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Top 75 Most Iconic DC Covers of All-Time #35-26

Here’s #35-26! Here‘s a master list of all the covers on the countdown so far!



Cover Art by: Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson


Cover Art by: Neal Adams


Cover Art by: George Perez


Cover Art by: Neal Adams


Cover Art by: Kelley Jones


Cover Art by: Bob Kane

28 (tie).

Cover Art by: Brian Bolland

28 (tie).

Cover Art by: George Perez and Dick Giordano


Cover Art by: Alex Ross


Cover Art by: Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson


None of my top 10 have shown up yet!

Sad to see Superman 233 so “relatively” low. It is such an awesome cover. Back in the day, Pacific Comics (the store before it morphed into the publishing group) would do these 3D dioramas where they would take multiple copies of the cover and put them in plastic with an awesome 3D effect – they cover elements would be cut out and pasted in somehow and I came oh so close to having this cover done that way.

Ahh, here they are. I had none up to this point, but there are four of mine in this group (35-33 and the Animal Man tied at 28).

Detective #31 is one of my all-time favorite covers. Just love it.

32 should definitely be much higher, I feel like. Top 15 at least.

Really surprised at the relatively low placement of Supes 233 as well, if only because I think that’s the most iconic posing of Superman from my childhood. I can’t remember how I voted, but I know it was in my 10.

And that NTT cover just makes me happy. I remember buying it after the DC Comics Presents insert and being so excited when I saw a new issue every week.

not bad i have 6 of these comic books [just bought animal man #5 today for 1.00] looking forward to the rest of the list.

I’m glad the top 50 or so so far have been mostly all covers I recognize, and I know all of these well. The looming image of Batman over the Mad Monk makes the third to show up from my list, as that cover has (intentionally or not) inspired lord-knows how many covers since.

The introduction of Robin made my short list.

love almost all the covers that are in this set thig time. and nice to see George Perez get some lovien twice plus was hoping kingdom come made the list

Is that the last wonder woman cover?Wow.

I think I voted for 26. Should be higher but I feel Ok about that placing

I can’t believe Detective 31 is so low. I figured it would be top 5.

Detective #38 is the first of my covers to make the list. I’ve seen a number of similar comments, which reinforces my feeling when I was making my own list that there were a number of obvious top 10 choices. I suspect that the top five or six covers will have an overwhelmingly huge vote lead over the rest of the field.

Still none of my choices has appeared.

It’s looking less likely that LSH #293 is going to make the top 75, which is too bad as it’s a good cover from my favorite run of my favorite book. I didn’t vote for it as top 10 most iconic, but I would have been gratified to see it here. But it’s looking like a good candidate for Bottom 15.

Hopefully, though, this also means that Green Lantern #49 will be in the bottom 15.

I would have expected Detective 31 to be higher… not that having it in my Top 10 has anything to do with that!

Oops…just remembered that one of my choices has shown up…#37 – first Supergirl. I was tossing between that one and the one where she is introduced to the world – apparently chose wrong (or not in majority, anyway).

Yeah, I thought Detective #31 was way more iconic than #27 — the first one to capture the quintessential mood of the character. Evidence: It’s been homaged ever since.

I have to chuckle at that Knightfall cover’s inclusion. Whether the story might be deemed “iconic” or not, the artwork is typical 1990’s impossibly lifeless poorly proportioned flat Liefield-esque scholck. My favorite part is the dinosaur in the “background” which appears to be right over’s Bane’s shoulder. Absolute garbage. Now Detective 31, that’s iconic art.

I think the nightfall cover is about idea rather than execution

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