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Clear Room On Your Calendar This Sunday to Spend Fred Van Lente Day With Us!

And Mr. Fred Van Lente himself, who will be stopping by for an online chat with you, the readers, this Fred Van Lente Day (which is this Sunday), at 4pm Eastern time!

So come share the holiday with us, and Fred Van Lente, of course!

If you wish to join in the chat, just be sure to visit the site at 4pm – I’ll have a link to the chatroom where the chat will be!


Hooray! Fred Van Lente Day, when Fred Van Lente comes down the chimney, to deliver copies of Action Philosophers and Incredible Hercules to good children. Bad children, of course, get copies of Ultimates 3.

So… for the sake of those who don’t know who: Who is Fred Van Lente?


December 2, 2009 at 6:36 pm

So… for the sake of those who don’t know who: Who is Fred Van Lente?

He’s that guy Brian has a day for every year!

He wrote Action Philosophers, then got some work at Marvel on the Marvel Adventures line, and is currently best known in superhero circles as the champ who writes Incredible Hercules, meaning he’s the guy writing Marvel’s best book!

I like Fred Van Lente’s work, and am amused whenever it comes up that Brian has initiated a day set aside to honor him each year. Van Lente and Jeff Parker did some great work on the Marvel Adventures line.

Fred Van Lente Day is also my brother’s birthday.

Huge fan of his iHerc work (and I liked the Lyra miniseries too).


December 2, 2009 at 8:27 pm

This day has never meant this much to me before. I just finished reading all the Comic Book Comics to date. Fantastic stuff!

Will there be Fred Nog?

It should be noted that Fred is also one of the current writers of Amazing Spider-Man, and he’s one of the best. He brought back the Spot!!! And he wrote the recent Mister Negative limited series, which was great, and also featured the Spot, and the White Rabbit!!!! It even had the Answer. Clearly, this guy knows who the coolest villains are.
Other than that, I haven’t read anything except for one issue of Amazing Fantasy with the female Scorpion. For some reason, it wasn’t very good. But every writer is allowed an occasional bad story.

I had no idea that Fred van Lente Day is on the 6th. That’s also St Nicholas Day, which is a big holiday in the Netherlands. How are the Dutch going to decide which one to celebrate???

You know, I really wish I knew the history (why it’s celebrated on St. Nick’s Day, Van Lente’s connection to Cronin, etc.) of this bizarre, Bizarre, BIZARRE blog holiday. But I don’t think Brian will ever tell us.

Fred Van Lente also gave us the Nextwave version of Aaron Stack in Marvel Zombies 3!!

I agree with FGJ that Incredible Herc is Marvel’s best book at the moment.

I still haven’t received the latest issue of Comic Book Comics. It came out a few weeks ago, but hadn’t yet shipped to Orbital in London when I made my last pick-up. I’m hoping it’s there when I go tomorrow.

Wait, he’s the ACTION PHILOSOPHERS guy? Then he’s A-OK with me! That’s some funny stuff! :)

“Fred Van Lente also gave us the Nextwave version of Aaron Stack in Marvel Zombies 3!!”

Eh… they can’t all be winners. :(

Comic Book Comics is my favorite comic and the latest one is excellent.

Marvel Comics 3 was great fun, and he also did a good job with that recent “classic” Spiderman zombie issue.

Who is this “Fred Van Lente” guy anyway – and what makes him think he’s good enough to talk with us!?!

I’m a big Herc fan, and its been one of the only books I’ve consistently followed over the past year. Epic, action packed, or just plain funny, its one of the most satisfying books out there.

Okay, enough groveling, hehe-he. I’m celebrating Fred Day, tomorrow!

And my Christmas wish: more great, Incredible Herc stories!

Oh, and I also really liked Machine Man in Marvel Zombies. That whole arc was a classic from the first issue.

I celebrated Fred Van Lente Day early and bought the Marvel Zombies 3 trade a few days ago as well as the X-Men Noir trade a few weeks ago. Noticed a copy of “Death & Dating,” the ASM trade which has Fred’s Spot story in it as well. Tomorrow (or today, I guess) sounds like a good day to celebrate so I might just go pick it up.

Also I’m ready for M.O.D.O.K.’s 12 when Fred is.

(Actually, my above post was wrong. “24/7″ is the Spidey book that has the Spot story in it, so it’ll be a little while until then.)

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