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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 335

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at the striking opening of Ed Brubaker’s lauded run on Captain America…

Captain America #1 opens with the Red Skull haggling with a Russian named Lukin over various super-weapons that Lukin is selling off after taking control of an old secret Soviet super agency. The Skull sees one of Lukin’s operatives, and notes that he would be VERY interested in having this fellow, but Lukin counters that something like that would require a trade for the Cosmic Cube. Skull replies that he does not have it.

Later, we see Captain America trying to track down the Skull and realize that the Skull has other plans…but so does Lukin….

What a great opening by Brubaker and Epting!


So good. What a way to set all of what we have today in motion.

Speaking of Captain America moments, I’m thinking Alias #1 needs to make an appearance.

Great work by both the writer and the artist. I particularly like the last panel on the 2nd page with Cap looking out of the window. Very well done.

Great establishing issue. The Red Skull acting all pompous, then the “Oh My God” moment when he’s taken out…

Love this run. Only time I’ve consistently read Captain America for more than a dozen issues!

Captain America’s greatest foe killed in the first issue. That was a real “OH SNAP” moment. The entire run has been so carefully structured, so that plot points in this issue come up around issue 15(around the time it was revealed that the Red Skull has been inside the Cosmic Cube and got himself inside Lukin). Great run.

I’m just now becoming familiar with Brubaker, and he just continues to impress. I missed most of his prior output on Criminal and am in the process of making good on that. Looks like I’ll have to do the same with his Cap run as well.

Anyone know if this stuff is collected in trade at this point?

seeing the red skull get killed for the cosmic cube as he bragged that any time he could kill cap. shows ed knows how to handle marvel icons like cap keep them true to their core but make them start dancing with the darkness more besides any one who can get the okay by marvel brass to whack the red skull knows what he is doing with an incon

Ed, you can pick everything up in tpb, or you can spring for two omnibuses that collect the majority of his run(right through issue 42).

The omnibuses are well worth the money. This run has been the only Cap run that I’ve been able to enjoy consistently over a long period of time. The only instances where there have been any sour notes have been when events intrude on the book. The Civil War issues were okay, but in retrospect seem like they are marking time for the Death of Cap. Similarly, I’m enjoying the current Reborn storyline, but would have been happier to avoid seeing the inevitable Dark Avengers influence.

Nice subtle touches. I like the Army t-shirt and seeing the mask in Red Skull’s apartment. That is good solid comic book story-telling.

My favorite part about Red Skull’s internal monologue is that it makes it seem like the whole Civil War was his idea…

I’ve lost count of how many times the Skull has died by now, but this was certainly his most unexpected exit to date.

Is the Skull still dead? I never liked him that much, but unfortunately his deaths never seem to last very long. He stayed dead for quite a while after #300, but even that didn’t stick.
How did he get the Cosmic Cube back? I thought it evolved its own will and went off into space. Is this a new Cube? (I haven’t read a Cosmic Cube story in over twenty years.) I don’t much like the Cube; it’s too omnipotent. Whenever someone acquires that level of power in a comic, there usually isn’t any logical way to defeat him, and the writer usually resorts to something really stupid. This Brubaker seems pretty intelligent, though, and supposedly has a good sense of story-logic, so maybe he did find a way to use the Cube without leaving any major holes in the plot.

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

December 2, 2009 at 2:27 pm

It’s a new cube, one that was non-powered initially which the Skull planned to juice up using destructive energy devices under major cities. The Skull survived by using the Cube to send his mind into the body of the man who sent the assassin, and wound up sharing headspace with a villain who hated him almost as much as they both hate Captain America. Eventually Arnim Zola extracted him…but into a spare Zola body, which the Skull really hates because it’s a freaky Arnim Zola body. Recently this changed, but I’d hate to spoil it for anyone.

Wow – Omar Karindu – EXCELLENT summary of a long, complex storyline! Well done.

Brian, do a few issue’s of 100 Bullets, the coolest comic of the decade!

Steve Epting has come a long way. His art was really solid back in the 90s, but with his work here, he’s really taken it to a whole new level.

I guess I was one of the few that was sort of, “meh,” with this. Don’t get me wrong, it was done quite well but it felt like a moment where if I was reading Cap more it would have been bigger and more of a wow moment.
Course, I thought that the first TPB of Bru’s Cap run was just a gigantic yawn for me so maybe I had to be more invested in the characters to care and the first book really didn’t show me why I should.

Well, it took me until issue 7 to get hooked on this cap run, and I was lucky to get 1,3-6 off the stands, had to go to ebay for 2..Man, I had given up on cap for many years,but EB got me back.This is the run to give to someone who hasnt read a comic in 35- 40 years.If they snear at them, they have zero taste.

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