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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 340

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at, what else – a comic co-written by Fred Van Lente!!!

Incredible Hercules #114, penned by Van Lente and Greg Pak and drawn by Khoi Pham, is about the Mighty Avengers (back when they were an extension of the Iron Man-led SHIELD) being forced to capture Hercules and Amadeus Cho, who were fugitives from SHIELD.

During the battle, Ares (now a Mighty Avenger and formerly a longtime Hercules foe) sprayed Hydra blood in Hercules’ face, which has made him go crazy.

Wonder Man is now trying to catch up with Ares so that they could regroup with Black Widow where Hercules is.

Things go not so well for Wonder Man…

Wonder Man getting “clonked” is definitely “the” moment here.


I think I’ll have more from this issue on Monday!


I’m nervous after seeing that February previews with the last issue of the “Assault on New Olympus” arc. It sounded so…final. Please don’t cancel your best series, Marvel!

Was it Bendis who retconned Ares? The guy I remember wore a short mohawk and a beard. He only appeared in series featuring Thor or Hercules. He wore different battle regalia and didn’t look at all like Frank Castle. Plus, nobody cared for the character in those days.

At least Wonder Man went back to his safari jacket. Makes some things still recognizable…

That is hilarious. FVL deserves more of our money.

I count two Cool Moments. “This is no time for you to be you” is a great line which I’ll want to add to my own bag of tricks. And, of course, Wonder Man being felled by unseen assailants it brilliant. Ares is awesome.

Did Ares ever track down those unseen assailants?

Tom Fitzpatrick

December 7, 2009 at 1:14 pm

Please don’t add more Van Lente.
Too much Van Lente is bad for the mind. And corrupting.

I figure the moment is where the passenger of the white car says “Up yours, Freakshow!”

@ Lt. Clutch

No, it was not Bendis who wrote the 2006 mini which introduced the new version of Ares. It was his frequent partner in crime, Michael Oeming.

Bendis has gotten a lot of mileage out of Oeming’s work however, between Mighty/Dark Avengers and Secret Warriors.

Isn’t the Ares mini-series from a few years ago not in continuity any longer? A lot of it seems not to mesh with the current stories.

This was the moment that really cemented Incredible Hercules as a “must read” for me. I laughed so MUCH the first time I read this issue (which was just coming off Incredible Hulk)

i also like the moment when wonder man figures out that it was ares plan to have herc go nuts

Man, I love that moment. And E. Wilson, the series is still in continuity. The past couple story arcs have actually leaned pretty heavily on that, as has “Secret Warriors.” If you’re not reading Herc though, you should be.

The treatment of Wonder Man in this storyline was hilarious, and I’m saying that as a ffan of Wonder Man. This was pretty much when I realized I had a new favorite comic.

And Ares is basically like this for the rest of the story arc.

“Sorry, teammate Wonder Man, I cannot hear you over the sound of returning fire!”

“Yeah. Okay. Whatever. Enough Edith Hamilton for one day. Huh?”

As a fan of Greek mythology since childhood, that line put a grin on my face. I liked the way it did triple duty to a.) bring the info-dump to an end and get back to the story; b.) established that Wonder Man at least has some basic knowledge on the topic; and c.) Give readers who aren’t as well versed, a little foot note in case they want to explore further.

God, how does Ares not have his own ongoing?

I remember Van Lente mentioning to me at a signing that he and Pak had pitched an Ares/Wonder Man miniseries, but that there apparently wasn’t enough interest in it to get it off the ground. That’s too bad, because their role in this arc was really hilarious.

Is the rest of the arc as entertaining as this snippet. If so, I might actually have to track this down in trade.

From that scene alone a Ares/Wonderman mini would be rocking!

That’s eerie. I just received this trade in the mail and finished it not an hour before reading this.

Buying the Herc trades is sort of a headache. They aren’t numbered, so you have to go by the release date to get them in order. I went over the list on Amazon a few times, but going over it again today after reading “Against the World” it it looks like “Hulk: WWH – Incredible Herc TPB” came before it. D’oh. Not sure how I missed that. I like to read/buy books in order, so owning “Against the World” without owning any Civil War or WWH hurt my brain for a while, but the story is just so darned good I got over it.

BTW, I think Brian is avoiding unnecessary spoilers, because Ares gets hydra blood on/in Herc in a way that’s a lot more bad ass than just spraying it on him. I’m not telling. Go read it, it’s awesome.

“I hope so, I am wearing his underwear.” hehe

Poor Simon.

Classic. I look forward to this series more than any other at the moment, including Batman & Robin and Criminal.

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