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Top 75 Most Iconic DC Covers of All-Time #55-46

Here’s #55-46! Here‘s a master list of all the covers on the countdown so far!


54 (tie).

Cover Art by: Tom Yeates

54 (tie).

Cover Art by: Sheldon Moldoff and Charles Paris


Cover Art by: Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella

51 (tie).

Cover Art by: Frank Miller

51 (tie).

Cover Art by: Brian Bolland

49 (tie).

Cover Art by: Dave McKean

49 (tie).

Cover Art by: Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson


Cover Art by: Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson


Cover Art by: Harry G. Peter


Cover Art by: Neal Adams


I’d have expeced #49 to be in the top ten, easy.

Which one?

I find very few of these covers iconic. Almost all of them are merely famous/well-known covers.

Some of these covers are rather crappy, actually. Though the Adams Batman is truly one of the most beautiful covers ever.

But the Adam Strange cover is the most iconic cover in this batch (it’s iconic because it sums up the character’s main impetus — “caught between two worlds.” What in the world does the Flash cover tell you about the character? Nothing. Other than “DC will stoop to anything to sell this comic.” Which in its pandering way is actually iconic of DC’s sales approach!

But for a cover to be iconic of the Flash, wouldn’t it have to show the “speedster” actually running?

The Flash cover is iconic in a different way from representing the character. It’s iconic of the Silver Age way of creating the cover and crafting a story around it instead of the other way around (Julius Schwartz “concept covers”). Or at least, that’s how I see it.

wow, really bummed that Mr.Adams Batman is so low. to me it is awe inspiring. really bummed <:(

Tom Fitzpatrick

December 3, 2009 at 7:31 am

The Sandman cover should have been # 1, but that’s only me.

loved seeing the swamp thing , the one flash cover and a cover from dark knight the other covers reallly do not stand out

Wonder Woman’s only showing up here? Wow.

Adam: The George Perez cover that so successfully rebooted Wonder Woman is sure to place higher.

I haven’t seen any of my votes pop up yet, which means my judgment is in line with the more popular choices (for once, heh!). Unless, of course, a few of them ended up in the bottom 15, which I doubt.

Hey Brian: I am betting one of the bottom 15 was that killer Hawkman cover with him battling a flying gorilla. I love that cover, but I’m wondering what made it iconic in your judgment? Was it (partly) because it signals the love for all things gorilla in Silver Age DC? I’m wondering if it was ever homaged, and the best thing I can come up with is the Animal Man cover where Buddy is fighting a Thanagarian cop.

I think more people voted for Wonder Woman #1 because it’s Wonder Woman #1 rather than because it’s iconic. I don’t recall ever seeing the cover before this event. But I’ve seen the Perez WW cover loads of times. Out of this present list, I hadn’t seen the Adams cover before either. So there you go. But one would think that the most iconic covers would have at least some recognition by a more general population.

That Sandman cover is easily my least favorite cover of the 90 we had to pick from. Looks like a splotch of black ink on a dark blue background. Obviously, others don’t share my opinion.

Daniel O' Dreams

December 3, 2009 at 11:53 am

Wow I just noticed, that’s some serious stiletto heel on Batgirl. How is she even walking much less running? Did Brian Bolland fix that in his homage/redux?

That Mystery In Space cover is Adam Strange’s MOST iconic cover, it only places so low because it’s ADAM STRANGE’S most iconic cover.

At last these are all covers I know pretty well, except that I’ve never seen that Green Lantern Corps cover.

First of my Top 10 so far shows up here — the GLC cover, which I included for sheer badassitude despite it having no reasonable chance of placing particularly high.

These covers make my heart sing!

My first vote to come up. The million dollar debut of the greatest batgirl of them all. I love her purse. I think Barbara as a bat-emblemed everything

Hm, two covers with Batman mourning a dead Robin. I sense a trend…….or an editorial wish.

Maybe it was Batman who dreamed of Robin getting whacked…for fear the brat might one day take his place!

The Wonder Woman cover is my first vote to show up. I think the first cover appearance of DC’s third most recognizable headliner (and comics’ most famous heroine) deserved a spot. I felt this was the most iconic of the three choices of Wonder Woman covers, because the one already featured had her ditching her classic, iconic costume and I think the Perez one has a bit too much going on to be iconic (but I still like them both, obviously). I accept that this doesn’t represent every aspect of Wonder Woman’s character, but I would rather see her represented than 10 covers of Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern. In my mind, when I think of iconic DC covers, I think of the single most iconic images of a plethora of their characters, and this is the one of Wonder Woman that springs to mind.

Still none of mine….

Regarding 49, I meant the Batgirl one.

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