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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 339

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at the beginning of the Hulk!

Okay, Hulk #1 – Stan Lee, Jack Kirby…GO!

Isn’t that an extremely sharp five pages from Lee and Kirby?

“The” moment for me is, of course, Banner getting exposed to the bomb, but really, the set-up for the story is pretty well handled by Lee and Kirby. Better, I would say, than their intro for the Fantastic Four (and better than the intro of either Iron Man or Thor).


5 pages in ’61 or ’62. 5 measly pages. Isn’t it amazing what’s possible to be told in that short a time? 40 panels, 8 text boxes, and 63 word balloons. That’s about what we get in a whole book now, but with a LOT less story. Man… some of the elements and plot points may have been forced back in the day, but you for damn sure got your money’s worth!

There’s something very…not 60’s…about both the art and the coloring on these pages. It seems like something done in the 80s.

The moment for me would be Banner’s two screaming faces. Terrific stuff.

Stephane Savoie

December 6, 2009 at 8:09 am

Wow, I totally just flashed back to the ’60s animated series.

Tom Fitzpatrick

December 6, 2009 at 9:45 am

Two interesting points to make:

1) I’ve noticed that most of Stan Lee dialogues usually ends with either a exclamation point(s) or a question mark(s).

2) I’ve also noticed that the first appearance of the Hulk’s dialogue was much longer than just “Hulk smash!”

The art is amazing and could have come out today. The writing does not stand the test of time as well but its still good if dated.

How awesome is this?

That’s why he’s the King.

Outdated writing? Come on, how many issues of any book do you see go by today without at least one or two female characters being told to stay out of the “man talk”? Rick’s instant douche to best bud turn around was pretty quick, too. Those orphans and their chameleon-like personalities…

Amazing to see a strong, complete origin in 5 pages when today we get a 12 issue limited series every time someone changes costumes.

Daniel O' Dreams

December 6, 2009 at 11:13 am

Wow it’s been years since I saw this, I totally forgot his assistants name was Igor. Mash Good!

I like General Ross is screaming in every panel he’s in, he looks like a total madman! (Hmmm, it’s almost as if people had a problem with the military industrial complex in the ’60s. Nah.)

Kirby really was at the height of his career here and it shows. Not as stylistic as some of his stuff (both later and earlier) but just eye popping with strong storytelling. The coloring here makes the art pop like crazy.

gotta to go with the bomb going off and hitting banner plus the look on the docs face over banner having survived the blast.

Having joined the military a few years ago, I now have a totally different perspective on this issue.

1) Ross is in the Air Force. Makes sense to me; we deal heavily in nukes, so it’d make sense that this would be an AF issue. What will drive me batty for the next several years is the number of times Ross will be incorrectly portrayed as an Army officer.

2) Why don’t the MPs (or in Air Force speak, Security Forces) catch Rick driving onto the range? On top of that, why is it the chief scientist who’s running onto the range instead of the MPs?

3) Does Betty have a security clearance? If not, how in the heck did she get into the testing range, General’s daughter or not?

Ah, well, the 60s and their take on the military were silly fun.

@avengers63 –

That was the first thing that sprung to my mind as well. The gamma explosion today would have been at LEAST a full splash page, if not a double page spread. The first full shot of the hulk would have been a standalone splash page as well. I wonder if the whole decompression thing will swing back the other way at some point in the future. I don’t see it happening anytime soon, but there does seem to be that undercurrent of grumbling about it…

Best piece of dialogue: ‘It’s ding-dong about time!”

Oh, Stan, what were you smoking back then?

1) I’ve noticed that most of Stan Lee dialogues usually ends with either a exclamation point(s) or a question mark(s).

It’s more dramatic that way. Also, periods tended to get lost in the printing process back in the day.

Page 18 of this issue is my favorite Hulk-related thing ever. There’s one panel where a newly-transformed Hulk is slllooowwwwwly pulling himself from the wreckage of a busted jeep – not angry, but quietly malevolent – that STILL freaks me out.

Wow. I saw that you were doing Hulk today and I was thinking I’d skip it because I have heard of the origin so many times by now. I am glad I read it anyway. It is better than I expected. I never actually read the actual comic just heard about it and seen it redone in tv and movies and other comics.

This is definitely the best Kirby art I’ve seen from the time period. It doesn’t look rushed at all. Who inked it? The inking is much better than the early Fantastic Fours I’ve seen.

It’s amazing how small the Hulk was back then.

Mary Warner,

Paul Reinman inked it. He did a great job, too.

The atmosphere, the body language… Kirby just plain nailed it. Those first few issues of Hulk veered between awesome and zany, but the first part of the first issue is a classic.

Amazing. One of Kirby’s most underrated works. I do agree that at the time he wasn’t nearly as good on FF, and his early FF was great.

stan was on point in this one! my favorite part was the Uber-Hawk mentlity of General Ross, and Betty’s observation that “ever since he was nicknamed ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross he’s been trying to live up to it!”

Tom Fitzpatrick:

I read a bunch of early ASM’s not long ago where they referred to this habit in the letter pages. Turns out that it was necessary to use ! or ? to seperate sentences back in the days of yore because those plain little periods tended to get lost in the printing process. You can tell, though, that even if he had the choice, Stan probably would’ve still gone ahead and used the !!!’s anyway. In fact, I remember reading in those same letter pages a few years later how the printing had improved to the point where they could use periods. Stan, ever beholden to “Marveldom Assembled” back in those days, asked readers to write in indicating their preference. The results were more or less that no one really gave a shit as long as the stories were good. I think Stan went back to using the !!!’s right up until the end of his run on the title. The man couldn’t help himself. Why “state” something (sigh) when one can EXCLAIM!!!!

I just love how the mad scientist’s assistant is called Igor!

:-) 8)

Just repeating more of the same: great art and I didn’t even know who Igor was!

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