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Six Frequent Van Lente Collaborators…

A cool thing about Fred Van Lente has been the fact that, over the years, he tends to work with a lot of the same artists on more than one project.

Here are six of those artists!

Ryan Dunlavey, who is perhaps the artist most associated with Fred…

Steve Ellis, who worked with Fred on quite a lot of different projects (Steve just did a great job on a Winter Guard special for Marvel)…

Clayton Henry…

Dennis Calero…

Scott Koblish, a long-time inker who has recently been doing more and more penciling work…


Francis Portella….


those covers just prove that some one like fred can work with almost any one who can match him j almost when stan lee and the orginal marvel bull pen were working.

That’s a poor comparison. Van Lente knows how to write dialog.

You should now totally add Nick Dragotta to the list for next year. Marvel Zombies Return, DC Holiday Special AND Web of Spider-Man, wowzers!

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