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Twelve Effects A-Sounding…

Original Incredible Hercules Assistant Editor Nathan Cosby did a very nice job preparing the sound effects for Incredible Hercules, and then, well, things got a little crazy.

Here’s one “normal” one, then eleven random amusing ones from throughout the run (inclluding the last one, which is a tribute to Mr. Cosby, written by Mr. Fred Van Lente himself!!)!


Ahahaha, these are all pretty sweet sound effects, but I think my favorite has got to be from the Thor arc where Herc and him threw down, and the effect was like: “Whatttaman!”

Come on. No ‘nurp’? :p

As above, I’m shocked you didn’t use any of the Thorcules fight.

I tried to mostly keep it to issues actually edited by Cosby.

cool issue espically the sound effect when zeus gets a shot to his crown jeweles

What? You left out “Sisy-poof”?

Wow, there are comics that STILL use sound effects? Seriously, I miss those. In-between no sound effects and no thought balloons, modern comics feel so… “silent” a read to me. (The often-poor dialogue doesn’t help.) No wonder I’m done reading in about 5 minutes.

And yeah, these are hilarious. My favorite was “Rzzldzl”. (Razzle Dazzle, right? ;) )


Stephane Savoie

December 6, 2009 at 5:48 pm

I love Herc.
I can’t quite seem to figure out the one where Namora punches the amazons…
“GP! FVL! Schmackaroom!”

It should be easy to figure out what ‘FVL!’ means just by thinking what special day we are having right now.. After that ‘GP!’ is easy.

zeus was dead at the time. IIRC it’s atlas.

I just woke up, and I misread ‘Cosby’ as ‘Crosby’. Imagine my disappointment on not finding a ‘Buh-ba-boooo, bub-ba-boooo’ sound-effect.

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