarely any good books to read with female stars.

Well Ms. Marvel could have kept going for a million issues, and you’re qualifier would still have been un-met.

I get what you’re saying, Your Funkiness, but Ms Marvel actually was good some of the time. Just not often enough. But if the series could last longer, then we’d always have the chance that a better writer might take over. It’s much easier to improve an existing series than to get a new one started. (Usually.)

For a second I thought the Perphanauts were coming out of that portal on the Atomic Robo cover.

And Hitman Monkey smacks of trying too hard.

I don’t know, I kind of am feeling Hitman Monkey. Although, Hitmonkey would have made more sense and rolled off the tongue a little smoother. That deadpool 20 cover is all kinds of awesome. If DC can have Detective Chimp, why should Marvel be denied a John Woo spider monkey?

Wanna know for sure if you like Night Owls? Read it here for free: http://www.zudacomics.com/the_night_owls

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!

New Kim Deith AND Kathy Malkasian!


November 30, 2009 at 8:47 pm

That deadpool 20 cover is all kinds of awesome.

The Lady Deadpool drawing?

Ironically, you mean?

“Still, just to make Pedro Bouça happy, you should buy this!”

That book? NO WAY! That’s easily one of the worst Soleil series!

And yes, they fight dragons dressed like that. Or wearing even less.

Seriously, save the money to buy Universal War One, Ythaq or another Soleil series. That one is a turkey!

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Sheesh, Pedro, we can’t ever make you happy! :)

As a portuguese, I’m unhappy by nature. ;-)

But no kidding, that series is quite bad. Considering that Soleil still have both better and more sucessful books (including Soleil’s big blockbuster Lanfeust de Troy) to be translated, I wonder why they chose that one.

Not everything that comes from Europe is gold, as you may guess, and this one is a good example of why Soleil has a bad reputation in France as producers of imense amounts of bad heroic fantasy comics.

If you DO want an european comic about dragon hunters, you should look for this:

It’s an italian comic, so it’s on smaller format, B&W and has truckloads of pages (about 300!). It’s also a genuine one-shot, no pesky spin-offs or sequels! And a TPB, weren’t you waiting for one? This one is already out!

Haven’t read it, but Amazon has some preview pages. Check out that art! Beautiful, detailed, anatomically correct and the heroine actually wears sensible clothes to boot! Italian comics rule!

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Hmmm. That does look pretty cool, sir. Damn you and your recommendations!


Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

The Tale of One Bad Rat is quite good. It’s got Bryan Talbot’s clean, beautiful art, and is a nice tale of a struggling homeless girl. It’s worth a read. I’m glad it’s back in print!

“As I don’t read Zuda comics, I don’t know if Night Owls (page 91; 24 March) is any good, but it sounds up my alley”

Here you go! http://www.zudacomics.com It’s the easiest thing in the world to remedy. I know you’ve complained about people who refuse to read great comics because they’re in black and white, or don’t have superheroes, or aren’t big two, etc.–it’s the same thing as saying ‘I don’t read comics on the computer’.

Chris Samnee is great. St. Louis represent!

Hooray for more Kim Deitch work! Is this original stuff or a reprint?

I’ve been meaning to read Northwest Passage. Glad to see there’s a softcover coming.

Dan: From everything in the solicit, it appears the Deitch is brand new. So there’s that.

I don’t like reading stuff on a computer for a variety of reasons – the format, I’m an old fogey, and the tiny slices of the story we get. However, I’m perfectly willing to spend the money on something good when it gets published in old-fogey format! Doesn’t that exonerate me a bit?

Hippie-Modernist 237

December 4, 2009 at 8:03 pm

I think your taste in comics is bad. If your looking for the things that comics dont have then maybe you should try something new. Peace and Love be with you.

Well, you’re not to be exonerated, because you’re not doing anything wrong. But you are missing out on some great works of art. I recall speaking to a guy who refused to read comics because he claimed not to be able to tell the order in which to read the panels. He viewed that as an impediment to enjoying any comic and wouldn’t put any work into, quite literally, learning to read them. I think it’s the same thing–you’re cheating yourself. I’m not getting on to you; I’m just encouraging you to try branching out again.

Thanks for the Deitch answer!

While DC did have him first, Marvel has had a couple different Scarecrow characters going back a few decades now.

Maybe your friend just got ahold of some bad comics. I’ve seen some where it was very difficult to figure out the order of the panels, at least until after you’d already read them. I really hate that. That’s just the work of an incompetent artist (or rather, an incompetent COMIC artist– the art could still be otherwise good). In most comics the order is pretty self-evident, although manga throws a lot of people off at first.

I’m a big John Ostrander fan (though I’m sad to say I’ve never picked up his Star Wars: Legacy—it was too far along before I heard about it, though I do plan on picking up the first trade eventually), but I’d never read any GrimJack until the current series IDW’s publishing. So I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be picking up the Omnibus or the new Munden’s Bar collection. Was the first one good? And if so, should I pick it up first? I’m open to suggestions here.

Drew: If you’ve been reading the current GrimJack stuff and liking it, you should definitely pick up the old stuff. It’s quite excellent, and because Ostrander wasn’t doing just mini-series, he could stretch out stories a bit and there’s a bit more of an epic feel to it. It’s a great series. It’s been a while since I’ve read the first Munden’s Bar trade, but it features a lot of short stories that don’t have too much to do with GrimJack the regular series. It helps to know the backstory, but not that necessary. I would still get into the main series first, because it’s so good.

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