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Top 75 Most Iconic DC Covers of All-Time #45-36

Here’s #45-36! Here‘s a master list of all the covers on the countdown so far!


44 (tie).

Cover Art by: Glenn Fabry

44 (tie).

Cover Art by: Jack Kirby

42 (tie).

Cover Art by: Murphy Anderson

42 (tie).

Cover Art by: John Totleben

40 (tie).

Cover Art by: Neal Adams

40 (tie).

Cover Art by: Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson


Cover Art by: Neal Adams and Joe Kubert

37 (tie).

Cover Art by: Curt Swan and George Klein

37 (tie).

Cover Art by: Curt Swan and Al Plastino


Cover Art by: George Perez


Thought that g L cover would be higher

Wait- I think some of the attributes are mixed up, or else Totleben used to draw a heck of a lot like Kirby…

Thanks, Andrew, I see I forgot to post Kirby’s credit.

Fixed now!

Still none of my votes have turned up – though that Neil Adams Batman cover is a classic

My next vote 37 should have been higher. top 15 or top 10 at least.

nice seeing the superman vs Ali cover though would have thought it would be in the top five. and also the teen titans cover where dick and wally both quit and walk away still haunting. plus nice to see a little love for swamp thing so far

Well, my first Top 10 to show up was #37 – the first Supergirl. It was tied with one that I had guessed for my “lower 15″ (Adventure #300). Two other “Lower 15″ guesses have also now appeared – JLA and Batman (only ten others remain in that category of guesses for me)

Tom Fitzpatrick

December 4, 2009 at 8:21 am

OOOOoooooOooooooOooooooh, John Totleban and George Perez on the list.


BTW, Mr. B.C. you’ve got the credits for Murphy Anderson and John Totleban mixed up (or the covers).

I’ve always wondered what’s up with the coloring on the New Gods cover. Did Orion really look like that on the interior?

The first member of my top 10 finally showed… Action 252 as well! I’d originally thought it would place better, but after seeing Detective 359 already show up I’m not surprised.

It is kind of surprising to see Action Comics #252 in the middle of the pack. It has to be one of the most noteworthy “cover debuts” in comic history.

that new teen titans cover seems like a rip off of that famous SPiderman cover with the costume in the trash
but nowhere as good.

I agree that it’s an “homage” (ie, a classy rip-off) of Amazing Spider-man 50, but it still works.

The Green Lantern vs. Sinestro cover is the first one I placed in my top ten. I agree with Fhak: I thought it’d end up higher. Two of my runners-up (top 15 or so) were the Swamp Thing embrace and the JLA playing chess against Despero.

For the last 20 or so, these have all been covers I consider pretty famous and know well. Except the last few Green Lantern covers. Never seen that Sinestro one either.

Also the first two of my votes show up, which are the Teen Titans quitting and the Swamp Thing. The Swamp Thing cover is one of my favorite covers ever. And that’s one of my favorite comics ever. So I fear I may have lost objectivity in judging its iconic status.

And the chess game cover, the Supergirl cover, and the Muhammad Ali cover all made my shortlist (of 24 covers which all seemed to belong in the top 10).

No, Orion was never colored like that on the interior of the comic. His color scheme was pretty simple although the astro glider was a typical Kirby device with all kinds of little touches and parts. The cover coloring was I think just to make it more eye-catching for the launch of the comic.

You’ve still got some transposing mix-ups. Right off the bat, I noticed you’ve got the Swamp Thing cover credited to Murphy Anderson, and the JLA cover to John Totleben. Should be the other way around.

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