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Top 75 Most Iconic DC Covers of All-Time #75-66

We asked you to vote and you sure came out in force! Thanks a lot! And now, we begin the Top 75 countdown!!!

Here’s #75-66! Here‘s a master list of all the covers on the countdown so far!



Cover Art by: Sheldon Moldoff

73 (tie).

Cover Art by: Brian Bolland

73 (tie).

Cover Art by: Sheldon Moldoff


Cover Art by: Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson


Cover Art by: Curt Swan and Stan Kaye

67 (tie).

Cover Art by: Ross Andru and Mike Esposito

67 (tie).

Cover Art by: Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson

67 (tie).

Cover Art by: Curt Swan and Stan Kaye

67 (tie).

Cover Art by: Win Mortimer


Cover Art by: Tony Harris


Ha! My two favorite covers, I’ve never seen before this list, tied at 67!

Can’t argue with any of these being towards the top…

Remember, there are fifteen covers that did not even make it THIS far.

I love that Gil Kane-Murphy Anderson Atom cover! It was in my top 20.

Also: Interesting to note that the Golden Age predecessors of the guys who round out DC’s “Big Five” are near the bottom of this list.

I own a copy of GL #127. It’s a prime example of what a comic’s cover should do: draw you into buying and reading it. Which is what this cover did when I saw it many moons ago in the back-issue bin. How can you not love Bolland’s depiction of the GLC flying towards you under the phrase “Battlegorund: Oa!” ? That screams, Read Me!!!!

I’m a sucker for split covers like the Superman Annual. it’s a great sales gimmick. It’s telling you, “You spend 25 cents on this issue and LOOK what you get inside!” Love it. Thus, my honorary cover pic is Avengers Annual #10, the greatest example of the split cover ever.

Brian, are you going to post the 15 that didn’t make it after you reveal the top 10?

I know it would seem anticlimactic, but would be interesting to see.

I love. love, LOVE that Giant Turtle Man tied with Puppet Flash. A couple of my favorite covers that I couldn’t in good conscience put in my Top 10 Most Iconic.

Brian, are you going to post the 15 that didn’t make it after you reveal the top 10?

I know it would seem anticlimactic, but would be interesting to see.

Perhaps, but if you look at the original list of choices, you would already know the answers! :)

At least STARMAN made the list, way to go, Harris!!!

Total number of votes cast? Number of votes (or percentage of ballots) per cover? But if it’s difficult to do, I don’t need to know. Also, do well known comic creators/professionals ever vote in these things? Just curious.

I voted for turtle-Jimmy. Because 1) it’s awesome 2) I had personal taste quibbles with all the more iconic Flash covers and 3) I was tired of deciding what to put on my ballot.

so far so good love that flash cover where flash is about to have the most bad day of his life.also glad did not have to wait for star man to make it into the countdown

I think Flash Comics #1 and Giant Superman Annual are the two most iconic here, and am really surprised they are not further down the list. Then again, there were plenty of Superman and Flash options so I guess it’s hard to stand out.

This may not be the most objective test, but I (not a DC person) go with the “Do I recognize it” meter for its iconic stature:


Though to none of them do I answer, “Oh definitely. That’s what comes to mind when I think iconic.”

The introdcution of the Flash and Atom covers come closest. And perhaps that Giant Superman annual. (Though that mainly due to one famous homage)
But not nearly as much as things to come on this list.

I still love that puppet Flash cover – but it’s not iconic.

Nothing I voted for made this list

I voted for the ape, but none of the others.

I didn’t vote for any of these. I suspect my votes will fare much better here than my votes for the “100 Best Storylines” poll. I’ve also now created a “Lower 15″ list, which I will be checking to see if I can pick all the ones that didn’t make the top 75.

I voted for Turtle Jimmy, mostly because Kingdom Come (I think?) had an homage to it, so I recognized it immediately. It’s basically been my perfect image of the Silver Age since I read Kingdom Come.

I voted for Turtle Jimmy. The many transformations of Jimmy Olsen is one of those elements that always draws me back to the Weisinger stuff.

I used to wonder why people were conned into marvel apes and other transparent shenanigans. The presence of puppet flash and turtle jimmy sums it up. I guess there is an audience for the absurd. There is ‘so absurd its awesome’ and madness. These two covers are madness


No covers that I voted for made the list

I am surprised that :
All American # 16
Flash # 1
Showcase – The Atom
Giant Size Superman Anuual

are so far on on the list

This just serves to illustrate how clueless most of the dipwads that voted on this are. Much like the Marvel one done earlier.

I think that it’s interesting that TWO of the covers that you picked as “Iconic” are actually swipes… ( All American #16 is taken from an Alex Raymond Flash Gordon panel and the Jimmy Olsen cover is swiped from an issue of Thrilling Wonder Stories…I would argue that both images were better rendered by their original artist’s… ) That being said, I have to agree, they are both indeed Iconic covers!

Glad that Infantino covers are on the list… can’t wait to see all of the Kubert and Adams masterpieces!

This just serves to illustrate how clueless most of the dipwads that voted on this are.

Don’t be a prick.

Damn I miss Starman. But I guess that series, with it’s distinctive 1990’s Gen X/slacker vibe is now a thing of the past, and that makes me feel old!

Iconic or not, Flash cover’s are always the best. And I’m not a Barry Allen fan at all.

I wonder what it is that makes these so memorable? Is it the layout? The art? I think it’s because these covers showcase what made the comics so interesting in the first place: They show something you haven’t seen before in a way that is confounding.
Like the puppet Flash, Starman and the original Flash comics: They set a standard.

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