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Five Golden Panels…

You folks pleaded and prodded, so here, for your “five golden panels,” I will give you the five funniest panels (in the order they appear) from the recent Thor/Hercules fight (with the two heroes pretending to be each other) in Incredible Hercules #136, art by Reilly Brown…

The major one that got skipped was the one preceding the wedgie, which was a shot to the groin. I omitted it, because I had already featured the “Nuhkrakk” sound effect earlier!


Favorite fight scene of the year, bar none. I love the panel after the wedgie too. “I’ve taught you well my son…” Damn, I love Incredible Herc.

I can’t help but laugh everytime I see those.. :)

this issue should definitely win an eisner for best issue of the year. will would be proud.

I’ve no idea what this is about, but that’s nice art.

I died when I read that the first time. Hilarious that they actually colored the NURP in purple!

Every one of the panels works for me EXCEPT the one with the wedgie. Does Hercules even wear underwear!?

Btw, why are they in each other’s costume’s? And is Herc really wielding Mjolnir?


only some one like fred could proalby manage to do a wedgie by a god in such a unique way.

I’m also wondering if Hercules really wielded Mjolnir. I wouldn’t expect him to be worthy enough.

this is hella funny.

I hope no one ever does this again.

It’s not Mjolnir . . . it’s his adamantine mace enchanted to look like Mjolnir. You should buy the book . . . it’s definitely worth it!!!

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